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  1. The fact that he said it would ship Friday and then you hear nothing for 3 weeks is utterly disturbing. Doesn’t matter how nice of a putter he makes, I will never order a putter from him.
  2. I think visually they tend to push people away. I used a Lab putter for a bit and enjoyed it but ultimately decided to go back to a more traditional style.
  3. Do a fact based trial . Do 3 practices with a putter and do a set number of distances and keep track of it.
  4. It’s my understanding that the 2021 Tyne 4 is the same size as the PLD . They are more compact than the 2020 Tyne 4.
  5. Humble

    SIK Putters

    I played a regular sho for a bit. Good putter.
  6. I ordered my 9309 (simple build) end of March. Lead time was suppose to be 6-8 weeks. Guess I’m not gonna hold my breath it’s on time.
  7. I would love to hear from someone that has rolled the 2020 and the 2021. Curious if there is anything different other than looks. I bought my sigma 2 Tyne 4 just to fill the bag while I wait on my kevin Burns and have grown extremely fond of it. I play the tp5x or prov1x and it feels amazing.
  8. I absolutely love the iomic midsize pistol. I’ve tried a lot of grips.
  9. Iomic midsize pistol . Absolutely love it. I’ve tried just about every grip on the market.
  10. I’ve played a few rounds with the 2020 and it’s a great putter, the only complaint you will see is some people feel the insert has a soft feel and the adjustable shaft can get a little wobbly if you extend it past 35”
  11. Big moss is amazing, love mine.
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