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  1. I am going to say no, unless you have the time to practice and are ok with regressing because taking lessons will show you your faults but only practice and time will improve your game. Generally while you work on these kinks you will not play as well.
  2. Yeah at 52 I need to warm up and I think you nailed it as I generally will gain length as the rounds progresses.
  3. There are days when I just don’t hit any of my clubs as far (no wind involved) why is that? Is it that I’m tired, not loose? I generally figure it out early on and club up. Does anybody else have this issue?
  4. Be careful over analyzing your swing. I was down to a 5 handicap and decided to tweak the swing for more distances and a few months later I was an 8 handicap with more rounds in the 90s than 70s. I decided to own my swing and stop thinking and am on my way back down. good luck.
  5. I’m married with 3 kids under 5 and I play 2-3 times a week and practice a day or two on top of that. She is totally cool with it. if you’re lying now and you’re not married, leave her now it will be cheaper.
  6. Thanks for the intel and agree I generally over think my first time visiting a new location.
  7. Thanks for the insight, I prefer not having to wait on the shuttle so will have a car. if wanted I assume the resort will move your clubs to the different courses for you? we’re staying in Lilly pond, which seems fairly central to the main lodge and a few of the courses, is this correct?
  8. When you ship your clubs to the resort where do you retrieve them when you get there? Additionally when you’re done where do you need to take your clubs in order to ship them out? For reference our last course is sheep ranch, can I ship them from there?
  9. Question about sheep ranch this is our last round and need to head to the airport from there. Is parking available (didn’t see any online) to park the rental in order to head out when completed?
  10. Private if you can afford, more so in these times of COVID. The public courses are insanely busy and while my club is busier than I the past it is still empty by most standards. Best investment towards my quality of life.
  11. Poppy hills I have played many times and while a decent track, it is nothing to write home about. I would definitely play Spyglass before playing poppy hills. The rest are solid and as mentioned Carmel valley ranch is a good option. as for Pebble Beach, if you don’t know if you will be back then play it. I was told once that you pay for the walk not the golf. I go annually and always get one round in at Pebble Beach.
  12. I have one friend that is painfully slow and the worse he plays the longer he sits over the ball thinking. I have given hints with no avail. I don’t play with him on the weekends.
  13. I don’t add up my score till the end but for whatever reason I care too much about certain shots. I go in and out of this mind set so I know it will correct itself. The guys I play with are amazed because my short game goes from the best part of my game to the worst but I am working my way out. I got golfers elbow pretty bad recently so I haven’t been hitting balls instead I have been spending hours chipping and putting and hoping the dividends will pay off soon,
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