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  1. At this point I’ve forgotten all about it lol. I’m looking forward to my oct 14 artisan fitting and whatever I’m gonna order from them.
  2. I’m talking about when you started this thread. Cause I still can’t figure out what is the point of this thread other than wanting to show you runner up trophy…. And not one person on this thread has mentioned that they make any type of magic putter that’s gonna help them make putts. People are just a fan of their work and respect the time they’ve been in the game.
  3. So did you mean artisan the company or artisan putters in general?
  4. I booked my flight and fitting. I’ll be over there mid October
  5. I’m doing his more traditional fang the ivar.
  6. Great looking putter Matt. I think I’m gonna pull the trigger on a LP 421-PN.
  7. 9309 ordered March 24. I was quoted the same.
  8. It will be 6 months this week. I figure it can’t be much longer.
  9. The other is MIA, can’t even get an update.
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