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  1. I have yet to par #5 on BD. Well done Duff. I can imagine how you felt watching your approach on #4 PD going right.
  2. Trails has the best "feeling" opener imo. But the "off we go" feeling after everyone has tee'd off at every course is one of the best feelings in my golf world. Well, maybe not at PD where I always happen to slap a weak slice down the right just short of that bunker.
  3. Next April will be our 10th year in a row. I wasn't mentally prepared to set up April 2023 when they opened up reservations early this year, so we're going to take a break and go elsewhere (ie, Ireland/Scotland as we all turn 50 that year). 10 years seemed like a good time to take a hiatus. I don't know how I'm going to feel in early 2023. I suppose, there's always the possibility for a smaller hit and run type trip if we get too depressed.
  4. Having played Pasa only once, I thought it was a fantastic track. I have it high on my list of best courses. That said, I've never felt so unwelcome as a public member. If you're not the kind of person who lets little things get under your skin and can play fast if necessary, it really is an amazing course. I'd venture to say a bucket list course due to its history and the layout.
  5. I've found that convertible rain jackets (removeable sleeves) don't keep all day rain out that well. The water ends up running in around my biceps, probably creeping in when I swing and have my arms up during my swing (at the top and finish). Also, sometimes you'll take you jacket on and off a lot if it's relatively warm out, so the pull over style can be a bit of a nuisance. Attach your rain hood at the beginning of the round, and keep it rolled/folded out of the way until you need it.
  6. Interesting. That is cool. You can also see 14 bunker filled in, but the one on 15 hasn't been touched yet.
  7. Oh yeah! Just went back to look at 14. Hmmm. I guess these changes are fine. Not terrible, like what they did to 15 at BD!!!
  8. My apologies if this has come up already, but in the GD "Every Hole at Pacific Dunes" video on YouTube, the fly over for 15 (at 8:14) shows a fairway bunker that appears to be growing in with grass. Have we discussed what's going on there?
  9. I think the prep of the meatloaf hasn't been great in the last few years. I seems over worked, making it firm/tough. And also like they prep a TON of them beforehand, so who knows how many days pass before yours gets reheated. That said, I don't really know what I'm talking about, just nerding out and speculating. I agree with you on SR. Though I'm holding out judgement until the course matures. To me, it felt unfinished.
  10. Spikeless. Or anything soft and comfortable (enough room in the toe box for all the ups and downs), due to the hard turf. I used to play Ecco's, but now think the Adidas Codechaos are the most comfortable shoe ever.
  11. I have the same wedge setup, T100s 48* GW, 54/58 wedges. I LOVE the 48, and just choke up on it to fill the gap.
  12. It entirely depends on who's in front of you, and the weather. You could bang it out in 2hrs or less. We've brought headlamps with us and played into the dark. Like pitch black.
  13. Negative. I only have one reservation on the books for April though.
  14. I just played Mauna Kea for the first time. I haven't played any other courses on the big island, but I have played Plantation, Kauai Lagoons (not sure what it's called now), Poipu, Makena North (before going private, Wailea Gold, Maui Dunes, and Turtle Bay. I found Mauna Kea to be the most challenging. Granted I was using rentals and the wind was up. I do think it is an amazing layout and highly recommend it. But it's definitely not your typical "resort" layout. I'm a 5ish handicap, played the resort tees, had a great time, but will probably only play it with my sticks as it requires a fair amount of precision to score well.
  15. Yes, lots of gear at the proshops. Good luck! I'm almost positive they sell cigars. As good as their matches are, knowing how windy it gets, I can't imagine they wouldn't have lighters. Torch lighters though, not sure.
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