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  1. I've had a lot of success with running socks, in particular Balega Enduro. Be mindful of the thickness of any "new" socks you use, as your golf shoes may not fit correctly, potentially causing blister/comfort issues. And as mentioned, changing socks between rounds is much nicer than it sounds. You won't know till you know. The pull carts at SR had cup holders, which were convenient. The other courses we played (not sure about OM) did not have them. Pull carts are great on all the courses IMO. Three wheeled push carts can be more trouble than they're worth on Pacific.
  2. Last week of every spring month is busy, the opposite is probably the first week of those months. We arrived Tuesday, departed Saturday of last week. Bandon never feels crowded, but there were definitely lots of people. The lot at the main lodge was pretty full everyday. As R4haehl said, the weather was fantastic. Of our 7 rounds, we had 3 club winds for 1 round, and a 4 hole stretch on Friday that was like the scene from Caddyshack (wind, sleet, rain). Other that that we had a mix of light drizzle, sun, clouds, light to moderate winds. They offered us lunch vouchers as a token for not
  3. As we left on Saturday, they had just set up the outside tents for dining on the patio in front of The Puffin and Gallery. I don't know if this was temporary or for a special event, but it definitely got our hopes up that they were at least going to allow more places to sit. At each course, there were two or three four tops on the patios that we/people were eating at. I don't know if they'd try to stop larger groups from gathering, but as long as you were respectful of those around, I can't imagine it being an issue. Also, there were large groups of 8-12 playing at th
  4. We've gone so far as to pack headlamps when we know we're gonna push till dark. When the ranger comes to say hello, we let them know our plan, and that we have lights. On BD, we played 1-12, skipped to 16, then parked it on the bench overlooking the ocean behind 17 tee. Hung out, with flasks until it was completely dark. I don't recall seeing a ranger to check that we made it in, so hopefully talking to him about our plan meant he didn't have to sit out there as late as we did.......
  5. Has anyone embraced using a hybrid to putt/pitch runners from 10-100+ yards? I really want to start playing this shot, especially if the wind is up. If so, what loft do you find works best? I have a 19 and 22 and can't figure out the whats and whys for each.
  6. 5 has been my nemesis! Takes two great shots. But yeah, bomb it as straight as possible, and then laser a mid iron as straight as possible. Otherwise pay up big time. 7 has become 3h or 3w down the left side, playing for angle more than length. Coming in from the right is just too tough to judge. I either go too long and left, or get cute and end up tumbling back down for an even more difficult shot.
  7. Yeah, I'll play however far I need to in order to get a look around the corner. I've never had success trying to bite off more.
  8. I'll generally go 3 or 4h at the bunker, which gives me the best balance of forgiveness off the tee by taking any trouble out of play, can pull or push it, and still gives me less than 150 (usually 120-130) in even if I thin it. I definitely don't want to have anything less than a full wedge, ie a feel shot. Just something full to the middle and try to two putt.
  9. We've got two rounds at Trails, so I'll give laying up a go both times. Is there any specific spot in the fairway (flat, good angle), or should I just be looking for the right distance in? I have ZERO knowledge of that fairway, since I've never been in any part of it other than the Valley of Doom.
  10. This^ We're a bunch of mid singles and low teen caps, and we've played the Gold tees at times and still had a blast.
  11. Covid restriction related question: We're staying at Lily Pond for the first time. We'd like to hang outside after the day is done. How are the patio areas? Would we be able to set up chairs like you can at the ground floor golf view rooms at The Inn? Trails related question: Other than driver, what's the best way you've found to give yourself a solid shot at birdie on 14? I've always tried driver (cuz why not?), but have often left myself struggling to even make par.
  12. If Reed won more, he'd be the Lance Armstrong of golf.
  13. Duf, we were the lucky few who caught the 3 good days in that crazy February a few years ago. We can dream!
  14. What about hanging on the beach? I've seen cars down there, and believe there's access from the north. Anyone drive down there?
  15. We're in the same boat. Can you keep your tee times? If so, I'd definitely consider it. February weather and lack of daylight could make hanging out outside a bit dodgy, and I don't recall there being too much covered outdoor space anywhere on property that wouldn't be "closed".
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