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  1. I only hit a seven iron in the net thus far as only had net a couple days before flare up. I have almost golf balls for driver when I start swinging it.
  2. Just wanting to make sure I understand. Do you mean soft step? 9 shaft in pitch, 8 shaft in 9, etc.? That would reduce the flex if they are stout.
  3. Playing a par three about two months ago. Hole 18 was about 135 out. Random guy I was playing with tops his tee shot and line drives the ball right at the hole. Ball literally hits the rim, then flagstick and richocets out about 15 feet from hole. He broke the top of cup and left a big pitch mark on lip. I tee off after and hit a beautiful tee shot that lands about 15 to 20 feet past the hole, spins back and bounces off his pitchmark. Fuuuuuuddddgggeee. Rests next to the hole. What are the odds of two hole in one's in a row? PGA numbers state 17 million to 1 and that's two on the same hole in same foursome.
  4. I took up the game of golf about five years ago. I started as a weekend warrior but like every hobby I take up, I become obsessive. I really started taking it seriously in the last three years and really stepped it up in the last six months. I'm 46 years old and about a year ago in good health. Lift weights on a regular basis and have had few injuries. I finally recovered from tennis elbow in my right arm that wasn't golf related. That ailment lasted about two years as I never let it properly rest. I've been working with swing coach weekly over the past couple months. He is in his 20's and hits the ball like a tour pro. We did a walking lesson on Torrey South at twilight and got though about 12 holes. He was 3 under from the tips with two boogies. Pretty impressive. I digress. I recently developed tennis elbow (not bad yet and I stopped swinging since this weekend) in my lead (left) arm. I've been hitting off mats recently as they alternate between mats and grass and I also bought a net for my backyard (I hit off a mat also as I have an artificial putting green). I heard mats can make the issue worse. I really want to avoid the headache I dealt with in my right arm (it still lingers but not debilitating). I plan on resting it for about two weeks and then I'll ease back in. Hitting fat is my current miss which isn't helping. I currently hit Scratch EZ's with project x 6.5 shafts, soft stepped. I have read that graphite shafts help with elbows but I'm not sure I'm ready to make the switch but will if it eliminates elbow issues. What are your thoughts? When did you make the change to graphite? Am I too young to be worrying about equipment changes? I would like to hit 50 balls a day but would be willing to switch to an every other day frequency if need be. I'm rehabbing with a theraband flex bar green.
  5. I love my scratch clubs. Buy with confidence. Only bummer is that you can't get gear anymore. I had to make hats just so I could rep my favorite brand. Figure it will take me a few years to use them all. Lol.
  6. Can't find a single thing on the internet about these. Wondering value. Look cool.
  7. That's a good idea. I'm going to let my friend know to do that. Like I said, his is loose. I am a total tinkerer and pulled the entire stand apart, regreased, thought maybe I could get the wheels tighter. In looking at the NOS one I bought it looks like they used a rubber bushing on the inside of the wheels and my guess is that wears over time.
  8. I also ordered velco straps off ebay. They came in a pack of 12 for about $12. I like them better than the belts because you don't have to worry about the holes for sizes. You just synch them down they are black and don't detract from the aesthetic of the bag or cart. FYI, I got the cart in the picture last night. OMG, it is literally MINT. I've had bag boys where the wheels get a little loose and wobbly but this thing rolls like a new cart. It's just pristine.
  9. Recently picked up a design studio 5 that was used. Absolutely love it. Found a near mint one near me, bought it to upgrade. I live the color on the used one. More rainbow. Would the new one do that overtime or am I stuck deciding which to pick?
  10. Sacrilege. I use a vintage cart for mine. I just bought a buddy a new old stock bag boy play day off ebay for $75 shipped. It still had the tags in it! They are out there.
  11. Thank you for your knowledge. I really want one.
  12. Saw this on an obscure auction site. I want one badly. How rare are they? It only sold for $50.
  13. I hit a b63 and it was way funky for me being so far out on the heel. Felt like an iron. I picked up a set of used clubs for a buddy a couple weeks back and it was in the stash. I have a putting green in my backyard and I couldn't even finish one session with it. I love the shape of them though. Wish shaft was longer on the BeCu b60 I have. I'd keep it.
  14. Thanks. So I can reference mine as square grooves, just the common ones.
  15. Educate me as my head is now spinning. Are these the least sought after without square grooves? Is below accurate: Most desirable - +no+ Second - + model Third - Regular usga conforming non square grooves(mine?)
  16. Here's pics of the band. Thanks for the info. Tempted to just game it after your inspiring description.
  17. Hi all, I scored this in a load. I don't believe I can sell on this site as I'm a new member and want to respect the rules. I have no intention of keeping it. I believe it's refinished. I have no idea it's worth but would love to see someone here get it.
  18. Thank you for the correction and information. Yes, the other putter is a b60 with cover.
  19. I believe the black dot eye 2 are the plus no plus version. They barely looked gamed. Sand still has sti ker on grip. Wish I had 75 posts because I'd post this stuff up here instead of other sites. The guy I bought these from had a sweet set of Titleist 680 forged that looked sick. I wouldn't mind playing those buy I'm probably not good enough.
  20. I game the titleist bags. The blue one I found on ebay for $125. It was NOS. Still had the plastic film over the name plate. I can't believe people don't appreciate these more and they sell for that cheap. I get comments on it whenever I go out.
  21. Hello, Can you elaborate on what the PVD finish is? I just thought it was the black pearl finish? Also, can anyone tell me what that black ping putter cover might be worth on top of the putters? I get a lot of questions about that. I have no clue and only found one on ebay for $225. However, figure that might be some idiot pricing.
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