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  1. The TSi3 haha, id be surprised if you've dropped it? I love mine!
  2. Nice sounds like you've got a plan of attack then also, noticed we play the same driver. Cant help but feel a bond when someone has the same big stick as me!
  3. Well its all down to preference beyond that, in the scenario above you could arguably have 12 yard gaps at the longer 5 and 8 yards in the shorter. In my experience most (not all) better players prefer even all the way through. same method would apply of starting with longest and shortest clubs though, then you can define the gaps youre trying to fill.
  4. Get the clubhead lower earlier on the downswing.
  5. Chances are for some reason youre not controlling the dynamic loft, when you get the chance to go back on TM see if that is changing on the shots as the distance varies.
  6. Typically you'd pick the longest and shortest clubs that you hit approach shots with, measure the carry between those. Take the gap between the two of them and divide it by the number of clubs you have there and theres your numbers you need to make your bag fit. For example if you play a set of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Pw,Gw,Sw,Lw. Say you carry 3 200 yards and Lw 100 yards, thats a 100 yard gap to fill divided by the number of gaps to fill (10) means each gap needs to be 10 yards. So bend each club until you get: [email protected] 200 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  7. I did it last week and am very happy with the results so far. Scotty GoLo 5R, extended it with a piece of an old shaft and put a superstroke wristlock grip on it. Was just an experiment but feels lovely.
  8. I haven't got the data to hand but I have tested it on TM. Check out James Robinsons Youtube Video, he compared the new model to the 915 and from what i remember he was give or take 5mph faster.
  9. Agree with this. All about transitioning in a way that gets you into this position.
  10. I feel like its gone full circle now, foot lift is back in. Although I think the emphasis is more on a big turn and pressure shift, foot lifts as a result if it needs to for you to be able to turn back. Rather than deliberately lift the foot.
  11. I've played TS and now TSi series drivers, think you'd enjoy either. Titleist never deviates far from their model in terms of look, sound and feel. Big improvement in speeds though.
  12. I second the call for Blast golf! effectively the exact same info as iping but the sensor is much smaller and lighter so doesn't mess with the weighting.
  13. I do the same but I pretty consistently add the same amount so I got the loft bent to optimize the launch, you do still want to launch a putt up slightly (optimum launch angle varies by green speed), find your nearest fitter that uses quintic or Trackman 4 for putting and get them to fit the loft for you.
  14. For the money its a great buy, easy to use. I use it mainly for face control practice on the carpet at home (not allowed to the course here in the UK currently), highly recommend.
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