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  1. Awesome write up! Glad you experienced what Bandon is all about, great golf, people, resort, food, and vibe. You got the bonus, nice weather!
  2. Old Mac number 3? Impossible!! Either first or last. Hahaha. I currently have SR near the bottom as well, though I'm really holding out until it matures as the greens were more dirt/sand than grass.
  3. Awesome write up Spud! Great job playing well throughout the entire day. I'd be afraid of losing my swing both mentally and physically. Curious how your body felt in the days after? Did you feel the urge to play the next day as well?
  4. Fantastic write up! Great job with the pictures and notes/recommendations. OM might be the most misunderstood course, myself being one of those who don't quite get it.
  5. I've said in the past that I think, in general, low singles (truly control your ball) and high cappers (enjoy the scale and fun bounces) probably find OM to be more enjoyable. Now I'll add those who know/love classic links courses/architecture. All generalizations of course. GolfWRXers are a unique bunch, so I'm probably ruffling feathers with my generalizations. Or maybe I'm just flat out wrong.
  6. Has anyone who didn't like OM eventually grow to like/love it? I'm in the camp of giving it at least two tries, though anecdotally, I tried 6 times and eventually dropped it completely (7 of 8 of our regular Bandon crew were on board with this decision). There are some holes I really enjoy, but not enough to play it over the other courses. Kinda like the Preserve is awesome, but not awesome enough to replace X holes on one of the full courses.
  7. Yep, back to back on PD would be awesome. No issues.
  8. Trails or Bandon. Trails is just a great course and a lovely walk. Bandon is the like an old friend, familiar and always a good time. OM and I just don't get along. PD can be a bit much for an afternoon "relaxing" round, as I feel like it takes the most focus to play it properly. SR is too new, so I'm holding off making any concrete statements.
  9. As lefty mentioned, the exposure to the elements is the wildcard for how difficult the round is physically. I've always found OM to be the toughest. Maybe the winds, maybe the hard turf, or maybe I just don't play well there making everything more difficult. Even though Trails is the most demanding from a pure walking/elevation standpoint, it's also the most peaceful and serene, which can shift the perspective.
  10. It's not just the tight lies that make chipping tough. It's what's underneath the tight lie coupled with why you're chipping/pitching in the first place (vs putting). If you have a clear (enough) line to the pin or a good leave, putter is the way to go. If you have to carry a bunker (usually they're steep and deep), you have to mentally contend with that as well as what's beyond the pin if you don't judge it correctly. Then you have to deal with whether your tight lie has firm or soft sand beneath. Soft? Catch it a hair fat and that sand will eat you up and drop you in the bunker. Catch
  11. For the first few years, we'd always replay PD or BD multiple times for exactly the reason mentioned. We're there to play on the ocean. Now that we're Bandon regulars, Trails gets as much, if not more rounds than the rest. It's that good. As mentioned over and over, you can't go wrong whatever you do your first few trips, as it's all amazing.
  12. And another for Plantation. Although not directly on the ocean, the views from high up are different (more grand) than your normal oceanside/front views. She's better off actually hanging out, hiking, sun bathing, etc.... on the coastline or beach, than getting ocean views from a golf course imo.
  13. I feel like a 2-3 club wind is expected. Once it gets over that, it becomes a have fun, have some laughs experience.
  14. I emailed the resort about ordering one of them and they said they're only offering them to guests at check in.
  15. Assuming courses are full, I was impressed with how quick our rounds at SR were. At one point in our trip, our slowest players were all in one group, and they still played in under 4 hrs.
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