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  1. Yes https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/epic-speed--101/
  2. Basically the flat cog gives you a flatter lie angle in Neutral. roughly -.75 D is upright S is stated loft +2 is loft -1 is loft
  3. Close but not exactly the same.
  4. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/101-cogszn/
  5. You sound like a combo set candidate to me. Try Apex for 4-7 and Apex Pro 8-PW. That will give you the extra forgiveness and ball speed you need in the long to mid-irons and plenty of control and forgiveness at the bottom part. Keep in mind Apex Pro is still a VERY forgiving iron all while being in the players performance category.
  6. Apex Pro in the Mixed & Triple Play sets have separate tooling. Lofts are optimized for gapping & set performance.
  7. The acoustics for Callaway drivers across the board has improved a ton in the past two launches. I was not a fan of Epic Flash simply because of the sound. It could have been a unicorn driver numbers wise and it wouldn't have mattered. The Max LS which I had until was sooo good. I ditched it for to actually get more spin. With TD i'm getting about 300-400 RPM more. Max LS is awesome if you want a lower spin/fade bias profile that is forgiving. Checking all those boxes off in one head is rare.
  8. Yes there is testing and prototyping going on but as to the when and what, its not fully cooked yet.
  9. Cant say much right now but soon
  10. Hey WRX’ers Ill be at Quail hollow this week, let me know if you have any questions or anything y’all are curious about.
  11. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/callaway-apex-mb-gallery/ If yah had to pick one of the bunch:)
  12. Everyone of these replies is what I was hoping to get out of kicking off this thread. YES sole width is one element and there are a ton others. Its something not discussed enough in my opinion and its funny how the title as narrow is it may seem opened up a conversation that can now inform anyone looking around for some answers. Hence the beauty of GolfWRX.
  13. The sole width lead to the performance...... From the article “The fun thing is it forced me to go back and think about the irons I hit the best and why. After some serious soul searching, I realized I hit anything with a thin sole VERY well. Even long irons. So as I ventured into building the first Callaway bag (it’s still a work in progress) I focused on finding MY forgiveness thru turf interaction and what I’m finding is that this path is correct. I’m finding the middle more often, the ball is staying down, I’m taking divots and I can actually shape shots again…what a concept!!”
  14. I wrote an article for WOW this week on breaking down our players and it sparked some chatter about sole width and its importance for every player. Curious what my WRX crew thinks. https://worldofwunder.callawaygolf.com/101-what-callaway-players-iron-is-best-for-you-and-why/ Fitters speak up. Im legit curious. Im a picker and hate wide soles...I hate them. Anything sharp and thin I can get into the ground and actually strike properly.
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