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  1. My Tensei White 75g Stiff shaft cracked on me so I am looking for something similar for my Epic Flash 3 wood. Must have Callaway adapter. Thanks.
  2. Maybe look into the Tensei Blue lineup? I once had a Tensei blue in my Epic Flash 3 wood which launched too high for me. It's a 15* 3w though. I have now switched to a Tensei white which has the better spin number and ball flight for me.
  3. Callaway: Driver and 3 wood Ping: 3 hybrid and irons Titleist: wedges Callaway: putter I try to keep each "type" of club the same manufacturer because to me they each have their own "feel". Just a personal preference though.
  4. Think I may have read this somewhere, but is it true the Vokey Wedge flex shafts are DG S200?
  5. Okay thank you that makes sense. I was treating it as if all steel wedge shafts weigh the same. Do you know if all Vokeys come from the factory with tip weights and how much weight it is? Or will it be apparent once I actually pull the shaft off?
  6. Is there a website where you can input shaft specs and it will tell you all shafts that meet those specs?
  7. I am looking to replace the shaft in my wedges and looked up a YouTube video on how to do it. In the video, they mention that there may be tip weights that may not be reusable after taking them out. Do all Vokey wedges come with tip weights? Does anyone else have any experience reshafting wedges?
  8. Do you machine wash them or take them to the cleaners to make the collar last longer?
  9. Yes very true. May just need to man up and spend the extra money haha
  10. Yes, my home course has small turtle back greens so that spin to keep it on the green is important.
  11. Thanks for that. And you know what now that you mention it, I was using a different ball than I usually use last weekend and noticed the ball was flying much further and not stopping on the green as quickly. I thought it was just me, but I did not even think it could possibly be the ball. Thanks for your advice.
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