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  1. Tensei 1k 60 TX (tipped 1”) with titleist adapter, golf pride BCT plays 45.25” $240 OBO KBS $taper 130x shaft pulls with brand new MCC plus 4 +2 wraps 4-PW standard length .370 $175 OBO
  2. Picked up a an Accra TZRPG m5+ tipped a half inch in a TSI3 Shaft feels smooth and loads similar to a DI but the profile is low low. Hands down the best shaft I’ve ever tried
  3. That’s exactly why I was going to switch to the LZs. What is your gamer set right now instead?
  4. Slapping together a set of isteel 125x with Zx7s next week. I’m coming from callaway TCB with 130x $tapers. Absolutely can’t wait
  5. How did these end up turning out?
  6. Thanks for the comparison static!!
  7. First up 4-PW Callaway TCB, played for about 45 days, only about 8-9 acutal rounds but 15 or so range sessions, condition Great 130x $ Taper Black PVD Standard lenght and loft, 1.5 flat Swing weight without tape is D1.5ish but currently are D3.5 Asking $OLD LAGolf Trono 65x with Cally adapter plays about an 1/8th of an inch short of 45" Asking $265 Trade interest ZX driving iron X flex, DI, Ventus or Veylix New RTX wedges Di 95x plus cash titleist tip
  8. Oh duh, geez I didnt even think about the tsi3 having the moveable weight lol. But I mean worst case scenerio could always find a guy who hotmelts and put a little tour sauce in the toe
  9. Easy. TSI2 15* with a BB7x tipped half inch Why is it good? Absolute piss missles off the tee, can flight it high or low and it feels so good
  10. Not particularly but I also play my TSI 2 at B1
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