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  1. haha yeah that is a really nice watch but in order for me to afford it its going to have to come down in price about $400 lol I was looking at the new Garmin S42 thats $299 and seems to have some 'everyday watch' functionality. The one function I want that the S20 does not have is vibrate for notifications. Its really nice getting text alerts on your watch when you pair it to your phone but I miss them 90% of the time because there is no vibrate....unless Im missing it
  2. My slice has gotten way better by taking my 9 to a 10.5 so I am afraid to change it back. I hit absolute moonshots now at 10.5 but if it helps with the slice, I cant go back and Im afraid to even try lol Dumb noobie question BUT everybody says a driver has a lot of spin----what does that mean? Why would somebody want a high spin or low spin? I have a high swing speed and have trouble with keeping it straight, would I want a low spin driver then like the Ping G425 LST?
  3. Hey all, I have the Garmin s20 and it was my first GPS watch. I love it and cant believe I ever golfed without the ability to just glance at my wrist and know my exact yardage. Its really changed my game. However, I know its more of a entry level watch and it does have some quirks with it that are difficult at times. Ive golfed with a few friends recently (who all have iphones and apple watches) and they kept saying to me "Man I wish I had one of those, does my apple watch have a golf app?, ect, ect) It got me thinking...I have found myself wearing my s20 around a lot after a round and I am very used to wearing a watch now. Looking to take the next step and upgrade next year. So thats my question..is there is a good golf watch out there that also functions as a nice normal smart watch that pairs with your phone? More like a daily driver smart watch that has good golf GPS options? Does the S40 have this or do I have to spend $500+ on a top of the line watch for this?
  4. Went there for my honeymoon a few years ago....best place Ive ever been to in my life. I dont remember crazy wind though you are all talking about on the resort/south side of the island. North side of the island was a different story. Anyway, played Divi Links course. Solid course that feeds your appetite, but nothing out of this world. You can kinda tell golf isnt their thing, they have it just because people who vacation there want to play golf. Its like they have it so they can say they have it type thing.
  5. Played in a tournament when I was younger. Got nerves on the 1st tee with everybody watching. Sliced my first 2 shots OB. After I pulled out my 4iron I was hitting 6 in the fairway. Finished with a 11-12 to open the tournament. Not great Bob. But in casual golf with friends we have a rule that you cannot exceed double Par for the hole. So the worst you can take on a Par5 is a 10, Par4 is a 8, ect. It helps keep everyones emotions in check that they didnt just take a 14 a ruin their entire round in 1 hole.
  6. That's half my gripe, the vast majority of courses are morons. There has been a very very small amount of times where a course that I've paid decent money to go to has went anything close to out of their way to accommodate their customers. Even if it is something as stupid as them putting another hotdog on the grill for me at the turn. They all operate with a "this is how we do it, like it or not, suck it" I can keep going with horrible stories too. Mind you, I'm a weekend warrior so I only probably golf 20-25x per year so when I have a bad experience it sticks out more than a guy who plays 3x per week. I paid $135 for a course in FLA on vacation. Paid $50 rider fee for my wife for absolutely zero reason since they filled out the group with 3 others. We got some overpriced food/drink and the whole day came out to be over $200. It started pouring down rain 6-7 holes through (and I was only 2 over ha!). We got back to the clubhouse and I asked the guy simply "hey man, this rain isn't going to stop, we are not from here, is there anyway I can get a refund for the back 9 even though I only played 6 holes since I will be unable to use a raincheck considering I live 10 states away" He laughed at me and my wife and said sorry but "absolutely not" Now, I understand they already have my money. I understand that if I can't make a raincheck then tough sh*t. BUT this was a prime example of one of those times I'm talking about where a course could have done something nice for a customer and maybe made a tiny exception and refund me 9 holes to keep a customer satisfied. Instead I got laughed at for even asking in front of my wife. So at the end of the day, we drove back to our place 35min mad as hell the entire way that we just dropped $200+ dollars for 6 holes of golf and still a waste of our entire morning.
