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  1. King Ltd was up there in terms of longest for me. Had it with a black tie and it was long. Had the bio cell + but shaft was not for me. Couldn’t do a thing with it can’t blame cobra. currently playing Rad and it’s first driver I’ve ever seen sub 2000 spin. It’s long. One weird thing is I’ve noticed in the rain it has a habit of giving me weird slippery ball flights. Not sure if it’s to low spin or just the milled face. In dry weather it’s hard to beat though
  2. Srixon impressed me this year with product didn’t impress with service. Literally everything Srixon/Cleveland did this year was high quality at demo day. However I know a few people having issues getting stuff and getting answers. I canceled a zx7 driver earlier this year and that just makes me sad. the only other thing that impressed me was ball fittings started here with titleist. Amazing the changes a ball can make for those of us who come down steep with our attack angles
  3. I got apex mb in $ taper x stiff in about 6 days. If you don’t fit into the general public you can get them otherwise you out of luck
  4. Just switched to one from a srixon f85. I set it flat and eliminate the left side with it. The ability to make it flatter was really the big appeal for me. To many 3 woods for me at least tend to be upright which is good when wanting to hit draws but not so great to fade the ball.
  5. The sand wedges with a huge bounce like a sure out are huge for bad players and should borderline be included in beginner sets
  6. I can only go by what I experience. Never struggled to elevate ping fairways. If anything they almost go to high at times. But they’re incredibly consistent no matter which model.
  7. I play blades with a Wilson 8802 putter. All I need now is suspenders and an old fashioned mustache
  8. Distance matters off the tee shot. Irons are for accuracy on aproach shots. If you hit 7 iron 150 you need 150ish every time you pull it. Not a 10-20 yard dispersion front to back. So picking something off max distance isn’t what I’d go with. i do agree distance isn’t a bad thing but gapping is more important than anything unless you are massively distance challenged but I don’t picture that being an issue if those models are what you got fitted for.
  9. High speed player here that played it to try and save some money. No real weakness but really nothing special. Just a good solid ball. Yes I hit higher compression balls further but it’s not like 20-30 yards like some claim. my father plays it now and he just moved into senior shafts and it goes perfectly for me. So for lower speed players I don’t see you giving up anything playing it.
  10. The g400 was solid g410 lst did nothing but spin on me. G425 lst is a great three wood so I have no idea what changed. Literally the shame shaft just changed the head. No clue what that’s about. They all launch high so if spin isn’t your issue you aren’t gaining much if anything buying brand new.
  11. It does everything better performance wise than anything Srixon made prior. I’m also swinging in the 120s and don’t struggle with stock x at all. when they slimmed it down they made it much easier off the ground and out of rough as the u85 struggled with that. only down side is the hollow sound at impact. You know it’s a hollow club but it performs beautifully
  12. I’m in the same boat as they don’t look small at all to me. Everyone says that but huge irons look like they’re not going to work to me. I play apex mb and don’t feel intimidated at all. When I had 785/585 combo set I had zero confidence that I was going to get through the ball and those aren’t exactly huge
  13. Nothing is better than crown royal bags for storing golf balls. Also fear the old guy with an old bag and crown royal bags he is gonna hustle harder than tincup
  14. Blades aren’t these mythical creatures that suddenly make you better or worse. I love how obsessed golfers are with stuff like this. I’ve seen high handicaps pick up blades and do fine with looks of shock on their face. Watched pga instructors struggle with them. Use your blades or don’t but to feel shamed over them seems beyond silly to me.
  15. Alignment sticks are bad for the average golfer. Stop standing on the range repeatedly hitting with alignment sticks they’re not helping you play better golf. I would argue pros as well but They’re swings are good enough that aiming themselves is all they need
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