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  1. I can't imagine not having a 60* personally. But my short game stinks, so what do I know!
  2. Yeah that was super helpful when I was ordering. Granted, those dates are "expected" so definitely not set in stone.
  3. The rules of golf! Funny at times, aren't they?
  4. Nope, but interested to see if others do.
  5. Moving on from my trusted Scotty this year. Had it for the last 15 seasons.
  6. BobbyFray

    TP mills

    Oh wow. Used to have one back in the day!!
  7. I was tempted by the GFore's myself, but am I correct in saying they run more narrow than FJs do? I've always liked the fit of FJs in the past.
  8. Collars are a big deal to me, too. Glad I'm not alone!
  9. Wondering how Nike Golf shoes fit compared to their running shoes. I find their running shoes fit a bit narrower than other brands. Any insights?
  10. I like UA stuff from a quality/material standpoint. But some of their designs are pretty putrid, IMO.
  11. Absolutely gotta keep. Still have my high school and college Ping Hoofers.
  12. Think that's just about it! Not sure I could add anything to it.
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