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  1. tiger is easily more forward than I am. Left foot is also more planted which indicates better pressure shift.
  2. im not trying to hit up on the driver. just taking a normal swing like i would with any club. I have been working on getting my weight shift to start earlier, but may need to stop dropping the right shoulder as much. Thanks
  3. Could this be from standing too far away from the ball causing me to reach? Or could it be multiple things? Would putting the ball farther back in stance and teeing it a little lower help?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/BFrCdJb Just hit some balls on a trackball looking to buy a new driver. Still hitting up on it a lot. Everything looked and felt good, but can I play with attack angle like that?
  5. https://imgur.com/a/BFrCdJb Here are a few swings with a Ping G410 max with stock stiff shaft at 9 degrees. I was swinging cold, but still got to 106 mph. Attack angle was a little high. Anything stand out? I have never found a driver I liked, but this was nice. Thanks
  6. Good golfers have it ingrained or naturally do it. Bad players looking to improve need to think about it in order to do it.
  7. It's all in the wrists. Rotate your trail wrist palm downward and bend it backwards. This closes the face.
  8. Unless your in a league or competition there is no reason to keep score. I play for fun. What I score doesn't matter. I can tell if I played well or not
  9. I would like Monte to chime in, but I don't think you can shallow with that backswing. You fan the club face wide open in the takeaway. I would try to get the clubhead outside the hands a little more in the initial move away. In the downswing your right hip,knee,leg looks to kick out early making it hard to get your arm structure in front. Looks like you drop your right shoulder to try and shallow. Just my 2 cents. Swing is pretty solid if your shooting +7
  10. I have tried lifting my driver to 9 degrees. It helps, but still doesn't sit square. Plus it's lower spinning and harder to get in the air.
  11. Hello. I currently play the Srixon Z565 in stiff flex. I like the driver, but the face sits closed at address which i hate. I hit a draw already with all my clubs and with the driver i get a lot of hooks. I have the Z765 as well which sits square, but I am not consistent enough with it. I bomb it with a good swing, but a bad swing it barely gets off the ground because it is such a low spinning driver. I am looking for a driver that sits square or slightly open at address to hopefully help me hit it straighter. My swing speed is around 105, but I am working on my strength and swing pretty extensively and would like to get to 110+. I typically buy used drivers on 2ndswinggolf or other websites. Around $200 or so. Any suggestions on a driver? Thanks.
  12. I have had a major problem with topping my driver. It only seems to happen on the course, while on the range I typically hit driver really well. I have no clue what I am doing wrong and is making golf not fun as a topped drive really ruins the round. I hit my irons really well for the most part. The one thing I noticed is my right shoulder stays really high in the downswing with my driver and I seem a little stuck. May be a little steep. I'm standing on a shaft to help keep my weight off my toes. Ball position? I have attached DTL and face on views of driver and 7i for comparison. Thought? Thanks.
  13. i would agree stance is a little to wide and a little bent over. Flared feet im not changing as it allows a deeper hip turn. The one thing i noticed is my follow through is a little cut of. Not sure if its because my right foot stays down too long or i just dont get through the ball well enough with my right side. IT bugs me to no end as it just looks very strange. It feels like i lose a lot of extension post impact and lost a lot of speed.
  14. Been working on keeping my weight more back at setup and throughout as I had a tendency of getting weight on my toes preventing me from turning. I am standing on a club or half foam roller to work on balance. Also working on getting my right shoulder lower and more through the shot in the downswing. I feel its better, but I am still flipping a little at the bottom because my shoulder is still not low/forward enough. Flipping is probably ingrained in my brain and will take time to get rid of. Going to keep working and get another lesson with Dan in a few days. Will update later.
  15. Says its fine. He likes the hands in on the backswing. Towards the right thigh.
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