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  1. I'm amazed at the comments about not wanting to buy cause of the script. Are people concerned about the script because you're "collecting" them and not going to play them? I only care about the looks when it comes to address, that's where a club is truly good looking or not. You could put a Dallas cowboys logo on the back for all I care and that's about as ugly as it gets. If the address looks good and they feel good, then it's a go for an order. I hope these have copper underlay and feel as good as my mp14s.
  2. appreciate the info. I have some interesting numbers with my golf swing. I'm high launch but low spin. I need as much spin help as possible but also have to be careful on a shaft that I don't hit to the moon. It makes it tricky.
  3. I called mizuno, just the 800 number. I spoke to a customer support person. They said they have kept a lot of the staff in the dark about the release. He compared it to the secrecy of the coca cola recipe. I guess there is a big meeting in August to discuss all of the order stuff/release. The support person indicated orders most likely being filled in the spring but not sure on Preorders. I'd think January would be a good estimate on a preorder. I'd love to see in hand pics at least to see how these look at address. I couldn't careless about the script on the back of the club, I don't hit the
  4. So I just had the golf shop call me. I had an order in for the MP20's. The golf shop said mizuno contacted them and said they are unable to fill the order and they're done for the mp20s... This was a revised order from my previous MP20. So the golf shop is going to give me store credit. So looks like I will be waiting for the MP22's. lol.... I truly hope these are a tad bit "heftier" like the MP5's... I think if they could come up the heft of the mp5 but the feel of the mp20's than it would be a homerun.
  5. So I read past threads. Basically you want to go up a flex and use an 8 iron shaft? My question is what would be the result of using the same flex 8 iron instead of going up a flex? Just too light/whippy/balloony? Also, do most folks do this just for there most lofted wedge for pitch shots and 3/4 shot stuff? Is it not really a thing for gap wedges etc? Thanks for any info.
  6. I have a set of clubs with Modus 120x coming. I'm due for some new wedges and wondering what shaft would pair well? I use a 56, 60, and 64. I mainly use the 56 and 60 for full shots. I do hit a lot of full shots with the 64 but a ton of pitch shots and what not. I was tempted to go 120x in the 56 and 60 since I use them mainly for full shots. but the 64 degree is where I would like some recommendations on a more "spinny" shaft for those pitch shots and what not. Appreciate any info/insight.
  7. Appreciate the replies, sounds like I'm on the right track with the Bridgestone.
  8. Curious which ball has high green side spin? I've bought some Bridgestone tour bx s to try. Wondering how those stack up against Tm tour response? Or others? Thanks for any info.
  9. Hadn't thought about swingweight. Thank you. My old ones are heavy. D6ish, could save me from tip inserts or lead tape. My old mp14 6 iron head was 267 grams, mp20 6 iron head 260 grams.
  10. So, I have new set of mp20s. I had been playing mp14s. Lofts are two degrees stronger on the 20s. I'm definitely hitting them farther, less spin with each club etc...rather than bending them weaker which reduces offset, increases bounce, I'm a sweeper, I know 2 degrees really shouldn't affect much but I'd rather not mess with loft unless it was to go stronger.. So, if I just label every club differently in my mind,new 9 is really an 8, new 7 really a 6. Etc. Well, here's the real question, I am reshafting them, so would I want to put my normal length 6 iron shaft in the 7 iron head and play it
  11. Had a chance to hit a project x 6.5 soft stepped twice. Felt really good. I'm curious if I were to do this through the set when I get up in the higher clubs would the 7 iron shaft go into the 9 iron and the 8 iron shaft go into the pitching wedge? I wasn't sure if the 9 iron and pitching wedge had the same shaft. Thank you.
  12. I took the guard off for the picture, I also wear safety glasses for the sparks.
  13. Is this blade ok for shaft cuttin? Steel shaft specifically. I checked the blade and it's in rough shaft, so just wondering if this blade is ok and I'll just buy a new one of the same kind that's in better shape or if there's a specific one you find that works better? Thanks for any info.
  14. I was gifted a callaway epic speed 5 wood, with the IM10 70g, 6.0 flex mid spin shaft. I hit it too high, head feels good and I get good distance but just too high for my preference/needs. I'm able to do a one time exchange. I'm moving to a 70 gram driver shaft from a 60g and that's why I'm looking to go 80 gram on the 5 wood. Should I see a fairly noticeable difference in trajectory with that smoke black 80 gram in a stiff? Are they night and day difference between those shafts? They seem to be just looking at the characteristics. I'm just not able to find a place to test any 80g shafts in a
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