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  1. Thinking of doing the same so interested in how this works out!
  2. also interested! Just picked up the IV and the stability shaft is on sale here- the tip of the shaft is .370. Will that work with the IV?
  3. Ok, I'm ready to step to the irons- the only question i have is with the shaft choice- if im playing an elevate 105 s, is the elevate tour stiff going to be too heavy? I don't have much experience with heavier shafts and the only other club i've hit has the 95 r which is too soft for me. I'm thinking the elevate tours, but just concerned about weight- seems crazy I can't get the 105s stock but oh well.
  4. thanks for that- i did indeed, sorry. I'm looking at the blackjack but if there is a lot of similarities maybe i just continue with the heppler. New to golf and already chasing every tiny little advantage or improvement for my game club wise, probably overly so ha
  5. i have a ping heppler ketsch and while i can align it well the face seems a bit hard for me- are these likely to be softer. also ping tells me i have a slight arc- what shaft option would best suit that?
  6. if the pitching wedge is 42* and my current gap wedge (cbx2) is 50*, should I get another CBX2 in 46* to fill the gap or...? the set gap wedge at 48* seems to close, but may o considerably further than the 50 anyway?
  7. Any initial comparisons between the two heads? I have a Mavrik and was thinking about the Max LS due to all the talk here. Or is the difference not that noticeable?
  8. good question! I've ordered a 505x at playing length of 45.45" so trying to figure out i need to do to the head weight and still maintain some forgiveness
  9. Great to know. Thanks so much for that- I have ordered a 2 g weight and am looking at 45.45" with the X. thanks for the reply
  10. Hi all, Sorry to post without really adding benefit here but I am wanting to order an autoflex before the money I've set aside for it gets swallowed up by something entirely less fun. I have a standard mavrik head and no real club fitter nearby- should i ask for the shaft to be shortened? if so what sort of length? it seems like 45.5 might be best of both worlds but what length shaft would that be with a callaway adaptor? and what sort of changes should i be making to adapt the swing weight? order in a 2g weight to replace the (what i understand to be) 5g it comes with? Sorry, this
  11. so to have the playing length be 45.5" with a mavrik head and 505X I would need to ask for the butt to be cut to 44.25" including adaptor? is that right? and would that be a viable swing weight with a normal grip? and thats a pretty good overall length I'm going to get one from torque golf in singapore i think- just want to make sure im getting the optimum length and very new to all this so I don't really know what length shaft to ask for. no club fitters near me to help either.
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