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  1. OM seems like a good course to get in some “after 36” holes with all of the interesting green complexes. Lots of cool shots that would be fun to try if you are out there by yourself. I know it’s polarizing, but I may be more excited to play it than any of the other courses. I noticed the blue tees on the yardage books and think it’s great that they make that option available. Too many courses don’t make that option available.
  2. That’s great to hear. My wife is a much better photographer and I always forget to take photos. I’m happy to just soak everything in and leave the pics to her. I am looking forward to the punchbowl. It seems like something that can be enjoyed by all skill levels.
  3. I’m not planning on taking a caddie. I ordered the yardage books from the website and they are great. I think I can work it out studying those. I really enjoy the exercise of learning a course and figured I would get the most enjoyment out of throwing my bag on a push cart and going at it alone.
  4. That’s good news. I’m looking forward to getting as much golf in as my body will let me. I’ve read quite a bit about short loops for bonus golf late in the day. I should have some time for that a couple of days. I haven’t seen anything about short loops at Sheep. It looks like there could be a number of them based on the routing. I’m wondering what others may have done. I imagine the sunsets are pretty spectacular out there as well.
  5. I am counting down the days to my first trip to Bandon in May. I am traveling with my wife who is a beginner but will not be playing on the trip (I am planning on throwing a few of her clubs in the bag in the event we can make it to Shorty’s). I am hoping this will grow her love for the game and guarantee me some return trips. Here is the itinerary. I would appreciate feedback on the schedule or any other advice for a first timer. 5/8 5:00 Preserve 5/9 8:00 Sheep Ranch 2:40 Bandon 5/10 8:00 Old Mac 2:00 Trails 5/11
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