  7. I feel like your correct in a sense. A lot of the courses I have been to that try to mandate 4somes its hard to tell if they read above a 3rd grade level sometimes. Its often a complete disaster trying to organize everything from the clubhouse to the Starter to the groups. They are trying to figure out who is here at the course or not, if some of the group payed yet, where they are at and if they are ready to play, ect. Its a total cluster*** getting off of the first teebox. On top of that when 4somes pack the course you might as well kick your feet up because its going to be a loooong day. 1/2 of my hatred for pairings comes from playing partners themselves (like the guy who kept being condescending to my 1st time friend) or the college bros a few weeks earlier that were getting drunk out of their minds on the course. The other 1/2 of my hatred from pairings comes from the course themselves who seemingly more times than not have no idea how to handle it. A few weeks ago a friend and I went out and waited on the first teebox for our playing partners. The Starter told us to wait and let 2 other groups pass us to see if our other playing partners were going to show up. Enough time passed and he let us go off as a 2some. We are on the green putting on the first hole and the Starter comes racing down the fairway at us. He says "your playing partners showed up, go ahead and wait for them to play the 1st hole and meet up on the 2nd teebox." We were livid. We probably spent 35 mins waiting for these clowns and the Starter just wouldnt let it go and let us play. So yes, I feel like I have very legitimate gripes with mandating 4somes IMO and thats where my desire for wanting to play with my own group comes from. I understand the courses need their money by filling out groups--but your not going to ruin my day of golf and put everyone in a bad mood because the courses more times than not are too inept to handle it.
  8. That was my argument against 4somes and pace of play. Both courses seemed equally busy and Course B just seemed like they didn't know how to handle it. They were frantically trying to put people together, find out if they were even at the course yet, ect.... Course A just let people go out in whatever grouping they signed up for and it was a much quicker and less stressful event. If course B just did what course A did and let people who are ready at the tee go off it would have IMO been much better
  9. Rarely. For example, at this course I went this past Saturday. I booked my tee time for 2 players and showed up and it was just us. There was a 3some in front of us and a 2some behind us. It was 11:00am on a Saturday. The course played fine while also being busy, we rarely ever waited and if we did, it was just for a few moments for the group to get off the green in front of us. We listened to music, we had fun, got to catch up with eachother, we played at a comfortable pace generally, ect. I love this course, its just too expensive now that they nearly doubled their prices. Its now the most expensive public course in the whole city. However, the course I played on Sunday mandated the 4somes. It was chaotic, hectic, we got hit into on multiple different occasions and we waited 5-10min on every single hole while playing with a 1st timer who took a quintuple bogey on every hole. 5.5hr round and those were at a 10min interval with tee times. It was expensive as hell, unhelpful employees and we got read the riot act by the starter before going off.
  10. The demand in my area is not nearly that high. People golf, but local courses are not flooded. There are a few courses that are really popular so I know what Im getting there, but the vast majority have a steady stream on weekends but nothing that makes you pull your hair out. Half of these courses Im talking about dont even have Starters or Rangers. You just get your cart key from the clubhouse when you pay, hit the snack bar for any food/drinks you want and then roll up on the 1st tee. Sometimes your told your playing with randoms and sometimes your not. When it is packed, Ive seen people see carts piled up on the 1st tee and head straight to the 10th tee box to play the course backwards. That actually happened to me over the weekend. We came out from the turn and there was this guy with his 11 year old son teeing it up on the 10th tee who was never in front of us. People just do what they want and play. Its not some super strict, rule enforcing type of stuffy enviorment typically found at higher end clubs where you feel like your being watched 24/7 by a Marshall. They are fairly nice courses too for being public, not dog tracks. The course Im taking about is probably nice enough to be a private course if it wanted to. I just dont think the state/area I am in has that high of a demand for golf where nearly every course has the whole 9 yards and people are frothing at the mouth to get a tee time 7 days prior.
  11. False-- the general consensus is that I am a completely idiotic, entitled, two-faced a*hole if I even as so much request something of the golf course because nothing is expected of them but to let me play golf. Nothing more, nothing less. Pay money, show up, golf and hope it doesnt suck. If you have a bad time because of the pairings or staff, tough sh*t its a business--try again next week.
  12. Thats true, but I think we play in extremely different areas. I think what everybody needs to understand is not every golf course is the same and/or operates the same. The golf courses around me dont operate like the golf courses probably around you or have the same demand as the courses around you--so its all different for everyone. Im looking online right now and one of the nicer courses in the area has probably 15+ different tee times open right now for the rest of the afternoon all 8-9min apart. Which tells me they currently dont have many (if any) people playing from 2pm-7pm. Thats where I keep saying general public neighborhood course is not constantly booked with 4somes every 10min of every day.
  13. When they called and said "I would like a tee time for 10:15" was your response "We can get you off with another group at 10:15 but if you would not like to be paired up we can get a twosome off at Noon, what works better for you?" Because again, no local run of the mill course is booked every 10 mins with a 4some every single day.
  14. Im not acting like its my own place, Im putting in a simple request to ***ON OCCASION*** not be paired up **IF THE COURSE HAS THE ROOM** Im not asking for this every time I go out, but now we are just running in circles. I understand if the course is swamped and cant make it happen, no crap, but at the same time I expect the course to give the option IF they have some open times available to go out independently and not just automatically pair you up in hopes that some random group will walk into their clubhouse asking for open tee times.
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