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  1. My contribution! 100% gamer putter for me. Rolls extremely well. I did take off the CT grip and put on an Iomic to make it gamer worthy
  2. Just a quick towel off and I'm good to go. I always have a glove of some sort on my left hand, never on my right. I've played through all types of rain with them with great results (the quick Louisiana afternoon storm all the way to sideways rain in Bandon). They're actually fairly gentle on the hands, and like I said, hold up to the years very well.
  3. South Louisiana checking in. Rain glove and Lamkin UTx. I reserve the rain glove for the hottest and most humid days. Otherwise I'm cycling 2-3 MG Elite gloves in a round, with the more beat ones becoming my practice gloves. The UTx's are fairly durable as well. I practice 4-5d per week and play probably 4-7 rounds a week and I've had the same grips going on 2.5 years. I clean them weekly with some light dish soap, water and a toothbrush.
  4. I currently have a Proto, as I struggle over cooking a draw miss. So having the toe weight has been a godsend. I wonder if the gen 4s have the ability to help with that too with a touch extra ball speed? There's absolutely no ability to toe weight if I remember correctly. When I was fitted, I had my mind set squarely in a proto for the weight port. XF looked closed and no weight ports More on topic proto: 2.5 heel, 2.5 rear, 7.5 front, 10 toe
  5. I play the proto hybrid. I've found it to be one of the most anti-left hybrids I've ever hit. I flattened it out, and put a heavy weight in the toe, and now can work it both ways
  6. Ordered Proto Driver, 3W and Hybrid on 25Jun, upgraded shafts (GD AD TP), and regular grips. They shipped on 12Jul. Gen4 stuff is prioritized.
  7. Hublot gets a bad rep in the high end watch world for a couple things. 1) copying AP's Royal Oak to some degree for the big bang design, and perhaps more egregiously 2) charging top dollar prices for a movement that is not manufactured in house. Their UNICO pieces are actually high quality movement-wise. That said, their look just isn't my taste
  8. Hey everybody, so I've done a quick search, and have been trying to piece together an answer to, what I would perceive as an age old question. I know that some swings need additional spin to keep balls in the air, but at what swing speed does that matter? Back story below: Late 2019 I had a CC fitting, and left with a driver build of 410 LST (9deg head, lofted down and flat, weight in neutral) and velocore blue 6S shaft. Unfortunately I don't have my data from that fitting, but I do recall swing speeds of 95-98, smash factor between 1.48-1.49, and carry of 220 around, it was with my normal ball (ProV1). From what I remember the fitter telling me, my launch was too high (around 18-20deg) as I hit up on the ball, and he was trying to maximize run out etc. I do have a smooth transition, and my swing speed has been around 95-99 mph forever, and the fitter was trying to 'kill spin' as I remember it. So I left with that combo, and have been overall fairly pleased. I don't win any long drive contests by any means, but would like to be out there average distance, and in the fairway. Fast forward to 2021, I've implemented some swing changes, which have translated to better irons, however, have led to a massive pull hook miss. In an effort to make the left side less in place, I moved the weight to the toe. In true WRX fashion, I ran across the PXG offer for Memorial Day, and thought at those prices, why not take a stab as there is a lot of customizability with the weights; and scheduled a fitting. There, I hit my LST (massive pull hooks, and me trying to compensate), and the first thing the fitter asked is why I was in that combination. He then dialed me up and proto+ head (weight in the toe, lofted at 10.5, flat) with AD TP shaft, which translated to gentle 2-3 yard draws. My spin was in the 2900-3000 range (higher than the LST/velocore), but around 230-235 carry, and overall easier to hit. He stated that the velocore can sometimes lead to the hooks as it is sometimes hard to load the shaft which turns into my snatching at the top. Bottom line I was very surprised, as he did not go with the traditional "kill all spin" outlook. This set up yielded a launch window of around 15-16 deg, a reasonable decent angle, and overall an easier swing from my part. So, back to my question, around what SS does spin not need to be terribly low? Sorry if this is a dumb question! just though it was an interesting diversion from what I'm used to.
