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  1. Blasphemy! these guys don't know anything ... approx what minute were they discussing this...?
  2. It's a specialty club. There are plenty of us weirdos who will buy these up every couple of years to sell out based on TM's planned production for this specific club. They sold quite well for TM's intentions. I don't think anyone can reasonably expect that this is a mass replacement for a driver. TM certainly wouldn't, but it successfully sold what they planned for.
  3. That's exactly what I was looking for, 11.5* Stiff (ideally X but not an option). I actually bought one used on one of the big online retailers that sells used clubs (which I won't name) that was listed as Like New and at new price. It showed up appearing to be much more used than listed, so I returned it hoping to find another. Nothing reasonable came up since whenever I checked.
  4. I tried to buy one roughly a year ago when they were closing out. Nearly nothing available online from anyone. Used prices were pretty much inline with retail new. I've checked on occasion since and it's only been worse. It's a niche, not a volume product, but they seemed to plan their inventory well to sell out on the Original One. People buy them. I'll be getting the new one.
  5. What would happen if it was discovered that Ping designed the Kirkland putter, to get back at Scotty for using a Anser style...?
  6. @MelloYello I don't disagree with you about a lot of this, but I do think it's often conflated between what fans would like to see (unreasonable reality TV in a lot of cases) and what brand sponsors (like Nike) are actually asking their athletes to contractually perform. My point is that a lot of the criticism in this thread of MWW falls more into the former than the latter, and she is not obligated to perform to that degree.
  7. My question is, why must ask athletes to be a public spectacle? It's degrading like a zoo. I'm fine with admiring the accomplishments of athletes (which their brand sponsors are actually paying for and receiving) and not turn it into devolved reality TV show. But it sounds like you and I disagree, which is ok. I just hope you see my point.
  8. I disagree with the premise that the public should be allowed to pimp out public figures, including pro athletes, simply because they make a lot of money and do so in the public sphere. We can watch and appreciate their professional work while respecting their private lives. And minimizing one person's struggles simply because they have money is disgustingly disrespectful, and reinforces systemic bias. The world needs a bit more empathy, especially after this last year.
  9. Those criticizing Michelle Wie West need to reconsider why they are criticizing. Pay attention to what she's saying and where she has been. She's doing exactly what she's setting out to do. Support her fellow female athletes and (hopefully) win some tourneys.
  10. bro you cant just nonchalant show up like this. bring some deets!
  11. I like the TXG guys, good content and entertaining. I don't see an issue with removing hits, its a standard 'data cleansing' exercise. But, I'm not sure if they have a method beyond just striking some that weren't great. I think it would be more interesting to see Matt hit his the 20 balls with each driver, then apply a simple statistical outlier process to only remove those hits demonstrated as actual outliers. The matchups have generally been so close, I' d be curious to see if this changes anything. Edit: looks like they just take total yards from top 10 drives for
  12. They are great clubs! The T-Zoid Sures were great to play with as a beginner and I could easily play them now as well. They definitely created my long term blade-like profile preference.
  13. Played these for about 15 years and my brother still plays them
  14. I had one of these bad boys with the stock stiff steel shaft.
  15. Hi, for some reason your message didn’t come through. I messaged you directly. Thanks
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