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  1. Hopefully, Spieth didn't peak a week early. I know that Valero win must have given him a lot of confidence and I hope he rolls into the Masters firing on all cylinders. Would be great to see him in the green jacket.
  2. The Nole is my 3rd favorite course, behind The Aug and The Riv.
  3. BREAKING: Kids these days, with their Instagrams and TikToks and whatnot, are idiots. More at 11. In other news, 27 year olds of this generation are not like 27 year olds of previous generations. They grew up with smartphones, social media, and an entirely warped sense of what's important/what constitutes value.
  4. That would be a great thread topic. You should start it.
  5. You're being laughably pedantic. It's obvious you reside in the left/left-center of the distribution, but try to offer something other than a straw man. https://golf.com/news/features/why-strategic-breathing-key-to-success-augusta/ You should probably contact the author and school them up. They won't care, but I'm sure it'll make you feel better.
  6. Nobody is disputing the fact that he's South African and/or represents South Africa. I took it as him linking Italians and style, because unless you wear cargo shorts and socks with sandals, you know that Italians are known for being quite stylish in general. By your logic, anyone born and raised in America can be nothing other than American. So I guess we should do away with the terms Mexican-American, Italian-American, African-American. Right? Right...? I actually don't even care one way or another; I just think it's funny when people fixate on minor stuff to fle
  7. There's even a Wiki page on Italian South Africans...
  8. Coffee For Wellness by Phil Mickelson® For 3 easy payments of $19.95 it can be yours today.
  9. I don't know what that is, but I'm going to start using the term as a high class, sophisticated way of asking a chick to send nudes.
  10. Titleist Woods Mizuno Irons Vokey Wedges (Titleist) Scotty Cameron Putter (Titleist) It's not the brand itself that I prefer, it's the club(s).
  11. Loud music on the golf course, disturbing those who enjoy the peace-and-quiet aspect of the golfing experience, is just...wait for it... "growing the game"...
  12. Had he closed out even a single major, let alone a couple of them, I bet his perspective would be different.
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