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  1. I went as a single this year and would not hesitate to do it again. I wouldn’t worry about your lack of experience in windy conditions. I rarely play in windy conditions and hit the ball high, and I was able to adjust pretty quickly. A 30 mph breeze is much more manageable at Bandon than Kiawah as you can play shots along the ground. You will also be able to find your ball and have a chance to recover. Don’t wait around for your buddies!
  2. It was one of the recent no laying up podcasts
  3. I booked a May 2021 trip (was looking for the lodge or inn) in July 2020 and they only had one weekend available for the entire month. I suspect i would have a tough time booking the same trip this year with increased travel demand.
  4. @spud3 continues to deliver with the best Bandon trip reports. Well done!
  5. I imagine that the supply of caddies has not caught up with the demand of having 5 courses as opposed to 4. I know it’s been a year since sheep has opened but I would guess they are busier than than this time last year.
  6. With as many rounds as you have scheduled, I would play Old Mac more than once. I feel like it’s a course that most would appreciate more if they had more rounds on it. What OM lacks in scenery (which is still great IMO) it makes up for in strategic elements and that’s the greatest appeal for me.
  7. I walk all of my rounds at home and the turf conditions are typically soft. I found that 36 holes on the firm ground at Bandon is less taxing on the legs than 36 holes on soft bermuda or zoysia. The firm ground there can be tough on the feet but cushioned socks and good shoes mitigate those impacts.
  8. I didn’t even use my gps on my recent trip. I was having trouble with it in the first round and left it in the room for all of the trip. There are plenty of sprinkler heads and the yardage books are a good guide for navigating fairway bunkers.
  9. Thanks Jim! You guys were great. That is one of the best things about Bandon. I got to meet and play with so many people that have a passion for the game. I am definitely planning on playing pacific multiple times next trip. I have been taking some heat from a few of my friends putting it fifth. Ha! I hope you enjoy your trip this fall!
  10. Ha! That’s the great thing about Bandon. I cannot argue with anyone’s rankings and I’m sure my opinion will evolve after hopefully many trips . I’m anxious to get another shot at Pacific.
  11. One group I played with at Bandon was playing greens tees but moved up to the golds on holes playing into the wind (consistently 4 clubs) and I was happy to join them. It was plenty of challenge.
  12. +1 on this. The quickest round I played on my recent trip was 4 hours in the afternoon at trails. Most were in the 4:20-430 range. It was windy every round but you should still be able to get around in 4 hours or less. My group on the first day at Sheep Ranch was a hole and a half behind due to two of our guys with a doubled bagged caddy. They were always a mile apart on tee shots and one guy stood over every shot for a good 45 seconds. There was way too much grinding on reads as well. A Marshall notified us that we had an open hole in front of us and a marshall was following us on every hole. No one seemed to care. I really felt like the double bagging slowed things down. The second player was always waiting without a club for the caddy to get to his ball. I was playing out of turn to try to keep the pace moving. I get that caddies probably don’t want to tell their employer for the day to speed up but I thought there were ways the caddie could have encouraged a better pace.
  13. I meant to say Bandon above. The wind had battered my swing by that point and I missed way right off all of those tees.
  14. I played 7 full rounds plus preserve and lost 19 (scores ranged from 82-90). I think about half of those were on 16-18 in two rounds...lol. If you are a fairly reliable driver I could see you easily getting around with no more than a dozen for that many rounds.
  15. Final impressions from my first Bandon trip: Course Ranking 1. Bandon 2. Trails 3. Sheep Ranch 4. Old Mac 5. Pacific Service Outstanding in all areas. I have read in some posts that service has suffered lately. I didn’t experience this. Everyone makes a genuine effort to make sure you have the experience of a lifetime. Caddies v Riksha I took a Riksha every round.I was fine with my yardage books and didn’t miss not having a caddy. There were caddies in 5 of my 7 rounds and I definitely see how they can add to the experience. Some of them gave me some good advice along the way and also raked a few bunkers and found a couple errant shots. I tipped the ones who did. All of the caddies were very friendly and great to talk to. Miguel was the man! Food The food was just Ok in my opinion and that’s what I expected. My wife and I travel regularly to eat so my standards are probably high. I was not disappointed in the food. It was exactly what you needed for a golf trip. I really enjoyed the local beers that they had on tap. The Bandon Pale Ale was my favorite. Trails and Pacific grill were by far my favorites. Trails is great for any meal and Pacific was a great lunch spot (get the grilled cheese). We ate inside for all but one meal and didn’t have to wait to be seated for any of those. We ordered take out one night from McKee’s because we were tired and wanted to relax in the room. I must have bought at least 6 packs of the Bandon energy balls on course. Those things are awesome. Pre-trip - Be in walking shape when you arrive. I started walking all rounds 10 months before the trip and did 5 days of 36 in preparation. Truth be told, I think walking 36 at Bandon is easier than walking the soft courses I regularly play. The hard ground may be a little harder on the feet, but it’s much easier on the calves and back. Gear - Change socks and shoes every round and invest i good socks. I would recommend Balega no blister socks. They are pricey for socks but a good investment. -Layers, layers, layers. I played in short sleeves and my ping Norse jacket in one round. Short Loops Regrettably, I didn’t get in any free golf. The wind and cold just took too much out of me every day to play more than 36. I also wish had made it over to shortys but just didn’t have time. I might try and squeeze this in the first day of a trip where I don’t have a Preserve round booked. Overall There cannot be a greater golf experience in the country. This was the most fun I have ever had on a golf course. The variety of shots that were required made me think about my game in a totally different way and gave me even greater appreciation for the game of golf. While the experience cannot be replicated in many places, I will think about the game differently after experiencing Bandon. If you have not been, just go!
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