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  1. Thanks for all of the comments. I was curious if the so called comfort fit (rounded inside the ring) actually made any difference in a gold band. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  2. Guys, I am taking the plunge this June. I would like to be able to wear my ring while golfing. I am right handed and want a solid gold band. Anyone have any tips on what to look for in a gold band that won't affect the golf grip/swing? Thanks in advance.
  3. They sell putter head covers on the Callaway website. http://www.callawaygolf.com/accessories/limited-edition/?_ga=2.64706024.699148301.1529631579-1422735416.1514825871 The mallet covers are sold out. They may still have blade head covers. They were listed for $80. Does anyone know how durable the putter head covers are? Thanks in advance.
  4. I completely agree. I'd bag that if Odyssey releases it for the retail market.
  5. Anyone know if they are going to release an R-Line head in either all black or red this year? Thanks.
  6. I am disappointed by how few models are being offered in all black. Hopefully, the custom shop will be open soon.
  7. Aren't there USGA/R&A limits on driver's CORs, but not fairway woods? So couldn't a fairway wood have a hotter face than a driver, greatly minimizing the distance gap between a driver and a fairway wood. Isn't that part of the reason Koepka and Thomas could hit the 676 yard 18-hole at Erin Hills in two with 3W off the tee?
  8. How much do they cost? Is it comparable to the price of Pro V1 or ChromeSoft? Thanks in advance.
  9. The Fastback looks like a carbon copy of the old Odyssey #5 mallet. Cameron didn't invent every putter head. Cameron frequently copies successful putter styles like the Anser.
  10. I have one for my driver and love it. It fits well, stays on, and is easy to take on and off. I bought it last year and so far, no signs of wear. I would recommend Seamus to anyone. I also purchased a pouch to keep my phone in while I play. They are a great company.
  11. I'd like to be able to mix and match heads with different hosels. Maybe some different color options too. I think if you offer some limited customization, the custom putters could be at a price point well below Cameron. It would be nice to offer some basic customized options at a lower price point as well as some major customization options at a higher price. Personally, I'd like to see #5 putter in a black (or gun metal grey) head with white sight line and double-bend shaft. Thanks.
  12. I just bought a box from my club's pro shop and my club is not owned by ClubCorp. So, I don't think they are exclusive to ClubCorp.
  13. Golf Digest didn't rank the 2014 version in its Hot List, but gave the 2015 a gold ranking. Other than the colors offered, does anyone know if there are any differences in features / qualities of the two bags. Thanks.
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