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  1. The dispersion on the X100s is far tighter than the S300s. Made the switch a couple years ago and haven't looked back. Would recommend spending the extra $ and get the Tour Issues.
  2. 905R the 2009 Spin Milled wedges that would rip the cover off a ball 910 fairway woods
  3. Really liking the current model of the Tour B XS
  4. Get a SLDR with an AD DI and hit spray and pray bombs with it
  5. Exactly. Had a set of standard X100s and there was a that big of a difference between and 8 and 9 iron and the 5 and 6 were close to 3 g difference.
  6. Then why do the pro's play the tour issue version instead of the standard if there is no difference?
  7. Thank you, was thinking something like this would work just didn't want to end up with a huge mess on my hands
  8. The tighter weight tolerance makes a huge difference in feel and in golf consistency is key
  9. They are, without a doubt, superior to the standard X100
  10. What's the best way to remove the Tour Issue label? Since it's not a sticker like the standard DG labels, do they need to be removed with anything special? I think they are silk screened onto the metal.
  11. Driver - Changed from a SLDR to a G410 LST this year due to the fact that, even though I can carry the SLDR about 5 yards further, the roll out on drives with the SLDR due to a touch too low spin would cause me to miss a couple fairways a round. The G410 is much more of a fairway finder. Wedge - 56* - the jack of all trades. My go to 100 yards and in and around the green. Been playing the TM MG2 TW 56*, loving the relieved heel and square leading edge. Putter - Nike Method 001. Been in the bag for many years and will continue to stay in the bag for many more.
  12. Driver - 10.5* - 265-275 carry 3 wd - 15* - 240 carry 5 wd - 19* - 225 carry 3 iron - 22* - 210 carry Carry distances based on 80-85% swing Dropped a 50* I had in the bag to put in the 5 wd. Now only playing 47*/56*/60*
  13. I recently set up a G410 LST with a Diamana D+ Plus Limited TX. Extremely consistent and does not go left. I think the trick to making it truly fade biased is matching it with a slightly stiffer or heavier shaft to really take out the left side
  14. Been playing MP-68s for good while now and love them. They look good and feel good and are forgiving for a blade due to their longer blade length.
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