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  1. PEI_Golfer

    Raw wedge

    This was all that was needed
  2. I prefer my 16.5* 4 wood vs. a 16.5* 3 wood...
  3. They've had other releases over the years as well. The Vega raw blades with JL stamping looked pretty cool.
  4. It has, but generally towards hollow bodies and not Forged CBs (unless throwing weight in the toe is "technology") or newer Pings in the I line. I agree with a previous poster on watching for the different in offset, bounce and sole width in the Pings and going to something slimmer. You'd also be hard pressed to find something in the category (more so as an already Ping fan) better than the I210s.
  5. Softies met their demise many years ago now. You could look at the GP CP2 Wraps.
  6. I like the look of the new TM wedges, but it instantly reminded me of the Sonartec wedges I had years ago.
  7. Also against the rules in golf, so what exactly are you doing hitting a moving target...
  8. That might be the intentions of the OP, but reality isn't usually a strong point.
  9. My general feeling is that further encouraging the OP rarely benefits anyone...
  10. 3, the usual in driver, fairway and a hybrid.
  11. I prefer a hybrid and have settled in nicely with my 19* TS3 (set to C1) with AV Raw Blue 75X. Very stable and quite straight now vs. the out going stock EFW T1100 S and X. Tried to replace it with a Sim 5wd this year and I just didn't work out. I dabble with DI's, but the hybrid is as long and more versatile.
  12. As much as I'm not a fan of iron headcovers, for a set like that, I would have them on. I think part of it is if you are more of a walker vs. cart bag cart/rider. In a smaller carry bag, even midsized grips get tangled up, then add in the extra bulk of the iron head covers to clog things up. If you're a rider, then covers for sure as bouncing around at the back of a cart is never a good thing.
  13. Hey, thanks again for making yet another blanket statement on behalf of everyone...
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