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  1. 5 for me at the moment. Driver - Callaway Wood - Titleist Hybrid - Ping Irons - Mizuno Wedges - Vokey Putter - TP Mills Ball - Titleist
  2. Jack, Tiger, Jones, Arnie, Hogan, Hagan, Player, Snead, Sarazen, Watson, Vardon, Seve. Not sure about the specifics of that order after the first few, but there’s pretty easily ten there that i’d have above Phil on my all time list. While i don’t have him quite cracking the top 10 i’d have him top 15 and i don’t think being somewhere 8-10 or 11-15 is really that different. Either is pretty darn good. And closing the deal tomorrow, at 51, will definitely help his case.
  3. Thanks for looking! Any questions or want any more pics, just let me know. They're great putters, but I don't use them so they need to go. Have a scotty oil cloth that I’ll include with the first one to go. CLAIMED 1. Scotty Cameron Oil Can Newport Great shape and a wonderful patina. If you dig Jordan's putter this is the one for you. Original headcover included. 34", 68*, 3*. $350 shipped. SOLD 2. Scotty Cameron Sante Fe Also in great shape. Love some patina, but a flow neck man? Check this one out. 34", 68*, 3*. Scotty headcover, but not the original (see pics). $350 shipped. SOLD 3. Scotty Cameron Newport Classic Black oxide and a beauty. Finish is in great shape. Original headcover included. 34", 68*, 3*. $350 shipped. SOLD 4. Scotty Cameron Newport Classic Another black oxide newport. Also in great shape, but not quite as good as the one above (same great carbon scotty feel though, so great gamer!). Two minor spots on the flange. Don't have a scotty headcover for this one, but i'll ship it with a headcover of some kind. 34", 68*, 3*. $300 shipped. SOLD 5. Ping PLD Prime Tyne 4 Brand new, never rolled anywhere except the rug. Tags still on. Best tyne putter out there in my opinion. 35", standard length/lie. $500 shipped. SOLD 6. Callaway Customs Mavrik Brand New, never hit. Tags still on. Don't like the orange color? Sweet black version here. Aldila Rogue White 60g stiff. 9 degree. Standard length. $350 shipped. SOLD 7. Ping BeNi B60 Really great vintage ping. Feels amazing, but needs a new grip. A little bit of rust on the shaft, but nothing that affects that playability. $125 shipped. SOLD #1 - Pics #2 - Pics #3 - Pics #4 - Pics #5 - Pics #6 - Pics #7 - Pics pin 5/19
  4. The prime tyne 4 is definitely a nice smaller size for that type of putter.
  5. About 3 weeks after we discussed details and I paid him, but that was in february so his turnaround time could definitely be longer at this point. It’s well worth the wait. I expect mine to be in the bag for a long time.
  6. Got this one from him a few weeks ago. The man is a master. I think it looks amazing (my photos don’t even come close to doing it justice), but the balance and feel that are most impressive - second to none.
  7. Anybody try a tensei ck pro blue instead of the orange? I know they had that as one of the options in the g410 hybrids.
  8. Looking at the same two shafts for my hybrids. Anyone have any feedback?? Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I saw that on TGW as well, but the lies aren’t accurate so I’m not certain if the head sizes are either.
  10. Anyone know the head sizes of the tsi2 woods? I see 175cc listed on Titleist’s site, but I’m assuming that’s the 3-wood. Wondering specifically if the 16.5* 4-wood is the same size or smaller. Thanks!
  11. I'd have to agree, can't imagine that Taylormade had them make a 60 version for them because they thought it worked in their club that much better than the 65. Prior experience suggests it's because it has different materials/construction and is therefore cheaper. (Although I wish it was the former...)
  12. That's pretty interesting. Where have you seen Mitsubishi make that claim?
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