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  1. I surprise people. My clubs never get cleaned, no headcovers, no love. Bag is old, from days gone by. I walk easy, talk none. I compress an iron hard, I hit it 285, and spin my chip and pitch shots close. Being a 1 handicap, given my appearance, staggers people. I always figured if you're judging a man's game based on appearance alone, you're wasting your time.
  2. To be honest you need a heavy hand action and 60*. Hinge straight up, hit straight down and accelerate. This adds spin, but it's not a high shot. Proper pitching is done with the hands. It should never go "high". It should start low, and spin.
  3. Honestly it doesn't matter. 1 or 2* in either direction is acceptable. What matters with angle of attack isn't distance. It's minimal at best with good players. Learn to get a centered strike and this will care for itself.
  4. Listen, choose a shape of shot. This means making a decision on whether to play a draw or fade. Reason this is my advice is because you don't need a fix. You need a clear cut answer. So heres how it works: (Left handed) Path left, face right, draw or hook Path right, face left, fade or slice Use that as a baseline. Then work within those parameters to create a stock shot shape you can use again and again. Once more, a quick fix won't help. Make a decision and stay with it.
  5. Agreed. Swing fast first. Rhythm is more to do with proper mechanics, timing the strike, amongst other things. I figure a good rhythm and proper mechanics go together, and feed into one another.
  6. Paul is a serious problem. I don't think that he's completely on point. 1. Tension in the grip is always due to palm gripping. If you grip a club right, it's in the fingers, giving the grip way less tension 2. Throwing the hips into it without any arms is done before you begin. That always bothered me with him 3. My hands are really strong. I can carry my entire pushcart with one hand. My forearms are key to my speed, as when the club releases, it needs force. I have to grip the club firmer consciously, to maintain it. It's mostly left hand, but without the
  7. -1 for 9 from the tips. 4 greens hit, short game was blazing. Made two birds and one bogey.
  8. Every course starts with a par 3. Hit 3 times, go home, cry, and take up tennis.
  9. He's got so many aces that his home club tiger proofed every par 3.
  10. I'm looking to break 70 consistently. So far I've shot good 9 hole scores like 33 and 34, but never finished the job. For those who shoot sub 70, what do you have to do to shoot these numbers?
  11. Tbh, for me increasing ss was technique related. I improved my swing and therefore my speed and accuracy improved. I swing 110-115 mph, being 5'6", 200 pounds. It was 100-103, so I started freeing up my hip turn, flared my trail foot, floated my lead heel, and stood more relaxed to the ball. Technique over muscle, as similar to martial arts or any other "economy of effort" motion.
  12. For me, course management is placement. If I have to be down the right side of the fairway so that the green opens up, I play a fade and put it there. If the pin is front left and I can't access it (too long a club, rough, etc.) I'll play a draw but end up long, etc. It's a game of placement for me, trying to ensure the most optimal position for my next shot. Distance control and club selection are also factors. If I have a shorter hole that plays 350 yards, depending on the hole itself I'll either take driver or 3 wood. If the fairway is open, my 70 yard pitch is good enough I don't have to w
  13. Gonna be blunt here, take it as you will. Go chip and pitch until your hands bleed. Save strokes. You'll be shooting 78-82 if you grab your wedge and start working. Ball striking is important, but if you want an "attitude change" then I suggest you do just that.
  14. Honestly here's what I do: 1. Get my mind back on the target. If I'm losing ground, I tend to try to refocus on what I'm doing. 2. Accept it. I'm playing poorly. There's always tomorrow.
  15. My 3 wood is weak, 15*. My driver is 8*. It's around a 25-30 yard difference for me. It's really based in lofts, and your general specs.
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