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  1. The absolute best!! A spring/summer morning tee time at Wente is as good as it gets!!
  2. So happy for you buddy, sounds like an amazing week. I had the same experience both times I played Pebble. Probably got an average of 2 hours sleep the night before the round, was so excited. Skulled both tee shots on #1 down the left side into the rough. But once you walk down the fairway of #4 you forget about everything else and just play golf with your jaw dropped the rest of the way. Glad you were happy with Carmel Valley Ranch, the course conditions there never disappoint. Best of luck at Pasatiempo!
  3. In my experience the best time of the year is late February through May and again August through October. You really can’t go wrong though, I’ve played a November round that was 70 degrees with no wind. I think 9:00 is a great time, if you’re out too early there is a possibility of fog, and mid to late afternoon there are some high winds. I played the day before the pro-am earlier this year and the conditions were immaculate from 10:00-3:00.
  4. This is spot on, forgot to include it. Pacific Grove is inexpensive, has great views and has a kick a** restaurant (Point Pinos Grill) attached to the clubhouse. That’s a great spot. Best way to do Monterey on a budget.
  5. If you’re going further north, Half Moon Bay is really great and they space out the tee times so you never wait on the tee. The only issue I have with it is that the Old Course has 17 meh holes and the 18th is one of the best golf holes in the world. The Ocean Course doesn’t really get that close to the ocean until the last 4 holes but is great value at $150 or less, a little silly at $250+. I personally think Harding is overrated. I like 16-18 there but quite a few forgettable holes there and if you’re not an SF resident it’s way too expensive. If you’re going to drive all
  6. Know I’m late to this - hopefully I can help. Lifelong Bay Area resident, world’s biggest fan of the Monterey peninsula. Proposed to my wife there, visited at least two dozen times. My thoughts: Pebble is the happiest place on earth. If you get good weather it’ll be the best round of your life no matter what you shoot. Spend a couple hours at the practice facility up the road, you feel like a tour pro. Putt at the practice green behind the first tee with dozens of shoppers watching. Eat at the Tap Room outdoor dining along the first tee after your round. Spyglass is perfe
  7. Hey folks! Appreciate all the responses!! Seems like everyone in all regions of SoCal are affected massively by the lack of tee times. And it seems like almost every course has been negatively affected by being overplayed and seeing a lot about long 5+ hour rounds. I have so far racked up: Rancho Park (very nice), Wilson (excellent), Harding (great), Roosevelt (nice), Balboa/Encino (not great), MountainGate (really mediocre for a country club) and Braemar. I ended up joining Braemar and I love being able to get a tee time whenever I want (even if all 3 9’s are ridiculously narrow and
  8. High praise for Olivas Links. Looks like about an hour and a half drive for me but a great course. I’ve also heard Soule Park and Ojai Valley courses are great if you’re driving all that way. So many to try out, super exciting. Have really enjoyed my rounds so far. Wilson was great, Harding was impressive. Balboa/Encino were pretty rough. I play Rancho and Roosevelt next week and just booked Rustic Canyon for next Sunday the 21st.
  9. That is incredible!! I wonder if people who join Rancho Park’s “club” get access to times 10 or more days in advance and just gobble them all up. Insane.
  10. Awesome!! Can’t wait to play Rustic Canyon. And my plan is definitely to play most of the local public courses and network before I join a CC, but I plan on doing so sometime soon. Wish I could get a tee time at Wilson or Rancho since they’re so close to me. Thank you for all the info!
  11. Thank you guys! I am planning on getting my LA City Golf card as soon as my clubs get here - it seems like it’s the only way to get a decent tee time. I was able to get tee times for Hansen Dam and Roosevelt for next week but that was about all that was available. I haven’t seen one negative thing said about Rustic Canyon, I need to get out there!! I live closest to Rancho Park of the public courses but it seems like even the residents can barely get a time there. Crazy!
  12. Hey folks! I just moved to LA from the Bay Area and I’m looking to find my new spots for golf and to meet people. I work from home so it’s been tough to meet people during COVID, so I’m considering joining a country club if they have a junior membership (am 28). I’ve scheduled tours with Oakmont, Braemar, and La Canada Flintridge CC. I live literally steps away from Wilshire CC but looks way out of my price range. I’m also wanting to play all the LA City courses but getting tee times has been a beast. I have a Hansen Dam and a Roosevelt tee time next week but getting Rancho Park or Wi
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