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  1. Brilliant feed back thanks. Post lock down I'm first in the que for a fitting.
  2. I currently game a set of 714 Ap2 which have served me well. After scouring the forum and looking at multiple threads I'm after some guidence. I want some new irons...... Curennt HC 10 looking for a little more forgiveness and distance. Eight Iron dictance is about 150 155. So far I like the look of P790 P770 i210 i500 and very attracted to the Srixon range. Also the mizuno 919 or 921 forged seem like a good set up. My miss when playing bad is left, really left of target and with current clubs I just don't get it there at all with miss hits. Any advise on what to purchase or in fact anything I've missed that people suggest looking into would be a great help. First time posting thanks in advance!!
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