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  1. Putting is lot more than just a putting stroke. One common mistakes that amateurs make is a poor grip which the leads to breaking of the wrist, you will see some pros go to the claw grip to combat this. Additionally you have ball positioning which will be different depending on if your right or left eye dominant this will allow you to better see the line. Now after you figure out your grip, ball position, you can begin on your stroke. So now you get all of those right, how about reading greens? Most amateurs are not very good at reading greens so even with a good stroke yo
  2. Driver 3-5 irons 7-10 wedges 5 sand 3-5 short game 2-3 putting 4-6 GHIN is a 6 but have been as low as a 4 and once I get my irons dialed back in I will be back.
  3. I tend to think most amateurs come back to fast and it does not allow for a smooth transition. I when my iron play begins to go south I look at 3 things, grip, tempo (especially my back swing) and making sure my arms are connected to my body. a slow back swing allows you to maintain control and transition in synch.
  4. We have a group that plays weekly and like to play for money but we are not sticklers and are rather liberal within reason, ie your in the fairway in a divot, move it out but overall we like to have fun and enjoy the game. If we win money that’s a bonus. used to have a golfer buddy of mine that we used to gamble all the time and I generally would win but offer him multiple opportunities to win his money back including pushing the bet or playing extra holes but then he was winning big a few times when my game was off and I would want to push the bet he wouldn’t do it and said he wan
  5. 115 smooth 3/4 PW 100 smooth 50 degree 80 smooth 56 degree or 3/4 50 degree 60 3/4 56 degree or smooth 58 degree I can hit all of my wedges harder but I lose my control.
  6. What it sounds like you’re doing is keeping your right arm tucked against your body which would allow a more repeatedly swing path. My swing gets in trouble when my arms separate from my body, I want to feel like my right arm is tucked against my body until my contact point when I extend.
  7. For the record driver 255:carry PW 105-125 club I have come to the conclusion being preached here by tracking my stats. The majority of my greens missed are coming up short. What we think we hit our clubs a lot of times is in perfect conditions done rarely. I have begun clubbing up more and it has begun paying dividends.
  8. I have used his short game methods to great success as my pro subscribes to many of his teaching methods. A few points I think are missing in teaching the short game or at least not enough emphasis is made. 1. learn to properly use the bounce, you need to feel as if your right hand is following the club with your palm up. This will make it nearly impossible to hit it fat. 2. when you take the club back feel as if the club weight takes over and let gravity take the club. 3. use his exercise of placing a coin in front of the ball and try and hit that.
  9. You’re not going to be scratch practicing for one hour. Before I was injured I practiced anywhere between 2-4 hrs at a time, probably 2/3 of that time is short game within 100 yards.
  10. Thanks will call next week.
  11. How far in advance do you need to reserve your rooms and tee time for Bandon? I was schedule for next month but I blew out my knee so I am going to miss it. We had it booked for more than a year so not sure how far in advance we should book for next summer.
  12. Distance of your irons rarely make much of a difference, being consistent and knowing your numbers is more important. If you’re going to chase distance make it your driver.
  13. I have used them many times, the problem is if done indoors you don’t have the elements and everyday is different. That is why the pros sit at the range with their launch monitors during tournaments. I venture to say what most think is their average is not.
  14. After dealing with golfers elbow and fighting through pain refusing to stop playing it looks like I tore my ACL and that will finally sideline me for the next several months. Once I’m able to put weight on my injured leg (left) is there any training I can do other than putting?
  15. You need to focus on feeling your right arm come down against your body before releasing. When my arms become detached from my body my game goes south quick with poor contact.
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