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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I truly loved my ping Tyne pld but the neck didn’t work for me. That is right up my alley.
  2. Had my fitting this past Thursday. It was an absolute amazing experience. John is a master of his craft. He was an absolute pleasure to do the fitting with. He really helped me with my stroke and simultaneously dialed me into a putter. Im building an 0820 with a single bend shaft. I’m very excited to receive it in about 4-6 weeks.
  3. Very happy with the purchase. The wait was a little longer than quoted but the craftsmanship is superb. The entire process Brendan kept me in the loop.
  4. Mine is out for delivery. I’ll post some pics later.
  5. I’ll be with John tomorrow for a putter fitting. Can’t wait
  6. Humble

    LAGP TPZ shaft

    LAGP just showed they have a over the hosel shaft being tested, no word on release.
  7. Check them out on Instagram. Great guy runs it. Christian. He’s extremely responsive on there.
  8. Lol gently placed for one picture . Club is immaculate.
  9. Up for sale is a gorgeous like new Nordberg Hakon CS in chromatic bronze 35” with a milled copper insert, and a Iomic mid pistol grip. Nordberg headcover included. This is a custom putter from Norway with exceptional craftsmanship. I’m sad to be parting ways with this putter but my loss is your gain. $500 shipped with the USA
  10. What’s the price difference between the remote fitting and in person?
  11. They started on my 9309 today . Says moving forward it’s all two piece putters so they will catch up much faster.
  12. I think the common answer is that no one truly regrets going with a premium putter shaft over a steel shaft . The added benefits seem to be putts over 10 ft and increased stability at impact, but it won’t make or break you as a putter. If you have the extra cash do it, if you don’t want to spend the extra cash you’re probably better off without it.
  13. I feel this whole heartedly , I’ve been thru at least 6 putters this year alone. I’m doing a proper putter fitting and planning on building a putter specifically to what I find in the fitting and committing a year to this putter. I’ll still continue my putter collection but it’s gonna be for putters I visually enjoy.
  14. Used good condition . Purchased last month from labgolfoutlet.com - factory second. I honestly cannot tell what cosmetic defect the putter has. Used for one round and my home putting green. 34.5” , 71* deg lie , kbs matte silver shaft, press II 3 deg grip, white headcover $230 shipped —-SOLD —————————— Ping g410 hybrid 22* deg has some wear on the face , alta cb 70 stiff shaft, Winn dritac 2.0 regular (brand new grip), g410 headcover $90 shipped ——SOLD
  15. At this point I’ve forgotten all about it lol. I’m looking forward to my oct 14 artisan fitting and whatever I’m gonna order from them.
  16. That’s a Beauty Matt. Congrats
  17. I’m talking about when you started this thread. Cause I still can’t figure out what is the point of this thread other than wanting to show you runner up trophy…. And not one person on this thread has mentioned that they make any type of magic putter that’s gonna help them make putts. People are just a fan of their work and respect the time they’ve been in the game.
  18. So did you mean artisan the company or artisan putters in general?
  19. I booked my flight and fitting. I’ll be over there mid October
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