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  1. Dont feel bad i just went back to my sim max combo you were playing. Luckily my buyer didnt have the funds to buy it.
  2. I ran a scramble for years and gave the last place team pink golf balls that said YOU SUCK! on them...
  3. i keep a pack of ketchup and a alka-seltzer in my bag in case someone hits into me.
  4. i love the taylormade tour preferred gloves but switched to MG premium glove for $7 a piece and for another dollar you can put your logo, initials or whatever you want.
  5. Its a 18 hole flat course along the Ohio river. Decent shape but yes the greens are extremely slow. Its only 5 minutes from where I work so its a good place to build confidence.
  6. i think there ju ju knits its been a while since i saw them on here and had them made. Ogio bag is pretty good overall since i ride mostly. I love the snap magnetic pockets but the legs dont work as well as i hoped. When i use the stand when walking it doesnt kick out smoothly and i have to adjust it. My mc4 plus grips dont tangle or get stuck too often. I bought it bc i like the woode system and im happy overall mite get lighter bag for walking however i like this one for riding
  7. I will be playing in my first tournament this weekend. Its a 2 day at 2 courses 1 flight individual and best ball with your partner event. I have no expectations other than to have fun and not make myself look like a idiot. My partner is the funniest guy i know and plays in these things a lot. He told me don't worry about winning anything Ill bring the beer lol. I feel like there will be 2 kinds of people at this tournament. Guys that think they can win and take it serious and guys having fun and treating it like a golf scramble. I'm going to approach it and try to fall somewhere in the middle
  8. Thanks! I use to be OCD about brands but have learned to play what works for me. I just swopped out my PXG driver for my old Sim Max the honeymoon ended quick with it.
  9. Nice write up. Playing in my first tournament this weekend (2 days) and I'm pretty nervous. My partner is all about having fun so that's all my expectations are is to have a good time and hit some good shots.
  10. The older guys i play with are happier for me when i play well than I am for myself bc they have seen me come from shooting 140 on easiest course we play to being a better golfer. Cons They are like hound dogs when i hit my ball OB and will look for it forever even though i tell them I dont look for balls and I get them for free They walk to there ball by the 150 marker without any clubs and laser the flag then walk back to there cart to get a club, then walk back to the cart to get another club when they change there mind. (Regardless if its CPO or not)
  11. Pxg Gen 4X 9* px riptide cb 6.0 Taylormade rescue tp 18* aldila RIP stiff Ping G crossover 4 alta stiff Pxg Gen 1 xf dg120 stiff 1/2 long 2* up 5-pw Ping glide stealth 2.0 50,54,58 taylormade spider tour putter first black model that came out i think mc4plus grips taylormade tp5x ball mg golf gloves tgw rangefinder magnetic golf towel ogio woode hybrid bag plastic wht yellow t’s jbl uroll speaker
  12. Thanks! Just called and they credited my card the difference from what I paid.
  13. ugh i just bought mine a wk ago.....
  14. Just switched to plastic tees with yellow line. Ive used same tee for 2 rounds and they dont leave white marks on my driver
  15. After 1 round with gen 4 it knocked out my sim max. Feel, distance much better. Still getting use to the crown.
  16. Couple days ago was my longest drive. I just got my new PXG GEN 4 X and took it to the course for the first time. Par 5 said 475 on the card and had 117 to the pin. Not sure how far I really hit it or if the scorecard was accurate yardage but i know i have never hit a gap wedge into that par 5 before and i probably played this course 100 times.
  17. I got Gen 1 XF's with DG 120's 5-pw and shaft upgrade was free. I wasn't sure about the PXG grips so i had them sent loose and put my own grips on. I just ordered the gen 4 x driver and paid 30 shipping and once i got shipping confirmation it took 8 days to my door but my club was built in a few days and that was amazing considering other manufactures lead times. I have had allot of golf clubs over the years and I will say I like what PXG has done lately. I dont know how many people come up to me and ask me how I can afford these clubs and I still play gen 1's. I tell them go on there website
  18. Golf clubs are so expensive I would think that a 9* driver would be 9*. Never even thought to question this.
  19. This made me realize i haven't hit a 3 wood in a couple years. I guess i should take it out of the bag.
  20. 76, course was one of the easier I play but put new driver in play and hit irons really good. First time breaking 80 in a long long time. I played in about 2 hours i tend to play better when im playing as fast as i can.
  21. First round with the x driver. It took me few swings to get use to it but i will say i love how you can feel the ball compress off the face. I hit the farthest drive ive hit in a long time on a par 5 had 100 yds in. Ive never been that far on that hole. Other things i noticed was the face sits closed a good bit and coming from 10.5 sim max i adjusted the 9 degrees to 9.5 after few holes. I also liked the shaft was a little shorter than my sim. Overall im happy with the switch so far.
  22. mine actually didnt even show up until Monday. I waited around all day Friday bc it needed a signature and nothing showed until Monday. I wasnt home and the driver signed my name and left it on my porch lol. I am happy pxg was able to build the club so fast with all the wait times out there. Main reason i ordered gen 4 over proto was gen 4 gets pushed ahead of all other orders.
  23. My Gen 4 x arrives tomorrow. Let me say I love PXG clubs but 30.00 delivery fee that takes a wk. to get to your door is a bit much.
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