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  1. Selling my "collection" of Scotty Cameron's from the early 2000s. I had planned to eventually get these refinished and maybe game a few but never got around to it. I'm original owner on all. All were original 35" cut down to roughly 34". The exception is the newport mid slant which is closer to 33". Hoping these are priced well and can go to a good home! Please reach out to me with additional questions or for more pictures. Trade interests would be the following with extra stiff shafts, Sim2 3, 5, or 7 woods. Would also entertain TSi2 7W. Motivated seller, please make offers if you're interested! Pistolini grip is still available! Will sell for $25 or include with the Pro Platinum! Only the Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 $OLD OBO Remaining!- Only 1 ding to speak of. See pictures for details. Needs a good cleaning but this is in great shape. Superstroke 2.0 installed several years ago and hasn't been gamed since (a few putting green sessions only). Head cover included! 1) Scotty Cameron Select Newport 34" - $OLD - My most recent gamer. Cut down to 34". Roughest part of the putter is the grip. I added a SuperStroke Tour 1.0. Still has plenty of life left (not Harris English style just yet) main issue is discoloring. Overall this putter is in great shape. Original headcover included. 2) Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 303 Stainless 34" - $OLD OBO - This putter needs a little bit of love to get cleaned up but is in overall great shape. No headcover included. Head is slightly loose if twisted with force. Nothing some apoxy can't fix but I don't have those tools. 3) Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 $OLD - No idea how to price this one but it's in great shape. Original shaft and grip. Close to 34". Don't have the original headcover but I've been using an old Circa 62 one. Will include. 5) Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid Slant $OLD- This one needs love... this was my gamer as a junior in the early 2000s and has not aged well. No headcover included. No major dings just needs some serious cleaning. Grip needs to be changed. Shaft is bent from being a temperamental junior. Again, no idea how to price this but please make offers. Starting at $150 because I really think a vinegar bath will get this looking much better. If this doesn't sell, I'll probably try it and relist at some point. I also have a Pistolini grip I can include with any sale. This was gamed for a few rounds on a special select before being pulled off for a SuperStroke 1.0.
  2. Got a new putter arriving tomorrow from an awesome member on GolfWRX (Phantom X 5.5 for those that care) so I need to move some items to keep the wife happy! All prices shipped unless international. 1. Scotty Cameron Special Select Fastback 1.5 - $SOLD 2. Titleist TS3 8.5* Driver with Diamana Stiff Shaft w/headcover - $SOLD 3. Titleist TS3 5W with Tensei Blue Stiff w/headcover- $150 OBO - small smudge on the bottom due to old sticker that I haven't fully cleaned. Not a permanent mark.
  3. 1. Handicap? 5 2. Right or left hand golfer? Right 3. Current wedges and setup? Mizuno T20 50, 55, 60 4. Why do you want to be fit for TaylorMade MG3 wedges? Never had a wedge fitting before. Visited the Kingdom this past spring for a SIM 2 and LOVED the experience. Always wanted to dial in my wedge specs to lower my score. 5. Are you available to be on site 8/30/2021 through 9/1/2021? Yes! I live an hour away! 6. Will you be able to provide your own transportation to and from Reynolds Lake and East Lake Golf Club? Yes! 7. Are you willing to post high quality photos in the forum, write an in depth review of the experience, and possibly be featured on GolfWRX or TaylorMade social media posts? Absolutely! I love the Kingdom and would love to post about my experience. They are world class!
  4. SOLD! Tensei AV Raw White 65 TX 2.0 Prototype Driver Shaft w/ TM Adapter 44.5 inch stock Titleist length, no tipping, will play roughly 45.5 which is standard Titleist length (TaylorMade standard is 45.75) Replaced Titleist adapter with TaylorMade adapter. Note that the Titleist adapter is shorter and shows sanding of paint so my club builder added a ferrule. Will include Titleist adapter or change adapter if desired Purchased on GolfWRX last month but decided to go with a Tensei white X with 1" tipping instead. Seller bought new for a standard TSi3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Titleist Grip Asking $SOLD shipped OBO SOLD! Tensei AV Raw White 65 X Driver Shaft w/ TM Adapter 44.5 inch stock Titleist length, no tipping, will play roughly 45.5 which is standard Titleist length (TaylorMade standard is 45.75) Purchased on GolfWRX last month and seller switched Titleist tip with TaylorMade tip for me (no added ferrule so paint sanding shows for about 1/8th of an inch after adapter Will include Titleist adapter unless it goes with the TX above (only 1 adapter available) Small paint or apoxy mark on the bottom of shaft. Purchased like this so can't say for sure what it is but did not affect playability. Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Standard Will change adapter if requested Asking $SOLD Shipped OBO Titleist TS3 18* Fairway Wood Tensei Blue 65 Stiff Good condition, small nics on top that are barely noticeable at address (Tried to show on pics) Headcover included Asking $150 Shipped OBO TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver Headcover Purchased and used for 1 round. Small blue mark that was either there previously or I got careless marking a ball and didnt realize. Asking $30 shipped OBO Scotty Cameron 2020 Pistolini Grip Pulled off my Special Select that I purchased last summer. Maybe has 10 rounds and is in great shape. Asking $35 Shipped OBO Willing to Trade items above + cash for Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport / Newport 2 2021 Scotty Cameron Phantom 5.5 Mevo I realize I'm new to the forums and it's nerve wracking to do business due to no feedback but I'd love to work with you to help ease your concerns. I'm happy to FaceTime with you to prove I have the shafts / clubs. Text me with any questions and I will do my best to ease your concerns! Goods ship from GA. 404-667-6099. pin 4/24
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