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  1. Fair enough! My intention is not to anger anyone, but tone certainly doesn't translate well through text. I suppose this is a bit of a sensitive topic as it's a bit subjective.
  2. You do understand there is a difference between selling and scalping, right?
  3. I appreciate the response. I was honestly just curious as to why scalping is tolerated so well in the community. I have no intention of scalping items. I do enjoy the elephant off the cliff analogy though. Not sure what my "attitude" is, or why asking this question seems to be striking such a deep nerve with people. I have remained unbiased throughout the conversation.
  4. God forbid I make a post on a golf forum asking people in the golf community how the feel about something golf related. Tough crowd around here. I have no intention to scalp any items, I've said it previously, I am just surprised it's tolerated as well as it is by the community.
  5. How do you feel about people that do the same thing for limited release items?
  6. Wild that you have decided I am anti-scalping, have I ever said I disagree with it? So let me ask you who is painting an individual member of the forum with a broad brush? You're so hung up on me providing evidence to you. Just look for yourself if you want it. I'm not trying to single any seller(s) out. Just trying to get a feel for the whats tolerated here and what isn't and how the community feels. You seem to have made up your mind against me without taking a minute to think (or even ask) about which side of the issue I sit on.
  7. btw, I only created this post so I can get to 75 posts as fast as possible so I can flip things on the BST forum.
  8. Please tell me what I am up to? I asked opinions on the matter, instead of just saying "I think it's fine, free market" or something along those lines you feel the need to berate me on the topic.
  9. Look for yourself if you want an example, it's not hard to find, I don't do your bidding. I agree that some items may appreciate in value over time. But I'm talking more about items that are dropped at a specific time, bought immediately, only to be resold as soon as possible (apparently I have to define scalping). Headcovers are just one example. They're immediately sold out and then posted on here for double the retail price. For the last time, I am not defining anyone here as a "dreg", I said that in other communities I belong to scalpers are dregs. Feel free to
  10. Slow down there and take a breath pal, just trying to have a civilized conversation on the matter. Scalping is not just for tickets, I see it a lot here with headcovers specifically, but there are many other items that end up being scalped here. Did I say scalpers here were dregs? I said that in other communities I participate in they're seen as dregs. I was simply asking how they are viewed in this community. Clearly, you're fine with scalping, and if anything, seem to encourage it, so I guess we know where you stand. By the way, I'll reserve t
  11. Hi all, pretty new to the forum. I see a lot of posts in the classifieds from scalpers. Just wondering what the general consensus is around here regarding scalpers? In other communities I am part of they are seen as dregs. Here they seem to be encouraged or at least very well tolerated.
  12. Sun Mountain 2.5+ bag. I want a specific color, but they won't be back in stock until May. My current carry bag is falling apart and my only other bag is a cart bag. By the time it gets here (estimated mid May), the weather will be warming up and I won't walk when it get's too hot. First world problems.
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