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  1. I've had a room at the Inn, forest double, that had a jetted tub. You can request a room with one "if available".
  2. I too have found the meatloaf to have declined over the years. What we need is an expert meatloaf maker to chime in! Personally, I think it's over mixed/handled, making it more bricklike. I also wonder if they're made each day, or made in larger batches and reheated days later.
  3. "The beauty of Bandon - course rankings changing after each trip!" Yep! My rankings have shifted many times. Perhaps not outright rankings, but they definitely move up and down the scale. Unfortunately, OM, has never moved off the distant bottom as much as I try to figure it out!
  4. As others have mentioned, let the weather decide which tees to play. Shoot, we've even played the gold tees (hdcps 6-15), in some conditions. In general the green tees will be the default, and you can go from there. Bandon Dunes would be the one course I'd say play the black. OM could be black if the wind is down, if it's up, green should give you plenty of challenge. Trails and Pacific offer plenty of challenge from the green imo.
  5. Ah, I see that now! hahaha. must mean I need to get back there. skipping this years trip is having negative consequences!
  6. Duff, That's 11 at OM? Looks like the forward tee box?
  7. Found another YouTuber doing Bandon videos. I don't know anything about the guy except that he's a WLD competitor. It's fun to watch him swing and he uses trackman on each shot. Check out Kyle Berkshire's channel.
  8. If anything add the Preserve at the end of 36 if you're feeling up for it. It's fun and all, but I'd never play it over one of the full courses. I think you're dialed, playing each course twice is great. The only thing I'd change, would be to play one OM round in the morning. But really not a biggie either way.
  9. A foam roller and/or a handheld one will be your friend! Don't even have to do it for very long, just make sure things stay loose and don't bind up. The itinerary looks great, especially with the Preserved wedged in there for a break. Caddies all rounds? You should be good to go.
  10. Pacific Dunes - while each course has it's own personality, and as others have mentioned, we could argue all day about the whats and whys, PD is the best overall example of links golf at the resort.
  11. Not sure if this has been posted, but Erik Anders Lang is doing a YouTube series on Bandon. Breaks up each video into 9-hole stretches. He's done SR, and just posted the front at PD. Pretty neat.
  12. I've been swapping between T200s (great forgiving irons that I was fit for) and my Tour Stage 909 X-Blade, with zero difference in scores. In fact, my lowest round (1-under, 71, with elevated cups) was with the 909s, second lowest (72, with elevated cups) with T200s. I will continue to play both because it's fun to swap between two very different irons. Some shots are better with one, some shots are worse, but on average, it balances out FOR ME. Feel free to ignore or delete this off topic post (I blame DeNinny)
  13. Duff, When your game travels as poorly as mine, you gotta turn elsewhere for enjoyment. I'm also one of those poor chaps who's game gets better after 2-3 drinks. Hit the range to warm up? Nah, better off enjoying a cool one before I tee off.
  14. Duff and I differ a bit on this matter obviously. I think you can be "cheap" and still provide the resort with lots of financial gain. Paying/tipping for 4-6 drinks/day and then supplementing with your own seems reasonable to me. Definitely agree on tipping as much as you can, both at bars/restaurants and housekeeping.
  15. Ah. This is a completely different matter. I would assume that the course would state explicitly that no consumption is allowed on course vs what they wrote, if this was going to be an issue.
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