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  1. Thanks so much for posting this video - in all my many frustrating years of study and lessons i had never discovered or had explained this concept but it makes so much when they show the motion of the major winners. So glad i found this forum.
  2. I just took a couple of videos from early days (2 days in) so I can see if starting to get some of the early rotation and whip. Will be interesting to compare to maybe a few weeks or month down the road to see how movements are (or are not) getting ingrained. As usual I’m impatient so had to hit some balls to see if working or not. Hit a few good 8 irons (the one in one video went 148) and one other I tried to film (but messed up) went 158. However most went 135ish so no real consistent gain yet but as always I want it all now and lack patience. Definitely felt like had more and earlier hip ro
  3. Right on thanks for the confirmation, inspires me to get down to the basement and continue training. Good luck with your injury recovery.
  4. So far so good. Made it halfway through the video and my repaired disc is holding up. I’m the one that’s worn out already lol! So far my only suggestion for video improvements would be how many reps of each of the exercises should one do, and when is it logical to move on to the next exercise in the training sequence. I think I may sign into one of Marcus’s YouTube live sessions to inquire about this. But so far the movements to bring in the ground forces are not something I’ve ever tried in swinging the club before (but obviously are something that better golfers do in an efficient swing)
  5. Ok glued it with JB Weld Plastic Bonder at 3, it’s been 5 hours, supposed to cure in 30 minutes here goes nothing..... if nothing else good comes from my posts at least we will know the best way to fix broken disks.
  6. Thanks. I don’t have clubmaking epoxy but I did a bit of research and will be going to pick some up later today. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  7. I will take that under advisement as well since I can’t make to the closest store that has gorilla adhesive spray before they close in 6 minutes. Time to watch my tape of Live at the Masters anyways lol.
  8. Thanks I will do - just off to store now so will pick some up.
  9. Thank god I found my dremel. Almost gave up and sat down to watch live from the masters. Would have taken years to scrape off the old glue and my superglue. It’s nice and scuffed now so hopefully holds better this time. Really would be nice to get going with device so can report on my experience so others can benefit. Fingers crossed repair try 2 holds this time.
  10. Very frustrated at the moment. Finally scratch out some time to start the exercises per the video, and the first time i try out my self repaired disk with the board, the magnet comes apart from the disk again. Check the tracking of the new disks - estimate April 28! @##$&&*(())’!!!!! so instead of repairing my swing, I’m off to the garage to try and repair my disk again. Tempted to drill a couple holes and countersink some screws but would probably end up cracking the entire disk. I’m going to sand or Dremel off the excess glue this time. Not sure what the
  11. It’s a single video but it is two hours long and very comprehensive. I feel better about the price i paid for the board (and video) now given that i thought i was only getting the board when i purchased it. It’s basically as if i paid for a lesson without having to travel to the UK. Plus i don’t mind supporting Marcus given how much free information he gives out already by sharing portions of his lessons.
  12. So i studied George Knudsen’s Natural Golf Swing for around 7 years in the 90s. One of the key tenets from that swing was control the center to control the motion. Also rotate to load, and transfer weight to the finishing position to unload. The arms, hands, and club will go where the body takes them. Looking back on those teachings now, i could never appreciate the vertical ground forces being applied, nor do i recall them being talked about. Or maybe they were and despite wearing out the vhs tape and two copies of the book i was too dense to pick it up. To me, it appears after watching the z
  13. I think you can buy the training video off Vimeo but i think it was around $300 US. How did you get the board without getting the video? I had only one choice when buying could not purchase board only but glad i got the video too certainly lays out the path to learning his swing it appears. Time will tell.
  14. So the board was delayed a few days in transit but i finally opened up the package Friday night. Unfortunately one of the spinning disks was broken, either in shipping (or by customs) but the zen folks have agreed to send me another set of disks. Nonetheless i watched the two hour video and did a few of the drills that did not require both disks. I definitely noticed a lot lot of whip using just the balance board - the drill where you bang the front of the board down to change club direction is particularly useful. I have superglued the magnet back on to the disk that was broken, and after it
  15. Wow looks like you have some good whip into that. Loved the impact sound. Kudos keep going!
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