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  1. Sure....but for Rory he’s getting estimated 100m over 10 years to play the latest and greatest Taylor made kit. That’s a tough deal to turn down unless they’re making an absolute clunker of a set. Put another way, you’d have to win a lot of tournaments to make up that payoff, even at the PGA level. The benefit of TM is they have a lot of different design philosophies to choose from and are very clearly willing to make clubs to suit their contract players.
  2. I gotta think his “33 revisions” trying to find his set of irons has had a lot to do with that too. He was one of the primary examples in my mind when I asked the question, but he has had a ton of variables to go along with the club changes
  3. An interesting and oversimplified question for my first post: Have you seen a contract signed by a pro with a new brand or model of club that seem to have corresponded with a massive change in performance? The examples that spring to mind for me are mostly negative, but changes for the better are equally welcome.
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