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  1. I'm about 3 months in with my 921 HMs and still super happy with them. I kind of wish I'd have gone for HMPs, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the HMs. Even off center strikes are going reasonably straight and far. No complaints.
  2. A. PW: JPX 921 Hot Metal, 50/55: T20, 60: RTX4 B. Yes, except for the LW. C. 44/50/55/60 - I don't love the 44/50 gap relative to 5 degrees everywhere else, but its more mental than anything. D. PW - no idea, 50 - S Grind/7*, 55 - M Grind/13*, 60 - Low/6* E. PW/50/55 - Project X 5.5, 60 - DG S400
  3. Glad to see they brought back a non center shafted Kushin. I have the Sigma G Kushin and like it a lot.
  4. My irons showed up today. 7 weeks exactly from the day I ordered. They are beautiful, but sadly the weather around here will be rainy for most of the next week so I have idea when I’ll be able to go hit them.
  5. I didn't get that much detail when I called. I also ordered on May 1, but regular Hot Metal with Project X 5.5 and MCC+ grips. I don't love hearing that they've got two days of orders to build before getting to May 1 orders. I was told when I called that they were on track to be shipped by the end of this week, which means I'll likely be at 7-7.5 weeks from order date when they arrive. I'm not far from the production facility though, so I might get mine within 24 hours of shipment... maybe.
  6. I had Puma Ignite Pwradapts in 11.5 and replaced them with Deltas in the same size without issue. Both are pretty close to my normal shoe size (11-12, depending on width).
  7. I called Friday (6/4), which was the 5 week mark when they said I should expect a tracking number. No tracking number available and I was told "you should have your irons by 6/15" but that was all they could give me. I guess that's closer to 7 weeks
  8. I ordered JPX921 Hot Metal, 4-PW, Project X 5.5, GP MCC+4 blue grips on 5/1 and was told 6 weeks. Waiting is the worst! I'll post an update when they come in.
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