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  1. Lol...I still have a dozen or two of those still in the box brand spankin' new...
  2. Gripit

    Srixon Z Star XV

    Ok, I don't post much. But...did I get a good deal or not? Was in my local Wallyworld and saw Srixon Z Star XV spinskin with SeRM for $24.97, white 1 dz. I'm pretty sure it's prior generation, but still...did I get lucky and happen to find a good deal? There were 2 boxes on the shelf and I bought both. Anybody have any validation for me?
  3. I found the Spalding SD Tour on clearance at a local Walmart for $6.25/dz. At THAT price I figured they're worth trying so I bought four dozen. If I don't like them, eBay could be a good option! BTW...I've been a lurker on GolfWRX for a long time and finally decided to join. I enjoy learning and reading all you guys' posts.
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