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  1. I took lessons at the beginning of this year that clearly did not work for me ... completely destroyed what game I had, going from a mid 80s player to 100-110. Anyway, a few weeks ago I was on the range and manage to shank one and a half large buckets of balls. One ball after another! No matter what change I made, I shanked EVERY SINGLE BALL. Thankfully, with a new instructor and a mental break my game has started to come around the past two weeks.
  2. I just ordered a set of JPX921 forged irons, +1.5° lie angle, C Taper Lite 105 shafts, etc. Mizuno rep said 6 weeks. I hope they're getting on top of the backlog; otherwise, I'll expect closer to eight weeks.
  3. My home course had a Mizuno demo yesterday. I really like the 921 forged irons. Compared to my Wilson Staff Model CBs, which I love, I found the 921s to be more forgiving and longer (yeah, stronger lofted clubs). Head-to-head using the 7i, the 921 was 25 yards longer (31° vs. 34°) and launched quite high. Shafts played a role. 921: KBS C-Taper Lite 105. CB: True Temper Dynamic Gold S300. While I prefer the feedback of the Wilsons, the 921 feels good. I think the 921s are more amenable to my swing (more of a sweeper). I didn't get any spin numbers because the Flightscope wasn't work
  4. I also bought the CaddyTek from Costco after considering Bagboy and Clicgear. It was half the price delivered to my doorstep and I've been very happy with it so far. I tested it with the front wheel fixed and prefer it in swivel mode.
  5. I'm the same, though I use a 58º when I need to get it in the air. Occasionally, I'll use the GW in lieu of the PW.
  6. If you decide to go with online lessons, I'll make another suggestion: Jeff Brehaut, email: [email protected]
  7. I had another interesting experience. Inclement weather caused most golfers to quit, leaving me with a near deserted course. That is until I came to the 7th hole, a par 4, where a young couple were playing. They were walking and had a toddler with them. Talk about moving slow! It's as if they were on a Sunday stroll in the park, stopping to smell every rose. I was on the tee box for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for them to hit their approach shots. They hit and began an exceedingly SLOW stroll toward the green. Now out of range, I teed up and hit. I put my club awa
  8. I agree with this statement. You might actually prefer the performance of the matching PW and GW to the Vokeys.
  9. I was going to suggest the Wilson Staff Model CBs. I love them.
  10. I'll see Todd this Friday and will let him know you referred him. Jeff, who is in the Park City area, is offering online teaching while looking for a home course.
  11. I also appreciate the referrals to Jeff and Todd.
  12. Two weeks ago I played in a tourney that normally sees about 270 participants, but weather turned bad so only 40 played. Wind gusts between 50-60 MPH, along with freezing rain and sleet. On the greens puts would horseshoe or take 90° turns and often end up farther away than where you started. I thought 2 clubs stronger would suffice, but even three clubs stronger was not enough in many cases. I walked the course, so got a nice workout. I felt like a football player working out with a sled. Ha ha!
  13. I bought a new set of TaylorMade P770 4i - PW irons (got a great deal) the same day I bought a new set of Wilson Staff Model CB irons. I never took the TMs out. The plastic wrap on the club heads was still intact. I just sold the P770s yesterday and now I'll always be curious as to how well they would have fit my game.
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