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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I was able to find a Titleist fitting event near me coming up in the next couple of weeks, so I'll be able to hit a bunch of different shafts and hopefully dial something in. Not in a huge rush, golf season doesn't get in full gear for another month / month and a half here in the great state of Michigan. (Also found a Callaway event. Don't want to give up on the Apex's just yet...lol).
  2. The shaft from the fitting was the KBS C Taper Lite in stiff. Any thoughts on that shaft vs the stock AMT Black are welcome. I've hit the stock shaft with practice balls on the range, but no numbers. Feels ok. My swing speed is 80-83 with a 7 iron. Moderate tempo and transition.
  3. Thanks for the replies, guys. FYI - the Wilson was with the stock KBS $ Taper Lite, and the T200 was with a C Taper Lite. Both stiff. I didn't swing the T200 with the stock AMT Black shaft, but I wish I had. The only custom change I need is 2* flat, so I could get them much quicker by buying a stock set and letting the retailer bend them. Plus the C Taper Lite is an upcharge from Titleist. Also, in the fitter's defense, "pushy" was probably a bad choice of word. I don't think it was the brand but more so the low launch angle that he seemed to think was important. I will say
  4. Hello and thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice! My apologies if this is a tad wordy or inappropriate for the forum. I had a fitting done yesterday, and hit most of the usual contenders in the players distance category. The two that stood out were the Titleist T200 (on my radar for sure) and the Wilson D7 Forged (nowhere near my radar). I have no problem putting the Wilsons in play if they're the best for me, but I'd like to be sure. As silly as it seems, the lack of "prestige" would be easier to get over if it wasn't for those damn "Power Holes" on the bottom of the club. But, wh
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