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  1. OM and Trails are the hardest walks but not overly taxing IMO. Even easier if you have a caddy.
  2. The person I talked to mentioned that the Inn rooms are getting remodeled in 22. With all of those single rooms unavailable,I suspect that is why the round lake rooms are set lower for 22. Of course, we can probably expect a larger than normal increase for the inn in 23.
  3. Made it through on my 4th call with 10 seconds to spare and got pretty much what I wanted. Hang in there everyone.
  4. Same here. Pretty surprising and frustrating that they don’t have a better system.
  5. Yep…planning on blocking off my entire morning for Dec 1. I’m assuming they will be even more slammed on 12/1 since those of us booking for May-Dec will have had advance notice.
  6. Can anyone provide any feedback on how quickly rooms are filling up for Jan-Apr 2023? I’m already stressing about the mad dash for May-Dec on 12/1.
  7. What time does the reservation line open in the mornings? I need to make sure I am quick on the dial on December 1st!
  8. Looks like there is a new Old Mac course camera on the website. It appears to be stationed at the halfway house between 7 green and 16 tee.
  9. I went as a single this year and would not hesitate to do it again. I wouldn’t worry about your lack of experience in windy conditions. I rarely play in windy conditions and hit the ball high, and I was able to adjust pretty quickly. A 30 mph breeze is much more manageable at Bandon than Kiawah as you can play shots along the ground. You will also be able to find your ball and have a chance to recover. Don’t wait around for your buddies!
  10. It was one of the recent no laying up podcasts
  11. I booked a May 2021 trip (was looking for the lodge or inn) in July 2020 and they only had one weekend available for the entire month. I suspect i would have a tough time booking the same trip this year with increased travel demand.
  12. @spud3 continues to deliver with the best Bandon trip reports. Well done!
  13. I imagine that the supply of caddies has not caught up with the demand of having 5 courses as opposed to 4. I know it’s been a year since sheep has opened but I would guess they are busier than than this time last year.
  14. With as many rounds as you have scheduled, I would play Old Mac more than once. I feel like it’s a course that most would appreciate more if they had more rounds on it. What OM lacks in scenery (which is still great IMO) it makes up for in strategic elements and that’s the greatest appeal for me.
  15. I walk all of my rounds at home and the turf conditions are typically soft. I found that 36 holes on the firm ground at Bandon is less taxing on the legs than 36 holes on soft bermuda or zoysia. The firm ground there can be tough on the feet but cushioned socks and good shoes mitigate those impacts.
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