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  1. Apparently Callaway does not know how to use the REVERSE MIRROR IMAGE button on the 3D printer. Haha
  2. You guys seen that 3D Tour Cast feature on the PGA tour tournament page. Probably need a PC to really look at it good. But it shows their whole round hole by hole, shot shape, driver numbers from trackman. it’s pretty nice!
  3. That’s Stamina Pro. They make hokey pokey “Magical” patches. I ordered them once for like $25. They literally say on them that they are infused with electrons that are excreted from 200 beneficial nutrients. It’s all bullS... It’s really just a piece of KT tape . so just buy KT tape unless you want to help them print money and keep it.
  4. Anyone know what the belt clip attachment doo hickey Rory abs JT are wearing on their belts? is it a whoop (movement tracker) kinda deal? Looks pretty mid 2010-2020 era. Haha
  5. Had this issue in billiards, beat the snot out of anyone in money games but in “official” tourneys, could not get the hang of it. too much people yelling at you to “do this and leave the ball here”. realized later that I should have just pretended it was a money game and told them to shut it.
  6. Was watching Jason Kokrak play and dude just seems like such a grinder and fighter. wondering if you guys have come across some good reads in Articles or Books that discuss Grinding, Grittiness and Fighting out a round.
  7. He was on “on the mark” podcast before he invented it, and mentioned you could just use a piece of wood.
  8. Danny Willett is in TOTAL agreement
  9. That’s awesome, what area of the country? gotta be the south right?! Sounds like how I am with my work, I just have always gotten it without even trying. Golf? Ehhhh it’s a different understanding or mythical kinda deal.
  10. Anyone tired of the girl announcer on PGA tour live? She’s horrible! She giggles incessantly. absolutely love John McGuinnes though. That guy is a treasure
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