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  1. Appreciate the link. You know Matt Damon in good will hunting? Well I didn't feel like him when reading that, I felt like Ben Affleck's character. Lol.
  2. I'd prefer to not have to cake on a bunch and would have liked them closer but I do get the overall theme of performance matters most vs cosmetic. I'm not an iron head cover guy lol and these will get beat up but would have liked them closer and tweaked from there. I believe this pic is from Scott piercy's bag. Not what want but we'll see.
  3. Thank you Mr. Jones. The shop I go to has a frequency machine, no idea what kind or the clamp. I will take an ungripped club to them and see if their machine and readings are applicable to the chart you have provided. Thanks again.
  4. Good replies. As for keeping lead vs not, will that hosel weight insert kind of react as if you placed weight on the heel of the head itself, thus creating a more draw bias? I play a draw and now that has me worrying.
  5. Thank you Howard. I've read a lot of your replies/info via the Google over the years and appreciate your detailed response. I am in no way trying to take the easy way out on this one lol but my expertise in this sorta stuff is extremely new/limited, so in reading your response has me wondering exactly what I have with my mp14s? Were these light shafts with a better/stiffer tolerance? My dad put my mp14s together for me 22 years ago, and he thought they were 6.0 or even 5.5....That random 6.5 I put in the picture was just a club I had laying around unrelated to my mp14s to try and compare to my
  6. So I had a random 3 iron with a 6.5 prec rifle in it. I pulled the head and weighed the shaft. It came out at 119, it's just over 38 inches long. 38 and 1/8. Which gets me 3.12 grams per inch. I took a picture of the shaft. I'm really wanting to know what my mp14 shafts are but my measurements aren't corresponding to the weights given earlier. This 6.5 should have come out around 3.30 per inch compared to the weight per inch. Which means the shaft I weighed should have weighed around 126 grams but it's at 119. So this is where I sit, unknown rifle from mp14= 3.13 grams per inch
  7. Golf shop had it at 118, so that's good news my kitchen scale is on point. Lol
  8. Also the swing weight on this 4 iron was a d5, which felt good in college. When I pulled the club head I expected to see a weight in the shaft. I guess the mp14 head was heavy but there was a ton of glue inside the tip of the shaft, could that excess glue have created an extra swing weight?
  9. So I just pulled the head, cleaned off all the glue around and inside the shaft, cut the grip off and cleaned off all the tape. This was my old 4 iron. Length is 37 and 5/8. So just over 37 and a half inches. Which in decimal, 37.62. The weight using a food scale came out to 118. 118 divided by 37.62 gives me 3.13 grams per inch. I will take it to the golf shop for a proper weighing of the shaft. So leaning closer to 6.0 maybe?
  10. I've got the super stroke s tech cords on them. Which are 50.5 grams.
  11. The store I ordered from said they will make it right, either buy contacting mizuno and a re order or pulling the heads themselves and adding an insert weight. I know there are plenty of folks who play with lead tape caked on. A strip here or there is fine with me but 3 thick pieces of high density tape I'm not fond of after spending $1300. but for testing the shaft purposes I can manage over the next week or two with a lot of lead tape to figure out if the shaft is gonna work.
  12. Just got my mp20s, they were suppose to come out at a D3 from what I was told when we ordered from mizuno. When I felt them I knew they were light. They all came out around a D0 to D0.5. I'm in the test phase with these with the shafts, not sure they are going to work but I need to definitely give them a fair shake with the proper swing weight. I have higher density lead tape on hand. Each strip is about a swing weight, so I'm going to need 3 strips roughly. What is the proper placement? Should they be stacked directly on each other or kinda spaced out towards the bottom? I took a picture of
  13. Iron - Mizunono mp14 Shaft precision rifle 5.5, could be 6.0 Loft 36 degrees, lie 58.5 7 iron carry 195 yds. Playing at 4,200 ft elevation. If it's a really warm day, no wind, I'll swing a little harder and hit it from 200.
  14. Also I believe it was mentioned before. National jr events are critical. For me it was Ajga events, qualifying and playing in the U.S. jr am's, Jr. World, etc....single biggest thing when being recruited were those national events. I know traveling to events can be a cost/time restraint but those local qualifiers for national events should be a focus. Highschool golf was what we considered a "mental break", it was fun but wasn't taken very seriously. But goals depending on ability matter, I'm sure there are plenty of stories of kids focusing on making the highschool roster as a freshman and o
  15. I apologize if this has been covered. I read a lot of good info in the replies. During my recruiting process, I did like was mentioned, I wrote to schools I was interested in to put myself on the radar at national jr events. It was always nice to see coaches show up to these events and already had a connection with you while watching you play. When it came time to early commit, I declined offers from better schools where I knew it might not have been a guarantee I would play right away. I went with what I considered at the time a mid tier program, a place where I knew I would play but also a
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