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  1. No the shafts are raw new 46 inch length. My question was what should I cut the shafts for the clubs mentioned to make them the standard length for both clubs once installed. I was hoping someone had similar situation and knows the exact length for these clubs so I can just cut the butt end off at such and such inches and once installed would play to the standard lengths I mentioned.
  2. I looked through a lot of posts but couldn't find any info. I'm wanting to know what length to cut the graphite shafts for the driver and 3 wood. They both will be playing standard lengths when finished. So driver should be at 45.5 and 3 wood at 43.25. I'm putting in the Fujikura Ventus Black 6x in the driver and the 7x in the 3 wood. Thank you.
  3. I see. Thanks for that heads up. So what does the TC one's stand for?
  4. I was thinking this was a tour issue head. Looks like it has a TA serial.
  5. New to this Diamond thing. Can someone please fill me in on what triple diamond means on these clubs? Forgive my ignorance.
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