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  1. I have the players 4 plus so it is a little bigger than the regulars players 4. Either way you can still fit anything you could need for a round in there especially if you are walking. I walked bethpage black with the Linksmaster and had no issues
  2. I have both and I think the Linksmaster carries lighter. It definitely has less storage since the leather is more rigid but I like that. Took me a bit to get used to the 3 way too but so far I’m a fan. Overall I’m taking the Linksmaster every time unless it’s a downpour
  3. Looking for a 34.5” or 35” phantom x 5.5
  4. 35” Evnroll ER2 w/ Gravity Grip. Head is in great shape and the grip shows some where but still has plenty of life left. Can include headcover. Price $old Titleist players 4 plus stadry. Awesome bag but decide to get a Linksmaster. Used for about 10 rounds with no real wear on it. Comes with headcover. Price 210 shipped OBO MCA Tensei Raw Blue 65g Stiff shaft. Comes with Titleist tip. Played 45.5 in a TSI2 driver. Used for less than 10 rounds and comes with MCC +4 midsize grip. Price $old TM M2 D-Type driver. Not sure the length and definitely shows some wear but a great 1st driver if anyone needs. Price $100 shipped Callaway rogue 3 hybrid. Club is in good shape but the grip definitely needs to be replaced. Price $75 shipped. pin 9/9
  5. I got mine in about 3 weeks. They have them in stock but are just slow to ship. If you call and say it’s urgent though they can get it out quicker.
  6. Just got my Linksmaster and it’s the nicest bag I’ve seen and definitely doesn’t feel that much heavier than my players 4 plus stadry
  7. Thanks. Is it that much better than the ocean. Obviously the ocean is more convenient since we are staying at the breakers.
  8. I am taking clients to play one of the courses at the breakers in PB. Is it worth the drive to get to the rees Jones course or should we play the ocean course. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Just stayed at pine needles the past two nights. The rooms are fine and nothing special but for a golf trip do the job. The bar and food at both were great. If you stay at pine needles try and stay at room 132. You have a small patio that leads to a pretty private putting green.
  10. Just ordered the Linksmaster. I think less pockets will be good for me
  11. Do they usually include the Linksmaster in the general catalogue. Thinking of getting one but wil wait for a new version if that happens.
  12. Thanks this is super helpful. Any problems with riding with either. I’m 50/50 on riding walking when I play. Also is there a big weight difference.
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