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  1. I avoid any company that doesn't make shafts for left-handed players! I suppose I avoid Callaway to some degree because I don't care for the looks of their clubs.
  2. Hubbard Golf Course, UT. I played here on a regular basis from 1994 to 2005 and never felt it had my number. It's one of the longer courses and has super fast greens. I stopped playing golf altogether in 2005 and picked it back up about 1.5 years ago. The course seems to have my number now! For whatever reason I just cannot put together a decent 18-hole round here. I've played some of my best rounds this year on other courses in the area, but all of my highest scores came at Hubbard.
  3. I have the 921 Forged irons and got the same in the gap wedge (50°). I really like it a lot. For sand and lob, I went with the 921 Hot Metal wedges in 54° and 59°. I preferred them over all other Mizuno lines, which I was able to demo on real grass.
  4. I love to practice chipping. My routine is to chip from a single location to a specific pin. And then from that location I'll chip to another pin, and so on. Then I'll change locations and do it all over again. Flat lies, down slope, up slope. I work on long runners to very short shots to pins super close to the fringe and everything in between. While my goal is to drop the ball in the cup, I focus a lot on speed. I work mostly with a 50° wedge, but also a 46° and 55°. One game (par 3 chipping?) I was taught is to chip balls to a particular flag and attempt to hole out in no more than two putts. Work around the practice green using different holes. Play with a partner to make it more fun.
  5. Last week I holed out for eagle from 102 yards on a par 5. Everything about it felt great. Early this season I made an approximately 50 foot put, downhill slope, double break, raining and windy. I agree with TM4me about pulling off shaped shots. I badly sliced a drive over trees lining the right side and my ball made it to the opposite side of the adjacent fairway. About 240 yards from the green, my intent was to get the ball back over the trees and, with a strong fade, move it right. I used a 5i as I was sure the 4i didn't have enough loft to get over the trees. It worked as planned and I ended up about 20 yards short of the green dead center in the fairway. These are the shots that make it all worthwhile.
  6. I have an understanding with my home course: I lose a handful of top quality balls each season on the course. Occasionally, I find and get to keep a quality ball found amongst the range balls. The ball I keep will eventually end up back on the range anyway. My MO: I put all non-range balls back on the range using my driver and 3-wood. I used to keep more balls found in the basket 'o range balls, but I'm no longer financially poor and I have developed ball preferences. So I buy what I like. And as someone said, I know the history of new balls.
  7. I carry two alignment sticks in my bag. I always use them on the range and, similar to you, they hold my driver and 3 wood head covers when using those clubs on the course.
  8. Perhaps my biggest "ah ha!" moment was discovering how much more tense I was on my real swings. So now when I set up to hit, I simply relax. It has helped.
  9. Out of these three? Probably Bryson. Given anyone to play a round with, I'd chose Tony Finau.
  10. Mizuno JPX921 Forged irons. I bought the new Wilson Staff Model CBs this year and love them, so I surprised myself when I ordered the 921s after a demo/fitting. Both great clubs. TM MG3 wedge - This will be surprising if I add it to my bag because I had the MG2 on order since April and it was changed to the MG3 about six weeks ago and still no word on delivery.
  11. I'm brand agnostic and thought I'd be okay with a good deal from any of the major players. Then I discovered the importance of trying as many clubs as possible and not going to a club fitting with preconceptions of what should be on my shortlist. Some clubs simply won't feel right, while others will feel great. Even with clubs that feel great you may find a large disparity with accuracy and/or distance, all else being equal. As for Mizuno, I tried the current iron models at a demo day on my home course and came away really liking the 921 Forged irons. Feedback is second only to my Wilson Staff Model CBs, but I liked them enough to order a set. Make a more informed decision by being open to trying whatever you can get your hands on.
  12. Not as my day job, but I currently drum in two bands and also do fill-in gigs. The third band went on hiatus last month for the winter season, which has freed up time to get stuff done around the house and focus on playing more golf before it gets too cold.
  13. Yes, for me it's simply putting in the time on the practice green. I spend about 80% of my practice time on my short game, with most of that spent on chips and pitches. For chips, the 50° GW is my go-to and occasionally use PW or SW, depending on roll needed (my home course has super fast greens). The one technique that helped me the most is akin to the Phil Mickelson set up with the ball closer to the back foot, weight favoring the front foot, forward press of the hands, and the club delofted as needed. If I need to go higher, the ball position moves forward. Lots of practice hitting to various distances from different lies. I practice short pitches with 54° and 58° wedges, ball in center or thereabouts. For lob practice, I probably focus more on committing to the shot than anything. I also work on hitting shots with a wide-open club face, while trying to maintain accuracy.
  14. Through the years when a shank reared its ugly head I was able to fix it within a hole or two. Not this year! After getting with a new golf instructor at the beginning of the season, the shank became a regular part of my game. I even shanked an entire large bucket of range balls, trying everything imaginable to fix it. It got so bad from April through June that I seriously considered quitting the game. Thankfully, a new instructor, focused practice, and not overthinking my swing have largely helped.
  15. I take practice swings, though not too many. Maybe about 10-12 swings on the tee box and about 15-18 swings with irons. Even more if I'm in the rough. All are slow and deliberate to really rehearse the drills I'm working on. If I find pace of play a bit too fast, then I'll take even more practice swings to settle things down. People seem to appreciate my efforts. Okay, I'm kidding! Generally, I'll take one practice swing on the tee and fairway. Sometimes no practice swings with irons if my ball has a good lie on the fairway. In all cases, I never slow play down as I like to play fast.
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