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  1. Bag is almost set for 2021! Driver- Epic Speed 9* with Drago 65 Four tipped a full inch plays at 45” 3w- 816 DBD (Drago 75x) should be in the mail today Hybrid- 816 H2 with a Diamana 90x, Apex Pro 18* with Ventus Blue 9x should be here this week Irons- 4 thru PW Callaway TCB with 130 $taper Wedges- 50,54 MG2 and 60 PM grind Putter- Toulon H7 Las Vegas w/ Ctaper 120 putter shaft Ball- in between ‘21 Prov1 and -Prov1x
  2. Looking for either a 13.5 or 15 head only
  3. Best way to tell is the TCBs don’t have the score marks on the hosels
  4. Lol speeder became the most popular man on this entire thread in less than 24 hours
  5. Just got word that mine will be in tomorrow or Friday
  6. Can anyone confirm if the TCBs have a profile similar to the ‘16 apex pros? It definitely looks like they are a lot rounder like the ‘16s
  7. TCB on the left? Do you have any more pictures of them at address? I ordered mine without seeing them. I can’t wait for mine
  8. Looking for a Drago 65x with a Callaway tip, preferably untipped play length around 45 to 45.5”
  9. So I don’t use the 3wood going into a green that’s more of a “driving” 3 wood or battling the Texas wind. I’m more going for what I’m looking to hit into par 5s. Do you think I should stick with the TP or go with a different shaft but still stiff in the hands and soft(er) in the tip?
  10. Trying to decide if I want the $taper or the LZ in my TCBs. Mid April can’t come fast enough
  11. So basically you have a firm throughout your driver, stiff in the hands and firm in the mid and tip and then XC being stiff in the hands soft in the tip?
  12. So I was going to play the IZ in my driver but it just launched a touch too high couldn’t get the launch down under 16*
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