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  1. I've played both, and both have significant durability issues. If you take full shots with your wedges, you can expect to see significant damage to the cover after a single shot oftentimes. Simply put, these balls are not a good value. I was having to switch to a new ball after a single hole. However, if you are the type of person who loses a ball every hole or every other hole these might make sense. But even then, Kirklands would be a better value. So in summary the only people who should actually use Cut Blue/Grey are people who lose tons of balls and als
  2. I believe these are made at Foremost, so they will likely be of similar quality and construction to other Foremost balls like Vice, OnCore, Maxfli, and Wilson Staff. I don't think the pricing quite makes sense especially for those of us in the US considering Vice, Maxfli, and OnCore balls can be had for quite a bit cheaper.
  3. Sorry I had accidentally put in my driver swing speed, my irons are 75-80
  4. I'm looking at ordering the 699 irons, currently using an old set of Taylormade R7s and this would be my first new set of irons purchased. Of the 4 stock shafts, KBS Tour 90 V, 105, 110, and DG R300, is there any that someone would be able to recommend? Or any to stay away from? Would all 4 be a more or less acceptable choice? My iron SS is 75-80.
  5. No I'm a fan of Riptide, had it in my previous 5 wood.
  6. I purchased the Pro Fairway 4w last month and love it. Wanted room for another wedge and it feels versatile enough at the top of my bag that I don't need a 3 and a 5. Amazing off the tee as well.
  7. Talked to Jason regarding the 699 irons and he recommended +3/4 shafts and +2 lie (I'm 6'2, roughly 37 WTF). I've never purchased longer than standard clubs before and am a little hesitant, was maybe thinking +1/2 instead. Just curious if the clubs do feel a bit long theres no harm in just choking down a little right? Better to get a little too long than a little too short?
  8. Itom to answer your question, compression rating as given by any company is almost completely meaningless except when comparing it to other balls using the same exact methodology. For example MG could tell you the compression rating of the C4 is 60. That would sound really damn soft until they tell you that they rate the TP5x as 62. Now it sounds pretty firm. Obviously that's just a hypothetical example. Companies will measure compression and give a rating based on their own metrics and those numbers again are meaningless unless you can compare it to another ball. That's why the MG
  9. Like others have mentioned I am also experiencing moderate durability issues with the '21 TP5. It seems like every time I take a full wedge shot I'm flipping a coin on whether the cover will be significantly cut or not. I shouldn't have to pick up my $4 ball after a hole and be relieved not to find any deep cuts. I'd expect that on a budget DTC ball for $20/dozen, not a premium $48 per dozen ball. Pretty gross, Taylormade.
  10. Was browsing Amazon and came accross these: https://www.amazon.com/Mizuno-MP-X-Golf-Ball/dp/B07VMBMCS7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=mizuno+mpx&qid=1620015022&sr=8-1 Had never heard of them before, what are they? Very few reviews or discussion of them anywhere. Has anyone played them? $25 a dozen is very competitive pricing for a premium tour style ball.
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