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  1. Pricing out a 5/6 DC and then 6-GW ST with 2 wedges comes to $1207 and then what ever for taxes and shipping. Still crazy.
  2. Was looking at the site again last night and debating on picking up a set. Really god prices now, but I don't need another set of irons... Then again, since this seems to be consistent in dropping price, I know that I won't be missing out and can just get something next year when he blows stuff out again...
  3. A 3/4 shot isn't hard, 1/2 can be more tricky... It is more about not having a higher golf IQ (everyone can always learn something regardless of ability). No experience with a better player or taking an on course lesson (I'm a big advocate of these, more so later in the day with an empty course). If self taught or from family, you are at the mercy of what they know and ability, which many better players that have been on a range and hear what is being 'taught' to new golfers is truly embarrassing. While out of the industry now, when I taught and gave playing lessons, people were flat out shocked at how little they knew and how little they had via shot selection and imagination. No different than short game. Taught to just go 'grab your 56*' and you play everything with that. Rather then being shown the different situations and what to play and could be anything in the bag, not just 1 club for all.
  4. How often do you have exactly your "stock yardage" on a shot? My guess is not as often as you think and you are manipulating the club and ball according to distance/lie/turf conditions/wind anyway. This is golf, you adapt to the shot you have in front of you. Why not just bend the set weak? Then you don't worry about a gap with your 9i and you will close the gap between PW and GW. The number on the bottom of the club is 100% irrelevant and you get irons bent to gaps you like/comfortable with and give you good gaping. The alternative, learn to leave the ball in a distance that you aren't worried about. This is something that you can for the most part control with course management and club selection.
  5. Then I would put the money I would spend on a new set of irons and a driver on short game lessons and more range time (if you have the time). We all like new things, but if a fit putter and wedges with some new learned skills/confidence can actually drop you 3-4 strokes, that is a better investment imho. More so that you can take those 2 weak points and improve, and then work on the irons and driver at a later date to see if there is some strokes to be gained there after fixing the main 2 issues.
  6. Still lots to do here for her to occupy a few hours while you play in the mornings. Then, take a cart out in the later evenings when it's dead with a bottle of wine and enjoy the scenery while you get a lazy 9 in...
  7. Well, there isn't much in the way of Cleveland irons anymore unless you want to find yourself a set of the 588 cb/mb (really nice irons), then you'll be looking into Srixon as the parent company of Cleveland. As for Cobra, never really been a fan as I think they look super cheap and hate the colour schemes so can't offer up anything to try out there. As always best thing is to either to a fitting studio with all options and test things out, or do the winter golf store tours and try things out. Just saying your a 10 means very little as you could be a great iron player and terrible off the tee, or great off the tee and have a terrible iron and short game, or any other options that causes you strokes. ZL always felt dead, so you can go any direction you want wrt drivers now. It's actually harder to pick out the bad ones than list all of the good, same with fairways. And many more shaft options available if you are still using the stock offering from it.
  8. Back from late September, been meaning to post it.
  9. First post and digs up a 6 year old thread.
  10. I wear the same shoes I play in regardless. I want consistency in height and feel. Wearing runners are great as they are comfortable, but unless you also play in them, I see it as a bit detrimental. I found that going from thin soled shoes to my normal ones can vary by 1/2" or more because of the added cushioning and heel support, so don't want to groove a swing in thinner soled shoes only to wonder WTF is happening when that swing vanishes on course.
  11. Just take the sharpie out and write what ever number you want on the bottom of the club, it's 100% irrelevant...
  12. Nice! I sent him an email a few weeks ago inquiring about irons, but nothing in stock for the foreseeable future. but will keep an eye out for sure.
  13. Most consistent I've played through the lines has been Titleist and TEE, thus what gets that spot in the bag.
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