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  1. Yes. Swapped out my usual face-balanced mallet this year for an Odyssey 7s and it has been noticeably better. PIR has gone down and my average score has gone from low 90's to low 80's.
  2. My max feels and sounds great every time I hit a fairway. The thing is a damn machine.
  3. I bought a 20 off CPO to compete with my G400 5 wood. I have and like the BB19 4h which I like, so I figured the SH would be a slam dunk. Can't say it has worked out that way. I don't find it does anything special. Definitely a left leaning club even cranked open for me which I don't need in my game. I find the G400 much more versatile and easier to hit from the tee and fairway. I have the Tensei Orange in it btw, a Recoil in the BB19. The SH is going to find a new home. The BB19 may as well. I was given an M3 4h by a buddy which I put in play last weekend and hit it very well. Doe
  4. Right. Because I have a reason to lie about my golf game to total strangers on the internet. I guess you have to justify your position however you can. Believe what you like.
  5. I have a BB19 4h that is super hot. Too hot to be honest, but I've hit some crazy shots with it. Easy to find under $90. I really like the Tensei Orange shaft in it. I swap a Recoil in occasionally that is great to. That said, I gamed an M3 4h today a buddy gave me. It's a fantastic club. Solid on impact and easy to hit.
  6. Shot par today with my stock off the rack OL clubs. Maybe I should get fit so I can get better... I've officially gone lower more often with 4 months of OLs than any previous setup in 15 years of playing. That's not an exaggeration. Shot my lowest score ever with a set of Mac Pro M blades 12 years ago, but I don't think that record will stand the way things have been going. Ymmv of course.
  7. Bought my F9 OLs off eBay. Paid $400 for 5-GW. Still in the plastic. No fitting. Never had one ever. Played irons from maroon dot Pings that were +1.5 to stock offerings from a variety of manufacturers. Graphite, steel, regular and stiff. No significant impact on my game whatsoever. I think the whole idea of fitting is overrated for noncompetitive golfers, but to each their own. I don't want to spend a ton of money on golf equipment. I had about a round of adjustment to the OLs. All mental. Once I stopped thinking about it, no problem. Hit them good distance (predictable and repeat
  8. No. They're great irons. Had a set in black years ago.
  9. I played the ZL for years. Just recently retired it in favor of a G400 Max. I've played a number of their fairways and hybrids over the years as well. Still game a DWS 4 hybrid that will never leave my bag. Probably be buried with that thing. Also have the F9 one lengths in the bag which I'm enjoying a lot. Cobra makes great stuff that always works better for me than any other OEM across the range of clubs. I'm not brand loyal to any specific manufacturer, but looking at my history, I've played Cobra more than any other. Quick edit to add that I'm hoping to add the Forged Tec OL ir
  10. This. Just got a very good PM19 56 in today that was essentially new. May have been hit once or twice. $90 to my door.
  11. Seems to get good reviews on other sites. Anybody try it or have one? I'm looking for a new mat and would like to keep it around this price range. Anything else I should be looking at? https://explanarusa.com/pages/explanar-putting-mat
  12. Hit both, own the Ping. As someone said earlier, it's a more versatile club. Much more confidence from the fairway and more than enough distance off the tee for my game.
  13. Excellent. Looking forward to your feedback.
  14. I was looking at that Yamato grip for my new OG 7s yesterday. Is it close to the SS 2.0 size wise? It looks to be based on the pic.
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