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  1. Anybody know what shaft is this? I think it came stock with a mavrik driver but cant find anything online...
  2. I have long debated whether https://dormieworkshop.com headcovers are worth its price. They are all, if not most, above $100 and thats basically a new wedge LOL. So it took some thinking before spending to get headcovers for my 5 wood and hybrid. But my buddy beat me to it and got some for my birthday earlier this year and let me tell you something..It is expensive BUT the quality is like nothing ive ever seen before in a headcover and ive owned quite a few headcovers. It took like 1 month-ish till i got the headcover due to covid back then but also since their headcovers are handmade!!! The leather quality is amazing, the packaging was great, and they smell like a brand new Louis Vuitton Bifold wallet straight from the store, meaning to say that you can tell the quality is great. Side note: My driver headcover is not from dormie workshop, it is from PINS AND ACES, another great headcover brand that is good quality and their service is amazing. I think it was around $30 and its called the graffiti i think. These are my headcovers:
  3. Lowkey tho.. i sorta dig this new MG3 wedge...giving me some retro vokey vibes, like the old tvd wedges
  4. But if youre talking about those kirkland wedges...Rav loves them. My brother who is really new to golf decided to get them as well and what really good about the kirkland wedges is that they have insane amount of spin. Maybe too much spin for the better player since i can spin the ball back a lot even tho i dont consider my self an amazing wedge striker. But all in all, i would say super solid for beginners to intermediate players looking to get more spin from their wedges. The groove design is patented i think and these kirkland wedges are tournament legal too!
  5. When rav was deciding to get his first set of beginner irons i recommended these callaway edge set from costco, they were relatively inexpensive for golf clubs and i thought were the best ones for that price level of around $500. I would even say its more worth getting this callaway edge set (driver to putter) rather than like a taylormade m6 iron set for $800. I feel like you could spend the money but it wouldnt be worth it for your first ever set of clubs. In my opinion, better to save the extra money to get really good clubs once ur a better player, maybe even put that extra money you saved for a fitting in the future for your new set.
  6. Hello Golf WRXers! Here is something interesting. We got 3 different players with different handicaps, style, approach and setups. I wanted to post an updated WITB of myself and some of my buddies. This aint just about the equipment we use but also some of my personal commentaries on the equipment my buddies and I currently use. Enjoy! Content: - Anthony's WITB - Matt's WITB - Ravendra's WITB ANTHONY'S WITB: Meet Anthony aka "Mr. Stripeshow". He's been playing on and off for a while now but just recently got back into the golf craze. He is currently a 17 handicap, shooting around the 80s and low 90s mostly around new england courses. The common thing him and I share is that we are both super technical and in-depth when we talk about our swing but we still strive on our never-ending journey to have the best feel over our shots. His game in my POV: Long player and fairly consistent with irons but might lack some consistency with his driver. Here is his bag: Driver: Cobra F-Max Superlight w/ stock stiff shafts Wood: Taylormade Burner 7-Wood Hybrid: Titleist 913D2 3-Hybrid Irons: Mizuno JPX 921 Forged 4-Aw w/ Nippon NS Pro Modus tour 120 Stiff Shafts Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM8 56deg and 60deg (bounce and grind: 10S) w/ vokey wedge flex shafts Putter: Mizuno M Craft II Blue Ion (Not shown in the pic) From his bag, the irons are fitted to him. I would always recommend anyone, just like i recommended him, to get a new club fitted rather than off the rack, even though its a free fitting in Dick's or golf galaxy where the quality of fitting isnt as good as club champion or golftec etc. I'd say its better than nothing when youre ready to drop a bag. I think he is really happy overall with the irons. He upgraded from his old Callaway XR irons which were to flexible for his insanely fast swing speed. I went with him for his fitting and mans be pullin up to golf galaxy with 7600 spin rate for his 7-iron using some of the other iron choices brought out (apex pro and srixon zx7). He finally went with the JPX 921 forged because they looked amazing, stats and feel are right, good dispersion and most importantly, because he felt confident hitting them. He was eyeing out the JPx921 for a long time but wanted his fitting session to be completely unbiased. With that, he didnt say to the fitter that he liked the JPX 921 forged. But after trying MP20, Apex pro, ZX7, JPX921, T100, and some others...The perfect match made in heaven was the JPX921. I'd say it was fate because his fitting wasnt just about the numbers but also the feel. Within a month, he broke 90 and 85 with these new irons. Some notes: Upgrading to 120g shafts was a shock at first since his previous irons were like 80g. So playing the first couple rounds, fatigue was definitely felt after making the turn to the back nine. 7-Wood is not a club used often since there is trouble with consistency. Hybrid is a good go-to when faced with rescue shots. Vokeys are great (obviously) because we all know a vokey is a vokey for a reason. The recent putter change to the mizuno putter is yet to be determined since i personally believe your putting skills is as good as your relationship with your putter and in this case it still at its honeymoon phase. Anthony is a great golfer, he golfs a lot. He aspires to be a great ball striker on the course and to shoot lower. I believe he will become so as he builds a solid relationship with his equipmentn