  9. Update, almost 2 months in, and still absolutely loving it. No plans to change. Piretti is where its at, $250 uncharge for a $400 shaft.
  10. 4 rounds with a 2019 ProV1. Though the cover was fairly beat up after that.
  11. As far as I know, there's no over the hosel install for these
  12. Anybody here playing this shaft for a while? I have one in my Piretti Cortino Elite, and have been using it for about the past 2-3 weeks. The putter is putting a pure roll on the ball, and feels amazing. I do think it provides a more stable "swing" on my longer/lag putts (though this could be purely be snake oil feels). I have a stability shaft (albeit in a Toulon), and I do think that the LAGP feels miles better. Again, YMMV, but I think this whole set up with the putter head and shaft fit my stroke pretty perfectly. It was a $250 uncharge for my putter build, so it's pricey, but I do use the putter most in a round, and this is the best my putting has ever been!
  13. I second Piretti. I've sold my Scotty's, Betti's and Toulon's. I've ordered from their website, and called up Bill (their GM) for an impromptu custom build in person at their spot in Spring, TX. They're a bit more pricey, but their work is second to one. I have a Matera Elite and a black Cortino Elite as well. I don't see myself with any other putters at this point. They feel amazing, and I putt well with them, win-win.
  14. Long time lurker, and recently made an account! Been on a search for a putter that I truly love for a while now. I've gone through the usual rotation of Scottys (Newport 2, Fastback 1.5, Phantom X, 5M etc), Toulon (Palm beach and LV), Betti (BB1F, QB10), ER2 etc. I also had a full putter fitting at club champion, to bend my gamer to my specs (the Palm beach with stability shaft). Suffice to say, CC really tried to get me to buy a putter from them, and have it bent to my specs (Betti SS28), I said no thank you, and proceeded to continue my search. I live in SE Louisiana, and found myself in Houston couple of weeks ago, and looked up golf shops on Google, and lo and behold, found that Piretti is HQ'd in Spring (around 40 mins north of Houston). Did some quick phone googling, and came up on a host of positive reviews of Piretti putters, and also recognized them from Tony using them. Called them up, and asked if I could stop by and roll some putters, and Bill (GM) said come on by. I was able to roll pretty much every single putter head that they have on their website in stock. I basically gave Bill what my fitted specs were from CC, and he proceeded to take the sample Matera (way too long and upright for me), cut off the grip, shorten the shaft, bend flat, and strong, and put on a brand new grip on so that I could roll it with my personal specs. I was absolutely blown away. They do have a trackman there, but I didn't see any SAM/Quintec equipment (they probably have it there, but not out, it didn't faze me since I already had a SAM fitting), basically he set up a laser line for me to test my roll/aim (really love the way it feels). Needless to say I decided on a Matera, which he built for me right there and then. Bill has an absolute wealth of golf knowledge, and it was awesome to pick his brain, as we just shot the breeze about all things golf (GSS, 303, Boutique putters vs OTR, Scotty v everybody else) while he built my Matera to my specs. All in, it was comparable to what CC quoted me, but with so much more of a personable experience (and not to mention a host of swag included). I don't have any experience with a putter fitting at the Kingdom, or with Scotty, but honestly, Piretti has a customer in me for life. Anybody in the area, I encourage to visit their shop. It's in an industrial complex in the North Houston area. Currently just have a Matera, but will definitely be going back for there other head shapes. Also handling Tony Finau's putter was pretty cool. Real heavy head, and 35 and change inch shaft (super tall for me as I'm pretty short), apparently he plays with more loft than is typically on his putter. Also his Matera is face balanced, as opposed to toe hang on the typical Matera. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I was far too excited to take a ton of pictures. All in all, consider Piretti. They're pricy, but in my mind, well worth it! If you're in the area, give them a call and see if you can drop on by! Edit: pictures format
  15. I'll be headed there this weekend and will report back. My understanding is they have tents set up as first come first serve, and take out to be eaten in your room. I have a group of 4 of us, staying in the chrome lofts, so either is fine with us at this point.
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