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  1. November to April a couple of years ago. Won a match on a golf trip with my all time low score. Felt like I was retiring on a high note for a bit… came out in April and could barely touch the ball. Never again.
  2. Best ball match play. Good front nine. Number 10: lost the hole but played it well. Number 11: mega drive, mega 3 wood, partial wedge to 10 feet, good 2 putt. Won the hole. Number 12: drive of a lifetime - dead center fairway and 20 yards past the other players, help opponent look for ball (sportsmanship!), swing AND MISS the 50 yard pitch. I was flabbergasted / horrified / embarrassed. Pitched it within a few feet, two putt, bogey. Not an awful hole by any means on the score sheet BUT I swung and missed. I can blame it on looking for someone else’s ball too long or his partner bo
  3. Thank you for the encouragement... I’ve been on the fence a while. Luckily I need new grips on them anyway so I’ll have them extend the butt. I have massive issues coming over the top with them currently which I have basically no issue with on my extended irons. I feel like I can’t “get the club head out there” with the wedges if that makes sense.
  4. 6’3, 18 handicap. +1” on all irons, standard hybrid and 4 wood, 1” short (44.5” playing length) driver. All feel like a good length. Honestly I putt and chip awful... strike the full swings more like a single digit handicap. Wedges are standard but I feel like they need lengthened.
  5. - Callaway X-20 Tour Irons (3-PW but I use 4-PW) - I’ve had them for over a decade and likely won’t change soon - Bettinardi BB8 - likely from early 00s. Bought on eBay recently for $75 to replace my dreaded Stroke Lab Double Wide. It has the gold colored insert. Played one round with it and loved it. Starting to think I’m not an oversized grip and plastic insert kind of guy.
  6. In the opposite way that Steve Jobs would have designed a putter... the Stroke Lab face for me “just doesn't work”. I tried a Stroke Lab Double Wide in store and bought it. Since then, and I can’t explain it, but I just hate it. It feels severely different on pure strikes than slightly off strikes. It marks up easily. I can’t find any sort of pendulum feel, etc. Does anyone else have the same problem? I’m thinking of switching putters but I feel silly buying another putter after just paying $150+ on this paperweight. Thinking of a Cleveland Huntington Beach.
  7. My average round increased by about 15 strokes - ironically I haven’t been able to play enough rounds to see an impact on my actual handicap. Awful ball striking, no touch, etc. I play the game for the good strikes and I’ve been chunking hybrids (didn’t even know that was possible). In other words, trying to break 85 has since slipped to barely breaking 100. With all of that said, it’s been worth every bad shot to be a parent. How about you guys?
  8. Thank you so much! Do you view the CK non-pro and new CK made for OEM model as worth spending $$$ on? Honestly I just realized how light my current driver shaft is and I think I need to get into a ~60g shaft ASAP to start getting used to a more correct weight shaft, even if it’s not my forever shaft. Is there a wide eBay fakes market? I’ll make sure and watch the shaft lengths that I like.
  9. I’m kind of an idiot regarding shafts. I like the weight and feeling of the Project X Rifle 6.0 (+1”) in my X-20 Tour irons and I have a new (to me) G410 hybrid with a Fujikura Pro 2.0 8 stiff shaft that feels much nicer (I believe since it’s a heavier shaft). Around a 105 mph driver swing, and I’m currently hitting a 45g Evenflow Red Stiff in a SIM Max head. I might get fit, but I only have around $150 to spend on a shaft so I want to be prepared with what items are in my range. A golfer I trust recommended the Tensei line to me. It’s soooooo confusing to look
  10. I have a ten year old Honda worth $3500. My golf clubs and bag are worth about $1200. So 34% for me... how about you?
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