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  1. You would go discount dans then? Would I be screwed without the E0?
  2. Hey guys... new to Golf WRX but hoping someone can help me out. I am in the market for new clubs and decided to go to club champion for a fitting. I got the best results from the fitting below: Driver - Callaway Epic Max LS 9' Driver / LA Golf Trono 75 Wood X-Stiff Flex Hybrid - Mizuno 2020 CLK Hybrid 19' / LA Golf Tour AXS Red 85 Hybrid X-Stiff Flex Irons - Srixon ZX5 Irons / Nippon Modus Tour 120 Extra Stiff *ALL CLUBS SWING WEIGHT E0 Club Champion quoted me around 4k for all the clubs, grip, etc... This also includes a custom
  3. I just did a club champion fitting. I ended up with Srixon Zx5 irons with nippon modus tour extra stiff shafts, and for the driver Callaway Epic Max 9" with the LA golf trono 75 wood X-stiff flex. For all of the clubs they quoted around 4k. I did some research and Discount Dans told me they could get me the same clubs for 2k. The issue is Discount Dans said they cant get the swing weight to exactly what club champion had me at which was E0 for all clubs. How much would it impact me if I cant get that club weight for all of the clubs to exactly E0? Should I just go through club champion o
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