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  1. This sums up his reply to a tee... I didn't order a new 2021 F150 a year ago because I would have had to wait over 6 months for it even though they were shipping within 6 weeks. Then the chip crisis hits and things get even slower. But then again, I don't have 40 years experience...
  2. Just because you've been in a job that long, doesn't mean you actually 'get it'... This is literally the biggest supply chain catastrophe in how long... Maybe... Ever... Too... This... Scale... WORLD WIDE...
  3. I could never get an M2 dialed in correctly as I always found them too light. Never had this issue with either the Sim or Sim2 when swapping out shafts to tinker. That said, the Sim2 will be closer of the 2 as mentioned above, the Sim is lower spinning and some feel fade biased where as the Sim2 seems more neutral and a bit higher launching.
  4. I don't think that you do get it. They literally have zero control over things currently and I'm sure they aren't happy with any of this as well. I can't imagine the CSR's and how many calls they get from people. Sure, it's completely frustrating, but what are you expecting them to do?
  5. Ok, I can totally get that as I had the same issue with my Hi-Toe for around that loft. But worked great out of the cabbage around the green. But struggled with it from the fairway on approaches.
  6. If you have a 56* Hi-Toe already, why would you be wanting to get a 54* wedge as well? Is it to replace the 56*? Unless the Hi-Toe has too much bounce for him, I would wait until he learns how to use wedges before changing things up. You can always figure out your gapping later, but I'd put the money into a couple short game lessons before a new wedge to a high capper.
  7. I will eventually get my hands on 9* TSi2 head and be happy when I do. I've been able to try a friends out with both his Hzdrus Yellow and my AV Raw Blue 65TX and all it does is hit it dead nuts straight (occasional push and pull), and in play more than my Sim2 and 410 LST. Last year I thought he had his best driving year with a G410 LST and was mad at him for selling the club. This year with the TSi2, it transformed his game and was almost instant off the tee. Was both good and frustrating to see as he helped him by at least 3-4 strokes a round from more balls in the fairway and in play at least if he did make a bad swing (his swing is ugly..). Haven't had the chance yet to play around with a 425 Max, doubt I will bother with the PXG.
  8. I'm now on my 3rd set of I210s after selling the other two off as I had way too many iron sets. Thought I was pretty set on the P760s as I liked them quite a bit, but sold them as well. Decided to go out for a quick 18 today and brought the irons even though I dislike KBS shafts with a passion (this set has Tour 125 S+ in them that I was going to re-shaft during the off season). Sadly I go and shoot +1, 73 hitting 14 greens (6847y ocean level) and was pissed off the whole time as I liked the shafts, heads I already knew were solid... Was debating on selling this set off as I have 2 other iron sets coming shortly... Guess I can't now as that was my best score in the past 3 years and everything just worked... Until next time, maybe...
  9. Bend to what gap you want, but stop looking at the number on the bottom of the club.
  10. I've bought the same club or clubs (iron set) a few times. As for same model but not same club, many times. 4x 905R's 9.5* with the 76S V2. Recently picked up my third set of I210s.
  11. Agreed, I like the size of the muscle on the back of the AS as well. I'm sure with all that mass there they feel quite good.
  12. It's basically a "new" 680MB and likely only built a handful of sets for AS until he stops playing. As he stated in the interview, Titleist has run out of original 680 sets so this was what they came up with as the 620s just didn't tick all the boxes for him.
  13. No, as alive as Scratch Golf is!
  14. Leading up to this, move up in tees and play irons only for a number of rounds. Much better than just working on them at the range and you will see an improvement when you move back.
  15. Easier to game plan for short courses that you play often. One of the old courses I used to play on I basically just used a 4wd, Di or 4i off each tee.
  16. A few years ago he had a tipped X100 put into a 4wd that he was still carrying over 300... I just love seeing the W/S badges in a bag again.
  17. What is this, 2 current line clubs from a full bag? Ouch, the searching continues.
  18. I thought wrx had a sneak peak at the PT/621's coming shortly. Figured you would have had them in hand by now. I prefer the looks of the 681's over these 621's.
  19. Curious as to why Scotties would be considered 'the best putter'. I would think there are far more Odyssey sold each year and in peoples bags than SC's. Could be a pricing strategy, but SC's are way over hyped, possibly more than any single product out there. His originals are just plain ugly most of the time and relies solely on an Anser copy for the bulk of sales. I can agree with TM woods, hasn't been too many duds since the Burner 420, '09 Burner, Aeroburner, most 'Burners' maybe, but top tier woods have been good. I've been partial to Titleist woods for a long time, they just suit my eye and work well for me. Could easily play anything from the past 20 years save for the 909s and 913s and be quick happy. While I've played a good many Mizzy irons, I don't really have a fondness or desire to play any set vs. others. Cleveland wedges are much better now than in previous years with the Zipcores and TI shafts as stock. But were nothing special for some time now. Vokey has offered the most in terms of finishes, grinds and lofts for a good number of years, so can be safe in that position I would think. Ping is just know as old faithful really. Nothing flashy (this has changed as of last couple of generations) and just work.
  20. I'd be climbing over things trying to find older wedges and complete iron sets.
  21. I went to school with Matt, worked with Mikey for a time and have met Ian a few times over the years, but not a "fanboy"... Snarky is in the eye of the beholder here. In reality, they are infotainment. Would you consider watching the PGA Tour actually relevant in any way to 'the average golfer'? Nothing is relatable in any way at all, courses they play for the most part, conditions, yardages, equipment completely tuned and anything they want at their finger tips.
  22. The same could be said for someone with a more negative A0A vs. a positive with woods. Also could be said for people with different path issues and just how much "adjustability" each has to try and help swing flaws. But they are trying to do something in 20 mins that is higher quality content. Having just Matt hit shots also remove more variables and is basically a known to those who watch the vids and can see the swing changes and speed gains. The main point that they try to drive home, is that A. get fit if you can B. try as much as you possibly can and C. there isn't that much difference in performance throughout the OEM's, they are all making really good products right now. There aren't any true dogs to avoid. If you are seeing a segment that is missing, you are also free to start up your own channel and it can fill in what is missing.
  23. I did the comparison in the Spring to go against my TS2 4wd and in the end it wasn't worth changing. As expected, the 3 will have a flatter flight vs. the 2, nothing earth shatteringly different in performance vs. the previous generation. As expected, TXG has a video of this as well:
  24. Reflection of a door maybe? Either way, was a nice, clean looking iron until the last one. Will be good to see the others (soon?)
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