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  1. Went and checked on mine it has the triangle screw. .355 Tour Issued head although RH. Maybe it's for wrong handed golfers to feel special?
  2. Why would someone buy an inferior product to have to bend it to possibly work?
  3. Yet still couldn't make a decent wedge or wedges other than 52/56/60 for ever.
  4. I can't think that it would be anything but water, which will be readily available on the course to dip the towel in or from a bottle vs. adding some other solution.
  5. I generally don't changer that often as I just get used to the performance they give me and adjust accordingly. This year I picked up 2 sets of 54/58 Cleveland RTX Zipcores to try and rotate them and see if makes a change in how I play with "fresher" grooves for longer. I'm also not going to practice out of bunkers basically at all unless with just a old wedge, although I am quite comfortable in bunkers, so shouldn't be an issue at all.
  6. I wouldn't want to chance scratching it up, vises aren't know for their sensitive demeanor or compassionate about how you like things. Not worth the investment loss to do it yourself without the right tools.
  7. This from the company that doesn't want to sell OEM tips to people and wants them to buy only new shafts at inflated prices... I'd just find a good fitter that can bend it back after possibly a putter fitting to see if the lie and length are right.
  8. Well, I now have 2 sets of I210s after getting my old set back today... Good problem to have I guess!
  9. Wet towel and a tee that I put in my hat at the start of each round for the grooves if needed.
  10. Anti 4 iron? How often do you find yourself needing to hit a shot in that gap range that you have between the Di/hybrid and 5 iron? I put in an I500 4i (21* std loft) in place of my I210 4i (22.5* std loft) to get me a little more height and gap closer to my 3h (19*). So while I did create a bit more of a gap between my stronger 4i and 5i (26* std), I rarely ever found myself at that yardage, and if so, I'm not pin seeking from 205+. I'm happy with on or around the green from that distance out as it was basically only ever on 2nd shots into par 5's and the rare par 3 if I'm ou
  11. This just seems like Phil being Phil and over thinking something. He is talented enough that if he wanted to hit it higher, he would just hit it higher. It is almost like trying to give yourself an excuse for poor play with the clubs he is supposed to be the most comfortable with.
  12. I think it has more to do with it than you think. The new meta is higher launch to counter the lower spin with an increased decent angle to try and stop the ball. Pretty well every video out there has shown a decrease in spin in most categories of irons other than players. Shaft "technology" hasn't changed that drastically given the amount that still play DG's (enter PX and other higher launching, lower spinning shafts). I understand that balls are being made to spin less, but not so much for iron play. I also have no idea about the thought that club design is more
  13. I wouldn't think that it would get fixed right away, rather at the bottom of the pile. While it isn't a hard or big job, priority is going to go to the backlog of full sets before a return get's looked at. Unfortunate for sure, but I wouldn't have expected a quick turn around.
  14. As mentioned above, the I200s or I210s will blend in nicely.
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