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  1. 1) Get Away and clear your mind. Focus on something fun to do and wash away everything else for a few hours 2) Always something to improve. Its never ending. There is always more to do, tweak, practice. So it never gets stale 3) Love being outside and enjoying the weather. 4) Get way to spend time with friends/family
  2. If I miss I slice so no worries with being left haha have you played Valencia? That seems to pop up a lot too with good reviews
  3. Sold, but I'm looking online and it says Hammock bay is a country club? I can't find anywhere online to book a tee time
  4. I looked at pictures of Raptor Bay and it looks really....flat? Sort of boring if that makes sense? I'm extremely indecisive haha I might just end up playing the Lely Mustang course one day then come back and play the Flamingo course the other day since those 2 seem to be really good from the general consensus
  5. That course looks really nice but they don't have their prices posted online. Do you know what it costs per round?
  6. Got it I figured, a lot of reviews of Tiburon say how over priced it is just because of the Norman name. I think I'm going to do the Lely Flamingo course and either Hammock Bay, the National or Raptor Bay. Raptor bay has a lot of good reviews
  7. I play Callaway X-24 Hot irons (i know outdated) and they are the same all black w/ graphite shafts. After playing them for 9 years you will notice the black starts to fade and wear off and it turns into silver, especially on the wedges and clubs you hit a lot. It is actually kind of cool because now some of my iron faces have this silver/black fade gunmetal thing going on.
  8. Thank you! Random question but do private courses ever let the public make tee times if you call in advance? Places like Royal Poinciana, Wilderness CC, Naples Grande, ect? Or is there no chance. Also, is Tiburon worth the crazy $279 price tag or no?
  9. Honestly, its amazing lol I know its cheap, I know I wanted to spend big money on a Oddessy or Taylormade, I know it looks goofy but MAN has it helped my putting. It comes with a oversized triangle shaped grip and everything that fits in your hands really naturally. The red/white lines on the top help you so much in nailing pretty much anything inside 10 feet. My confidence level has gone through the roof on those 5-10 foot putts that I would almost always miss with my Ping blade putter. The only draw back is that it doesnt have a insert so it doesnt feel super smooth on impact as
  10. I just bought a Ray Cook putter at a local golf shop, they are definitely still around as you stated but now they are more 'budget friendly option'. Its essentially a knock off of the Spider putter. The gentlemen that worked there told me if you want to switch to a mallet style putter, spend the $75 on the Ray Cook version of the Spider to see if you like it first before spending $300 on the Taylormade. I took his word and here were are. No more Ping blade putter, but a Ray Cook budget mallet lol Back to the topic, I did some digging for you and found a identical putter
  11. Nice, I have 4 sleeves of the Pro and 2 sleeves of the Tour in my bag. I want to see if I can actually feel a difference between the two. Maybe play the Tour on one 9 and the Pro on the back 9.
  12. Let them have it, my buddy plays the neon red Vice ball and I dont understand how anybody can hit a ball with a color design on it. It screws with my eyes when I address the ball too much lol
  13. Yeah their marketing is fantastic. They went straight for that 18-35 year old crowd and it worked as the 'cool' or 'trendy' ball to play. Got me to buy a box haha
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