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  1. #1 there was no provisional, I misinterpreted the rules dropped a ball hit it and continued my walk along the PA ditch, found my original ball and finished the hole with it. Picking up the dropped ball. DQ understood #2 multiple times per round I have to decide, will I find my ball there? Should I hit a provisional. I will have to be more liberal with the provisional in guess. #3 OB local rule drops are 2 penalty strokes correct
  2. Thanks for the detailed responses, so essentially it was a provisional from the wrong place after abandoning search, so I should be DQ for what I did. It was a friendly game and I'm the rule guy of the group anyways, but I don't want to be touting them improperly. So essentially when I hit my original shot towards the rough and Ditch PA and suspected it may be lost I could have played a provisional. Then went an began my search for the original. If found the provisional could have been abandoned, original ball played no issue. if not found stroke and distance penal
  3. Second shot from the fairway lands in the rough near the red stakes. The rough was thick and I couldn't find my ball in the rough or the ditch OB. Due to pace of play it was impractical to return to the last shot location, so I dropped a ball and duffed it 30 yards. Walking to the dropped ball I found my original ball in play. At this point I shot my original ball picked up the provisional, And carried on with the hole. I don't think I played it according to the rule. So what should I have done? Lost ball OB penalty and drop @ point of ent
  4. A bit longer between this lesson, got several rounds in and a bit of range time, not as much as I had hoped for. However my weight transfer is almost effortless now and not really necessary as my main swing thought. Ball contact has improved quite a bit but still needs lots of work. Driver still staying in the bag, 3 wood now too. 4H will be used off the Teebox for the next while. Today's lesson we focused more on taking a proper divot and what needed to change to make it happen. - narrowed stance a bit for more mobility in rotation -swing the club to the target not th
  5. Titelist DCI irons 20+years old iirc. New putter Woods range from 8years to new Old vokey raw wedges with the non confirming grooves I will be regriping the whole bag next season. I love the fresh grips on old clubs.
  6. Whatever you decide please post an update, and maybe you will get beat even if you do try lol.
  7. I thought it was a nice touch and a little something extra to see after the tee shots.
  8. I pulled the tour velvet off no problem, and removed the tape and reinstalled. Had a little air bubble at first but it worked out. It seems pretty snug. Thanks for all the input everyone. In the future I plan to re-grip my gamers and wanted to have some confidence before I tackled 100$+ worth of grips.
  9. I've been using Golfpad, I'm well over 15 lol. I mostly use the stakes for my distances but sometimes check the app if I'm wide. After my shot I'll input my club and stroke and walk to my ball. At first I pulled it out after the hole and tried it was a nightmare and slow. Now after every shot a quick tap tap and I'm off. We usually average 4 hours a round and I'm not the slow one. But thanks for looping me into your broad generalizations. Fwiw- I know the kind your talking about so your frustrations not lost on me.
  10. Well maybe I'll pull it and re do it. What is the masking tape for then if your just wrapping the shaft, Slightly increasing the diameter?
  11. Well that clears things up, I expected slippage if the tape wasn't sticky side out. Classic case of over thinking. Next time I'll try to blow on the grip without any tape and see how that works.
  12. So, I gave it a shot I have a fairly well stocked garage. I went with a reverse wrap with the tape(sticky side out) I attempted masking tape but couldn't wrap it tight enough the tape kept sliding down the shaft. So switched to electrical tape which stuck to itself nicely and allowed a nice tight wrap. Now for the gripping part I got the fist 1/4" of the grip started on the shaft and then attempted to blow in the air and set the grip. Well as soon as it hit the tape it peeled the tape back. So I attempted to "wet" the first bit of tape after a rewr
  13. Hey WRX techs. I'm about to undergo my first grip swap on an old wedge I use in the backyard for messing around. I got a Tour velvet and just plan to go at it. I know you fellow wrxers can go from 0-100 real quick but im trying to keep this simple if that's possible. My plan is to use an Air compressor as I've read before. Im going to wrap masking tape on the cleaned shaft and blow the new grip on and done? Am I missing something here? Bonus points to the least convoluted answers
  14. My uncle has used him, that's how I found my instructor. Haven't discussed at length much more than that with my uncle. While I agree I would love to talk golf and his philosophy a 30 min session at 60$ I don't want to spend it all talking. And I feel a bit rude questioning him over email or trying to have a discussion of the sort without paying him. That being said, from your suggestions i have been working in these conversations each lesson in small increments. Mostly just discussed my goals and commitment level thus far. I have also explained what I discovered
  15. Great input here from everyone thanks. Personally I think at this point being so bad, if I get a baseline of my actuall score/strokes per round. I should see the largest reduction of strokes from this point forward. As my actual score comes down that progress will slow as it becomes harder and harder to knock off strokes. I'm just a bit of a stats and data junkie and I think if I can see progress it will be nice to see trending data of my performance. If it gets to a point I'm sick of scoring the 13 stroke holes and I start Getting frustrated I may change that prac
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