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  1. GAPR is money. Like it better than both the Srixon and the Titleist for my game. I think it's quite an underrated club. Can be found new old stock for $100 or less.
  2. Hmm, I have one of those Tight Lies heads in the closet somewhere. Maybe I should shaft it up. I don't remember caring for it too much, but that was several years ago. I just picked up a Mavrik Max 5w in like new condition on CPO for $134. I've had my eyes on these for a while. They seem to get rather positive reviews. It will compete with the Super Hybrid in my bag for the 210-220 spot I desperately need to get locked down. I've also had my eyes on the new Cleveland HyWood. May be easier to elevate than the SH. LAUNCHER XL HALO HY-WOOD HYBRID | Cleveland Golf
  3. Make sure to find an iron that's easy to square the face at address. I struggled for a few years with a hard fade (sometimes a push which would indicate I was changing my swing path in an attempt to straighten out the shot) and tried to fix my swing accordingly. Bought new irons this year (F9's) and realized I was opening the face slightly on setup. Squared them and started hitting lasers. Went back to my old Pings for one round and the hard fade came back. Realized I had them slightly open. It's probably more complicated than that and involves shaft fit and subconscious swing change, but I do think being able to get in the correct position from the very beginning goes a long way.
  4. Mizuno Fli-Hi II 18 degree. $50 or less used. A rocket when struck properly. I've tried all the new DI's and have found anything I hit better.
  5. Available in my local shop here in Golf Wasteland. The major deterrent is the price for me.
  6. I like the Saplize from Amazon. Roughly $2.75/grip. Amazon.com : SAPLIZE Golf Grips 13 Pack Standard Size Including Free 15 Tapes, Rubber Golf Club Grips, Gray : Sports & Outdoors
  7. Is there anyone that sells these retail other than Xcaliber? I would love to get these in a set of wedges/irons, but wouldn't need more than 4-5 shafts. Maybe even someone with an account to order them through or a group buy? Living in a golf wasteland as far as equipment/fitting limits options for testing.
  8. I have no gap issues with my F9 OL irons. If anything, they are more consistent than with variable length sets. I play all of my hybrids and irons at the stock OL length. I also built my 52 degree wedge (Maltby TSW) to the same length. Works great. Driver is stock G400 Max length. 5W is 40". Just received the Speedzone OL 5h to incorporate into the bag. Will put it in play this weekend.
  9. I have a bit of the same problem as the OP with similar swing speeds. The top end of the bag is always troublesome. I think less choice is better. Pick one of the three clubs you hit best and take the others out of the bag for a few rounds. See if you miss them. My bet is you won't. I've played most of my rounds this year with driver and 20 degree hybrid as the two highest lofted clubs followed by 6i. Played some of my best golf ever. That second club really only gets used to make up ground after a mishit off the tee or on Par 5's, and realistically I'm not trying to hold a green in either situation. I'm only ever trying to hold a green from 165-170 which is 6i or 5h depending on the lie and green. For me, a fairway wood is useless except off the tee unless you consider trying to figure out which one of 2-3 clubs to use an advantage. Hybrids are easier to hit for me and more versatile in real playing situations, so I stick with them. YMMV of course. I would agree with ShortGolfer. For the average golfer, 14 clubs is excessive. I play good golf with these clubs in my bag. Each individual would have a different setup of course. I came to this after examining my stats and club usage. Driver - G400 Max 10.5 Hybrid - Callaway BB19 20 degree (sometimes set at 19 depending on the course and my swing that day) Hybrid - Cobra F9 OL 25 degree 7i - PW - F9 OL GW - Maltby TSW 52 degree SW - Mack Daddy PM Grind 56 (rarely used, but the only single purpose club other than the putter you have to keep in the bag) Putter - Odyssey WH #7 * note there is a significant gap between the PW and 52 degree wedge, but I just haven't found anything the F9 GW adds to my game that I can't do with either the PW or 52.
  10. I haven't hit my gap wedge in several months. PW or 52. It's a pretty big gap degree wise between those two, but on the course, I can hit a 3/4 PW or step on the 52 to achieve the same as I would with the GW. Depends on how quickly I need it to stop.
  11. I'm not giving up on it by any means, but it will take some getting used to. I put a midsize grip on it that feels more on the jumbo side. May be the cause of some of the unease. I'll get used to the head size if it performs.
  12. Put the HyWay in play today. Mixed feelings. Took me a few minutes on the range to dial it in. The all black head is tough to line up in the sun. When struck well, a nice solid tink. Not my favorite sounding club head, but nothing I can't get used to. My biggest complaint is the size. It's basically the same size as my F6 4w. A little weird looking down at something that size from 170-180 out. Same complaint I have with the Super Hybrid. Will take some adjustment.