Remember, this commentary is based on my (matt) personal observations and feel free to comment down below and Anthony might even hop on to reply Matt's WITB: Meet Matt (myself), after looking at my WITB you can definitely tell im loyal to Taylormade. Why?? because my favorite players on tour are taylormade sponsored?YES But also because i personally think they work really well with me. I am currently a 8.5 handicap trying to go to a 4 handicap by year's end. My distances are not super long but not super short either. My 7 iron goes 180 yards comfortably and im pretty much the biggest golf nerd within my friend group. Heres my bag: Driver: Taylormade SIM2 10.5 (1 click lower becoming 9.75 deg) w/ Project X evenflow Riptide 6.0 60Stiff Shaft Wood: Ping G400 5-wood with Alta CB Stiff shaft Hybrid: SIM2 Tour Rescue 4-H w/ Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue Stiff Shaft Irons: Taylormade P790 5-Pw, 1 degree flat w/ Nippon NS Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts and MCC Align grips Wedges: 51deg Titleist vokey tvd, 56deg Titleist vokey sm7, 60 deg Cleveland RTX4 Putter: 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 My Driver, irons and hybrid are fitted, and the rest are clubs i simply cant replace because i love them and hit them really well. My best fitting experience was irons and driver, and both i got fitted by the folks at Taylormade in the midwest region. Justin Holt fitted my for my irons in 2020 and they have been so good to me. I always like a bit more forgiveness because i dont play as much as i would like to. And i really think the extra forgiveness gives me more consistency, I like a lighter shaft because i can launch it higher and i need the spin since p790s are low spin. I love the way they look, especially when at first sight and from afar people can mistake them as blades HAHA. My driver was fitted by Evan Weeden and he is a champ as well. My old driver was the M4 and i drove it about 240-250 yards carry and the consistency was just insanely bad. Evan made me realize that fitting a driver isnt just about the head but more importantly the shaft. Choosing a driver with a stock shaft off the rack, 9 times out of 10 it wouldnt fit you well. I like the smaller face of the SIM2 better than the SIM2 max and i have the perfect spin with the SIM2, just about 2000rpm. Now, i carry my driver about 270 yards carry and the total would be about 290 yards. I can push it to 305 yards total if i hit my driver with 90% power but i am more than happy to be 280-290 yards straight down the fairway with 80% power. This new driver made it possible for me to shoot my personal best of 74 (2 over), which blew my mind. I think course management is super important but i also think having the right equipment can also lower your score. Because sometimes having equipment optimized to your swing can mean the difference between shooting in the 70s and 80s. Although im a huge taylormade fanboy, i gotta give it to Ping Fairway woods because they are so easy to hit and effortless. Ping g400 is my all time favorite wood but the taylormade sim2 max woods are not far off, i really hated the sim 1 fairway wood cuz from address they look awfully closed to me. Thats abit on my setup and my golf game, comment your thoughts and input! I have more details on my woods and hybrid on my previous WITB on my page Ravendra's WITB: Meet Rav aka Brooks' no.1 fan aka Mr. GottaCheckMyWHOOP, he (relatively) recently started golf and is also in the golf craze. Amongst other things, he's the guy i talk to about golf, golf, and golf. I gotta say...We love golf equipment and golf trends and fashion i should say. He is currently a 29 handicap shooting around low 100s and high 90s. He aspires to break his personal best every time he plays with a fresh fit of course. Since hes relatively new to the game, his approach to equipment is pretty smart i would say. Theres no need in investing a load of cash into a beginner set. Paying a lot for game improvement irons are a waste in my opinion. But you still want a pretty good beginner set to start you off. It could be brand new but older generation clubs or you could get cheaper clubs that has great value for money. Here is Rav's bag: Driver: Callaway Edge 10.5 w/ stock shaft Wood: Callaway Edge 3-W Hybrid: Callaway Edge 5-H Irons: Callaway Edge 6-Sw w/ stock regular shafts, Callaway XR irons 4-5 Wedges: Kirkland Signature Wedges 52, 56, 60 Putter: Odyssey White Hot Blade Putter For $500, this set is bang for your buck! Good manufacturer and great quality for the price. Rav definitely agrees when i say its better than the Strata irons you see everywhere on driving ranges, especially the quality and looks of the driver. The only argument for this setup is that the kirkland wedges come with really bad grips, the logo gets in the way of lining the wedge square. These irons help with launch and forgiveness and offer good distances for beginner and intermediate players. If there were a Costco sponsored player on the pga tour, this would be their bag. When he got them, he was raving about the quality and how good they felt on the range. I took his word with a grain of salt since i havent seen them in person. But i would fairly say they look way better in person and they are really forgiving. Super solid first set! But i personally would not recommend it to people with super fast swing speed because they dont come in extra stiff. Rav is pretty good with his irons, started hitting down on it and compressing the ball. His hybrid has been bombs and becomes his go-to long club in the bag. He struggle with the driver at times but when hes feeling it becomes the go-to club off the tee. The Kirkland wedges are really good, especially for beginner-intermediate players because they are super spinny. Playing rounds with Rav, i noticed his irons are enough to get him to the front of the green and he leaves it all to his short game. These wedges are extra spinny so he is confident to stop the ball near the pin which i think is a plus and a confidence booster. The wedges are definitely recommended, especially at a price of $180 for 3 wedges. Dont believe me? Watch the review at TXG Now Rav is eyeing out a new set once he shoots more consistently. He loves the Srixon ZX5 irons because they look incredible and still offer a lot of forgiveness and feel. He got fitted already but still wants to be more consistent before dropping the bag. What do yall think? Wait and become more consistent or drop the bag because it might help his game more? We love golf and wanted to share our bag and setup. Thanks for reading. These are some more Pics from our WITB: Note: My Headcovers are from Pins and Aces and Dormie Workshop
