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  1. I’ll be at the tournament on Sunday and I am curious to hear if anyone has a favorite spot to post up for close encounters to the players and/or cool spots to watch approach shots. I’m not familiar with the spectator areas, but typically I enjoy hanging on par 3 tee boxes to get close to the players. I’m thinking #5 tee and green could be good spots as you have to be committed to get out that far from the clubhouse and main attractions.
  2. The fitting (2nd attempt) was a huge success! I’ve replaced the 4 iron (215 desired yard club) with a 21* hybrid and my 3 wood (265 desired yard club) with a 16.5* 4 wood. As it worked out the TSi2 21* hybrid with a KBS Prototype Tour X 95 gram shaft was the clear winner. As for 4 wood it was a jump ball between two 16.5* woods, the TSi2 16.5* (winner) and Taylormade SIM Max 2 both with a Fujikura Motore X F3 7-S Stiff shaft. In both cases I gained comfort, confidence and, ball height and accuracy without giving up distance.
  3. I’ve had this swing speed for several years. The yips are temporary but to your point I’m not naive in that I do swing more freely on a screen than on a real gold course.
  4. CC fitter put me in several shafts with a 4 hybrid (TSi2) with the heaviest of them all, a 95 gr KBS shaft being the best. This shaft was noticeably heavier than anything I have. Then we found a Taylormade SIM with that shaft was a much easier setup, but I was crushing it...250 total distance (more distance than my 3 hybrid and seemingly easier to square up and hit straight (fairway finder material)). Basically he thinks all my shafts but particularly my metals are flexing too much due to my club head speed (145 with hybrid) (96 swing speed). And therefore finding “square” is very difficult and inconsistent. He said he’d count today was a (free) trial and we setup another session now that he knows what we need to be working on with metals. Also, worth mentioning, I fought the shanks and hooks for 15 mins to start the fitting! I did hit 1 driver at the end and I smoked it, 296 total, but he said we could cut the spin down and get better consistency and add carry on it too. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next. I imagine he’ll recommend new (heavier and stiffer) shafts for my current driver and 3 hybrid. We will probably dial up a replacement for my 4 iron, but again, today’s best combo was better and longer than my current ping g *19 so there’s that.
  5. This is excellent. Confidence, predictability and consistency is what I need as a 30x a yr player too. I like the idea of not getting hung up on exact distance but rather have options for various needs (trajectory, roll, carry) and typical total distance.
  6. By forgiveness I really mean consistency and confidence knowing I can “miss” some on swing and path and not be dead. My driver offers such forgiveness and therefore it’s one of my best clubs...mostly due to high confidence (and candidly I practice with it 80% more than a 3 wd).
  7. I’m planning on a hybrid/fw fitting at local club champion for $100. That should help with club and even shaft selection. I’d be surprised based on this feedback if I don’t drop the 3 wd and 4 iron after the fitting. I’m guessing I’ll land on a 5 or 7 wd (or similar hybrid) and a 4 hybrid to replace 3 wd and 4 iron. A baby driver setup is a fun idea too. Time will tell. Thanks!
  8. Bandon Dunes freak out swag grab!!!
  9. I’ve been playing enough recently to know that my 4 iron is the least reliable club in the bag and it’s time to move on from it. I’m a 15 index so forgiveness trumps distance (and distance isn’t an issue for me relatively speaking). On average: 6 iron is a 185 club (total) 5 iron is a 200 club **Gap to be filled** 3 Ping G hybrid (19*) is a 225 club 3 wood is Taylormade M4 (15*) is a 240 club (also debating a replacement here to find more consistency and better launch) Driver is Ping G and carries 275 with 112 mph swing speed and 165 mph club speed So, thoughts? Ping G 4 hybrid (22*) or try my hand with a 5 or 7 wood? Or something else entirely (especially if I drop the 3 wd too)? Many thanks!
  10. Somewhat redundant as we were there last week too. Trails was pure and the best conditioned course - same for preserve (apparently they do in fact share a super and he’s Fitbit going on right now) Pac and Bandon were great despite a vericut on some greens. Bandon winds on Monday afternoon kicked us in the teeth. OM played firm and fast. Sheep was fun but shaggy. Greens rolled ok but you can tell they’re holding on for dear life. plenty of other commentary and pics on Instagram, @dadbod226, if interested. can’t wait to go back! here’s one of my favorites...
  11. How was it? We leave on Sunday. Weather looks good so far!
  12. Update...after a few months and some new longer laces - were all good. No discomfort or tightness in heel.
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