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  1. Might as well peel the ball too, prov1 cover is so extremely soft and uniform. Then a very hard plastic layer. The inner core of different density for the v1x is a spin reducer? for long clubs If I recall correctly.
  2. Little difference for sure, robot test of balls shows like 3% of carry distance and 10% spin difference for upper and lower limit. I have play in almost every colour except green, they are so easy to track.
  3. You probably will find better balls than the inesis ones soon, I really liked one particular glove last year and thought I can just buy that forever, after going through 4 gloves I found a new favorite.
  4. Then you don't need to buy new balls IMO, just look for them when you shop. Or try all the balls mentioned in this post for that matter, too many good option.
  5. I had good luck with volvik matte balls but I usually play the coloured ones cause why not, I don't see any reason to play a matte white ball lol. the vimat is a 2 piece ball, and vivid 3 piece. both comes in coloured or white.
  6. 425 max 9*: the first swing on the simulator I got 280 carry and bought one the next day. What I should have done is buy a secondhand g400 445cc, I like the look of the regular g400. The 425 max still serves me well, I tried all kinds of things with this head, 44 to 42 inch shaft, filled with cotton ball or yarn. so as of now I have 45.5 inch playing length, with only yarn in the head, I removed all of the hotmelt from the factory, it actually quite easy to do with a hex key. swing weight of d3. sounds better then hotmelt of the same weight. Family used to say I am destroying the driver at the driving range. thats how loud it was. So with only yarn, all of the high pitch is taken out. still louder than tour driver but very pleasant sound.
  7. Is it even possible? Could be the spec on the p790 is off for you, it is much more forgiving, lower loft etc
  8. The 425 I tried have the s flex alta shaft, feels fine. There is certainly nothing easier, I felt some impacts were completely unservicable yet the ball flew.
  9. I helped a family member making SW adjestment to his i20s, did swing the whole set, better then my CBs but not really wowed me like the 425s.
  10. at first I thought players club helps me hone my swing because I can feel all the poor strikes. after a year of playing I think I can't improve quickly anymore and now I actually care about the score and using the same ball for the whole round. I need a little more forgiveness.
  11. I have a p790 2udi 39.5'' in the bag, fine club off the tee & deck. I think the look is fine, not big at all, could be the shaft length balancing out the look. I think you can mix the set and use 790s for the long irons only, I too will be looking at some forgiving 4i and 5i soon. You might be wondering why I play 2i cause a stinger off the tee is so satisfying or a bad slice into rough off the deck
  12. the wedges are 47 d4 /53 d5 /60 d8 I like my 60 heavy, good momentum even with a small swing.
  13. Today I tried my cousin's G425 irons and what a difference I hit a bucket of balls with the 5i, very impressed. Sometimes I don't have my eyes on the ball at impact and felt it was a poor strike but the ball still launches quite well, nor does it go off line much. I picked up golf since the pandemic and my ego has stopped me from even trying the easier club it seems, so I never even tested most of the newer game improvement clubs. I always preferred small head and thin look at address, solid piece shallow cavity back or blade. This sudden epiphany changed my perception of these irons. I think I might switch out my long irons for more forgiveness.
  14. I currently game a 44.5 inch, D3.5, 329g driver, with std. MCC+4 grip. I was reading some article about the benefit of reducing weight, I should get 1.3 mph faster club head speed. if I switch to a trimmed tour velvet, cut short with enough space for both hands. I can take 10 gram off the grip side and 3g of tape off the head. is the benefit worth the trouble?
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