  7. If youre hooked into golf as i am, then its completely worth it!! If youre gonna spend a lot of money on equipment, might as well get it customized to your swing. And fittings can be free. Im a Taylormade guy and thanks to Taylormade they give everyone the chance to get fitted for free through their myfittingexperience. I got fitted for irons last year and couldnt be happier, and it justified paying for these clubs. Customized or stock...Its the same price, unless you get exotic shafts that require upcharge. I got fitted for the sim2 driver last week and the results are insane, added a ton of distance and control to my drives. And this made it justifiable to pay 500++ on a driver, knowing that it was custom fitted to you. That also adds an additional confidence boost on the course, that way you wont be able to blame the club on a bad shot HAHAHA.. Conclusion: Fitting is always worth it!! and if you dont want to pay for a fitting, you can always find a free one. i.e. Getting a free fitting from Dicks Sporting Goods (Below average) is somewhat better than getting golf equipment straight off the rack
  8. If you want a completely unbiased fitting, meaning no bias to any particular brand, and willing to pay... Club Champion is pretty good. But if youre looking into Taylormade, i always recommend getting fitted by searching for the nearest fitting event. They always have one nearby where you are and its FREE, you can go to the Taylormade website and top right you can search and register for a free fitting event appointment. The Taylormade guys are awesome, I got fitted for irons by them at a fitting event at Purdue and just got fitted last week for a driver in Clayton (10 min from Indy Airport). If you have other brands in mind, you can always search on their website for demo days or fitting events nearby and they are usually free.
  9. SIM2 RESCUE UPDATE: The Sim2 rescue has been in the bag for 1.5 months now and have gone thru 18 rounds so far.. At first it started out as a 2nd shot into long par5s and maybe the occasional rescue club from roughs after a bad tee shot and that was it..I was hitting it far (235 yards) with a low ball flight and low spin and the shot envisioned were landed short of the green and rolled near the pin but it wasnt super reliable...AND A BREAKTHROUGH WAS MADE... I messed around with the loft sleeve and put to the higher mode, i put it 3 clicks on the higher side and the shot became amazing to my type of play. It was a higher ball flight because i now had more loft but it still is able to pierce through the wind, it had more spin and i can confidently land on the green without fearing that it would roll off the green. Lost abit of yardage but i dont mind it at all, i kinda like it going 225 yards. And for some reason, it now becomes a go-to club for teeing off if the driver isnt an option and is a better alternative to a long iron or even a fairway wood. If you are a player who loves hitting irons, this is the club for you!
  10. you can send StrayHeadcovers a message on Etsy, i think they also do custom orders or requests or might even have some in-stock
  11. Lets talk about headcovers... Shoutout to Pins and Aces for their stylish, high quality but still affordable headcovers. My driver headcover is called graffiti by Pins and Aces. I got many compliments on the course. I think i paid something like $35 after a sale event or something..originally $45. They send it with free stickers and tees and a discount towards your next purchase.. Awesome what they are doing at Pins and Aces!! Another lowkey but COOOOLLLL headcover is from ETSY...from StrayHeadcovers...They make awesome headcovers and they are all unique. From Anime headcovers to Rick and morty and marvel headcovers and the quality is insanely good for like cheap prices. I got a Saitama headcover cuz i was a big fan of the One punch man anime.. It was $50 for a driver and wood headcover combo which was sweeeettt..the driver cover is saitama and the wood cover is his fist, overall great product! worth looking into at Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/StrayHeadcovers?ref=nla_listing_details
  12. Picked this up last month and honestly...best golf hoodie ever... Its like a Hoodie and 1/2 zip pullover hybrid that is super comfy. Only thing i have to say is that RLX golf is expensive but when u can pick em up for a deal, its super worth it...The material on this is high-end and the fit is just so good because i actually believe the seams and stitching is designed for golf = nothing pulling around the pits or shoulders when youre swinging a golf club
  13. I had the Taylormade M4 4-hybrid which goes 220 yards for me but ever since getting the sim2 tour rescue which carries 235, might need to put in my 4-iron in the bag or i could always add more loft to the rescue since it is adjustable. The sim2 tour rescue is really solid, im more of an iron player than a woods player so looking down into a smaller profile and iron-liked sim2 tour rescue, it gives me a lot of confidence. I tried out the sim2 max hybrid and the face just looks closed and my misses were terrible hooks. If you want a club that goes long and rolls for dayssssss, the sim2 tour rescue is the club!
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