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  1. My set gen 3 P 4-w set is out for delivery, I’m pretty certain I’ll end up ordering 8-w in T .
  2. If you are looking for custom check out nordbergputters.com , he’s doing of run of his fang mallets right now.
  3. I personally use the mg3 50, previously I had a sm8 50 that I liked also.
  4. Do a fitting and hit everything, the data and personal preference will tell you what you need. but as for a list of possibilities zx5/zx7 pxg 0311 P i210 p790/770 apex t200 mizuno hot metal pro mizuno pro 223 / 225
  5. I’m almost certain they have remote fittings as well. A few members have gotten pld’s that way.
  6. I ordered Jan 13 and they shipped Jan 21. 0311 gen 3 P with elevate tour shafts
  7. What weight did you play steelfiber and what weight are the mmt?
  8. Srixon zx5 or zx7 is another to consider with their wait times
  9. When I built that set I was having issues with my left elbow because I was a very steep player , being new to the game and was fit into those. That was a year and a half ago and my swing has completely changed since then.
  10. Just ordered a set of gen 3 P’s with the elevate tour shaft . Currently using g410s with steelfiber 95 regular. Excited to try them out.
  11. Flightscope just posted existing mevo+ users will get a $100 discount on the pro package but we have to register . Here’s the link. https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/x0GDuAp/mevopluspro
  12. this video helped me a lot with my setup. Keeping much better results after I followed this.
  13. I can only speak to my experience with Christian and it’s always been awesome. I’ve purchased from a good amount of builders and his communication has been above average on both putters I’ve built with him. I’ll be building an Eirik in the future with him. Unfortunately the supply chain issues have affected all industries. Personally I try to be more patient and understanding when buying from a builder. If you decide to go with a reputable builder you have to understand the majority run small shops and delays happen, but you’re gonna get your custom putter and it’s gonna be way more amazing than a off the rack putter.
  14. Humble

    Iron Dilemma

    Ping g410 or g425
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