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  1. Is there any specific stamp on the inside of the grip? I have one from eBay and I thought it was legit but am second guessing. It says "Taiwan" and "Golf Pride P 10 60" stamped inside. I believe the ones installed on the shaft is (midsize and left) are real and the one on the right (standard) is in question
  2. I had a warranty on a set of irons and they sent me the new sim 2 max, but in the meantime I picked up a set of M4s that I really enjoy using so those will stay in the bag for now. It's around 850 plus wait time from TM so save over a $100 and grab them here. NEW Sim 2 Max 4-PW / RH / Stiff KBS Max 85 / Z grip / Std lie, loft $sold TaylorMade M2 2016 4 iron (like new) / New MCC Plus 4 grip std $old
  3. current opinion is hybrids are harder to use than a wood, maybe I'm just bad but I hook the hybrid mostly and have a hard time getting good contact
  4. I'm probably in the minority but had a set of irons delayed from May 1 to May 15 but they ended up arriving last week!
  5. The 8i trick when you're really close to green works great! I incorporate it every once in a while but I think I should practice a bit more to get a feel for the stroke speed.
  6. I'm in the same dilemna currently gaming an old odyssey white hot xg, the 2 ball ten felt great when I rolled it and the milled face was very different. I may stick with the ten since the soft feeling was quite nice and I didn't have too much of an issue adapting
  7. Nice job, love seeing the deconstruction to see how it's made
  8. I use the same principle since I'm also LE and RH
  9. This thread makes me really want to go thrift store hunting! too bad there isn't a big thrift store market like where I used to live
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