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  1. Check out Decade Golf. I just downloaded the app and it’s all about course management. Used by some tour players and from I’ve heard so far, it’s a pretty solid program. I’m considering upgrading to the elite option.
  2. I haven’t owned anything windows based in many years. Can anyone advise on what sort of computer I could get by with to only run the mevo? OP, I’m very interested. I’m just ignorant to the windows format and requirements.
  3. The GolfLogix app is by far the best option for “green reading books” in my opinion. You can get physical books from them, but the app is pretty awesome.
  4. J_rl

    Cobra fan club

    My newly found affection for Cobra is getting out of hand. I’ve got the Radspeed XB with a Ventus Blue in it, Radspeed Augusta Edition with the Hulk, and just bought the Tour Big 3 and Tour 5 today...
  5. I would consider Walden in Conroe. Phenomenal course and for the current price points, you might consider joining two clubs!
  6. I’ll take that. Can you please pm me payment info.
  7. There is definitely a special head cover. Mine was delivered today directly from Cobra.
  8. My Masters edition was delivered today about 5 minutes after the live coverage started on ESPN! It gorgeous. Can’t believe it comes with the PVD finish hulk shaft.
  9. Where do you play in the Woodlands? We’ve recently sold our house in College Station and are considering clubs in the Montgomery/Woodlands area.
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