  13. I've played regularly with 3 4h's. A 20 degree BB19 (200 yd), a 23 degree M3 (175-185), and a 23 degree Cobra DWS (160-170). The M3 is now gone, but they all have me significantly different shots. True, the 20 degree isn't really the same as the others, more of a 3h degree wise, but it's still marked a 4h.
  14. Just received my HyWay 23 from GW today. It's a bit bigger than I thought it would be. Nice looking head. The fit and finish is on par with anything else I've seen perusing the local golf shops. Going to shaft it up with a Tensei CK Orange 5w pull tonight so I can put it in play Saturday. My 20 degree BB19 hybrid plays at 40", so I will trim it to the same length.
  15. Because 1) I suck at golf, 2) have no time to practice, and 3) drink too much on the course. I'm out once a week to have fun and blow of some stress from the week. Shooting high 80s to low 90s is fine by me as long as I'm having a good time. I'm not making the tour in this lifetime, and I'm okay with that.
  16. Cobra F9 OL. Dropped my handicap from 24 to 19 since March of this year. Regularly hitting the mid 80s this year for the first time in 20 years. Not fair to put it solely on iron play, however. I updated my whole bag when I started playing regularly again for the first time in a few years.
  17. Decided to give these budget grips a go. My G400 Max had a GP Align grip on it I've come to hate, so I figured it's as good a chance as any. My preferred current grip is along the lines of the Lamkin Crossline, so I chose the Saplize in grey. Just arrived and I installed on the Ping. Color me impressed. Size is just right, color is as described, no real smell, just the right softness, and easy to install. First round tomorrow, so I'll have to report back, but for $50, not bad.
  18. I love my Cobra F9's and can't see playing anything else regularly considering my skillset and ability (or lack thereof) to practice. However, I'd love to have another "mint" set of 2 of my all time favorites: Maxfli Revolution Black Dot MacGregor Pro M
  19. I play OL F9s. Nothing to do with Bryson, but moreso my own physical limitations. I never broke 90 consistently in 20 years until switching. Now, I've had just one round over 90 (93) out of 20. The F9s are great irons and I'm completely happy with my iron game for the first time ever. The principal is sound and works well for some people. I've been wanting to try them for years after reading about it via Tom Wishon, but I don't have a clubfitter in my area to build a set. It's nice to have access from a major OEM. That said, I've never seen another set in the wild. Cobra makes good stuff and they will be fine. Bryson will continue to be a tool.
  20. I'm certainly not a high spin player. I just don't have the skills to do it. Playing the TSW 52 has changed that. My wedges were always hit and roll out quite a bit. Now, it's 5-6 ft from were it lands at worst. Impressive considering most of the greens I play here in NW Florida are pretty hard this time of year. I play the 52 for the majority of shots from 75 yards save for the situations that call for a bump & run. It's deadly accurate and so very confidence inspiring. So much so that my 48 degree GW has been sidelined. As much as I love the wedge, I've built a few Maltby clubs over the years that I didn't care for. A Trouble Out 5w I ended up giving to a friend (he loves it btw) and a KE4 hybrid that I still have but rarely take out of the closet. It's the previous model. I think it's the Proforce V2 I built it with that I don't get along with. Feels very boardy. Anyway, finally pulled the trigger on a 21 degree HyWay with a Kuro Kage. Hoping to replace the 5w spot in my bag that I have no confidence in. It's a club I pull 175-200 out or long par 5 second shots. If I get along with it, I may look at the KE4 4w, but I have rarely had any consistent luck with fairway woods. Maybe an FDI would be a better choice.
  21. The TSW 52 in my bag is the money club. I wish they made a 48. Absolutely love this wedge. Best wedge I've ever played. I have a KBS in it right now, but I might try out that setup Popeye has.
  22. I play them standard length. 42.5 for the 915F
  23. I've been debating for a little while now and maybe this is the right place to ask. Has anyone compared the SIM Max fairway (5w is what I am looking at) and/or hybrid to the KE4 TC equivalents? Distance while important isn't the main focus, I'm mostly concerned with turf interaction on the fairway. Distance and accuracy are more important for the hybrid to me. I'm looking to replace a 915F 5w and a BB19 4h with one or the other. Just for consideration, I only use a fw from the fairway when I've missed with my driver short on a par 4 or in excellent position on a par 5 with little danger presented if I go for it. Maybe once every 2 months from the tee box. So needless to say dropping $250+ on the SIM gives me pause despite all of the positive reviews they get and the fond memories of my V-Steel days. The hybrid is my money club from 170-180, so it's one I pull 5-6 times a round. My miss with everything is a pull left that comes from a somewhat flatter swing plane and setting up a bit with a closed face. Sometimes I find it hard to set the club face up neutral with certain clubs. One concern with the Maltby clubs are that all black finish/face will exaggerate that tendency, but I could probably adjust with some time and practice. The SIM look easier in this regard at least.
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